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Let US, an enlightened, self educated and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

Welcome to EndPoliticians.com, an interactive site where INDIVIDUALS are welcomed and encouraged to submit all kinds of writing, with the intent of spreading intelligent ideas to encourage discussion on various subjects with the emphasis and end goal of developing a society where we are able to wean ourselves off of the falsely portrayed need for political masters to rule over us. It is possible to end the mostly symbolic position of politicians and the role they play in keeping society captive for institutions much more powerful than them.

Let US, an enlightened, self educated, vigilant and engaged citizenry come together in order to force our captors apart!

And we accept poetry!

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On the Double Entendre

A Tri-infecta Covid Free Surely it is not a paradox that my words can quite often erect a long hard construct that can be very challenging to swallow, though in fact it may be easier to handle if...

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Update: Gutter Slime

Acuitas Therapeutics and Arbutus Biopharma are the British Columbia based biotech company that Canada's prime minister might be getting kickbacks from. Here is a video that somewhat explains the...

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A Six Pack and a Glass

Once in a while I enjoy drinking a few beers with the intent of catching, as one says, a good buzz, in order to take the mind off of many of the sobering thought constructs that haunt the mind with...

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