Virtually all of humanity needs to engage in some sort of operation in order to earn themselves some money to give themselves the means to have some currency in life and with it the ability to elevate themselves above the basic foundation of cave dwelling, lean-to living, hobbit hole hiding, dugout derivation and the equivalent means of sustenance that go along with such existence. Wolfing down witchetty grubs, mowing down on mopane worms and endless foraging, many of us could agree is a lifestyle that we should and do strive to exceed, hence, elevating themselves and their family above such basic utility levels and meager survival. Joie de vivre is a good posit to live by. It is after all how civilization was brought into existence. You and I are proof of that. Unless of course life is just my simulation, in which case it is still true, to me.

In order to achieve such elevated aspirations many of us participating members of society work a nine to five, midnight shift, shift work, endlessly tinker, study religiously, attempt to invest, gamble, grow crops, metal detect, engage in entrepreneurial endeavours, invent, innovate, or the likes thereof, and just generally engage in productive and sometimes unproductive past times in the attempt to be successful, get ahead and possibly have more leisure time somewhere down the road.

A basic success would be the formation of what could be called savings, or for a wage slave like myself the term surplus of my labour could be correctly applied. After all I do sell to others what the ability of my body and mind are able to accomplish while working together to perform the action of skilled labor. It is the best I could come up with with the abilities I was given and after having made unwise choices very early on in life. I have zero problem accepting accountability for choices I make. Do I feel the need to consider myself a victim and erroneously want to steal from what have come to be known as rich people? Absolutely not, that would not be the action of an INDIVIDUAL who has reached any level of enlightenment nor has a lucid understanding of how the universe functions. Without successful “rich” people many of us would not have reached the level of success that we have in life. Besides if you are that smart, why have you not taken the risk to innovate on a higher level and then be rewarded with the rewards that come along with such ventures.

If we are lucky enough to achieve surplus level we then need to store said surplus in a medium of our choice which could be cash under the mattress or squirrelled away in some other conspicuous or inconspicuous locale. Of course the old tried and true method of digital bookkeeping in an institution come to be known as a bank suffices for many, though you have to be comfortable with your hard work stored in nothing more than digital form. Kind of scary if you think too hard about it. Even the government will only insure your deposits to a low dollar amount much less than $1 million. It is quite sad, depressing and dysfunctional that a bank and government is not able to guarantee our savings to a higher degree of certainty. I understand why anyone that has achieved a decent level of success stores their surplus in tangible items like property, art, classic cars, antiques and the like. What it boils down to is insurance against incompetent actions by financial institutions and governments that are supposed to regulate said institutions so as to avoid catastrophes.

However all too often banking houses and governments are involved in the perverted symbiotic relationship that seem to scratch each others proverbial back at the misfortune of common, hard working, productive and honest people like you and I. Proprietary banking is a perfect example of one such element of the government-banking perversion I speak of. For those that do not know, proprietor banking(trading) is when financial institutions at the blessing of federal government take the money that hard working folk like you and I deposit in “our” accounts and then they proceed to gamble with in the stock market, sometimes after having the inside information as to what clients are doing and betting against said clients. The banks then pocket every single fraction of a cent, usually into the billions, that was earned by using our deposit money and do not give us one red cent of the earned proceeds from our money on deposit that was funding the trading. But fear not because if they suffer enough losses to which the bank becomes unstable to the point of being bankrupt the government then legally steals money from us peasants again to bail out the banks as they have been deemed by the government, too strategically important to fail. This is what happened in the 2008 financial crisis. When powerful institutions and government join forces to rout the population it is one of the tenets of a fascist state.

On par and exceeding the troubling and fascist relationship between the big banks and government is what government all by its own incompetence has let money become over the years. More specifically since August 15th, 1971, when President Richard Nixon “officially closed the gold window” severing the role of any form of commodities(finite supply)which gave money a utilitarian and limited supply function based off the hard work it takes to produce commodities. Money was tied to one or many commodities for most of civilization. The closing of the gold window allowed governments to just infinitely produce money without hard work and gave rise to the war and welfare state and is one of the reasons we have seen such drastic inflation rate over the past 50 years. For the most part it is not that a house, car, airplane, clothing, food etc. is worth anything more than it was 50 years ago it is actually the debauchment of the money supply and the subsequent many multiples of dollars and other currencies that are in existence today as compared to the past as to why something is more expensive. Basically it costs more currency because there is way more currency in supply.

Have we passed the point where a gold standard is going to save the world from financial annihilation and prevent the coming implosion of the global financial system? I would argue yes. However I would deem it necessary to bring some form of tangibleness back to a new financial system when it, like The Phoenix rises from the ashes of the destroyed past to reinvent itself and fly again. Though perhaps for the first time in history we can incorporate an element of decency to the element of something physical backing the currency.

When I say decency I mean something along the lines of moral compass and humanitarian value. Something like a country’s currency being linked with not engaging in aggressive acts of war over other countries. if a country engages in aggressive unprovoked acts its currency value and standing in the global marketplace automatically falls to zero making it impossible to secure any trade whatsoever with any other country in the world. Of course to implement such a facet to a currency system the elimination of propagandized mainstream media would be necessary to give rise to truly objective and uncorrupted information sources that would allow citizens their right to vote on the matter in a direct democracy.

The point I am trying to make is that when we leave in the hands of government and massive banks the decision of what money is and how it functions we the masses as recent history has shown will be routed every single time by the undeserving power that governments and massive commercial banks use as leverage against us little people. A near 20% credit card rate is one example. But to these two criminal entities it does not matter how badly they behave or what financial damage they incur upon society because they always have a herd of us sheep to shear to replenish their Ponzi scheme, and with that enough of our money to continue the cycle of ignorance going.

Perhaps a decentralization of banking and government to smaller and more localized level where we have a stake in both the systems will bring about a more caring, humanitarian user friendly approach to life. We the little people work too damn hard and suffer too immeasurably to have our hard work and surplus of labor taken from us in underhanded, incompetent manner by such power institutions that seem to have zero accountability for their actions.

Maybe if things just continue on in such a depressing manner it is time for us peasants to derive a dual currency system based upon more than banking greed and government incompetence. For strictly their own usage let these two mega institutions keep their current currency  based upon nothing where money is created by pressing buttons on a keyboard. Then those who believe in hard work, decency, responsibility, accountability and other proactive functions can have our own currency based upon actual productive means and free from the clutches of fascism, communism and the extremely immoral dominance structure that is an income tax.

Let the government and its crony banking accomplices take their own unwanted worthless tokens of currency and spend them in their own company store. What is that you say? Government and banks do not have the ingenuity, intelligence, dignity or integrity to spark the innovation to come up with an original idea to create something with productive capacity and make humanity a better place to be? No, they actually do not. Only the INDIVIDUAL possesses such ingenuity. For thousands of years government and banks have existed on their parasitic nature like that of a leach, sucking the life blood from its self sustaining host.

How much blood can a parasite extract before the host locates the parasite throws it to the ground and gives it the stomp it so deserves?