As a kid growing up, then as a teenager in the 1990’s, and finally as an adult in the early 2000’s there was the old wives tale/statement/ hypothesis/joke, that one day soon the government was going to have the power and authority to implant a microchip into everyone for the purpose of keeping track of the population, though nobody ever seemed to elaborate on how the diabolical plot would unfold, what it would entail, nor for what purpose or benefit. Perhaps it was the paranoid delusion of naive conspiracists, or the overarching thoughts of young minds with WAY too much THC flowing through their blood stream? Looking back in time it would be fair to call it metaphor for ever creeping government powers and therefore evermore control over our lives.

Fast forward a few years. Guess what? The government did not need to deviously implant a monitoring device under our dermal lining. Many and most of us have not only signed up for the displeasure of being constantly tracked and monitored, but actually pay a corporation for the right to administer the metaphorical microchip. Not only that, some actually have a severe addiction to their control mechanism device which actually causes a reduction of grey matter in the brain, the same affliction of those with drug addiction.

On the private sector company front, for those who are not aware, when you download some apps and do not read the company’s privacy statement you may very well have just given them the legal right to spy on you through the microphone, camera, reading your emails, texts, GPS location and monitoring your phone calls. There is even the possibility that your jealous boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse or paranoid other has installed an app on your phone that enables all the spy methods I just went over. Scary stuff.

Quite a few times I have heard someone say how they were talking about something with friends and then all of a sudden they were bombarded with adds for the item they were just talking about. Just as disturbing, Mattel actually makes a Barbie Doll that is wifi connected and listens to the conversations you and your children are having while in earshot and sends it to “third parties” to be stored and “reviewed.” You can foster a few guesses as to what third party is a euphemism for. Let us not forget about Siri, Alexa and the other “aides” that perform basic human tasks that humans have become too lazy to accomplish, or smart televisions with microphones and cameras pointing right at you and again relaying information to “third parties.” We have even reached the point where electric kettles are able to be hacked for extra-curricular devious activities

I am sure it will not be too far down the road were there will be enough dupes for some company to sell a wifi enabled shower head with a camera that is marketed on the premise of telling you when the soap scum has reached a necessary cleaning threshold, but the third party will only use the footage for soap scum related research and discussion ; ) Even The National Security Agency in The USA intercepts nude photos with the spy programs they are running and sharing them around the office for kicks, some sent by the victims of perversion willingly to their lover and intercepted on the way, and obviously others where the victim is not even aware they have been compromised by the spying eye of the video camera on their computer or other device. I suggest you read about RAT malware if you are not familiar.

We live in a day and age where not even the walls and roof of your dwelling are a barrier of privacy or defence against being gazed upon by intruding infrared eyes(I have a not so funny police story about that). In reality one of the only forms of privacy that humans have left is money, more specifically cash, but governments at the behest and input of institutions like the International Monetary Fund and other politician dominating organizations like the World Economic Forum have been planning and will shortly be rolling out digital currencies with the end game of total elimination of cash and thus completing a full environment of absolutely dominating command and control.

Do not laugh, unless we fight for our HUMAN RIGHT to keep cash and along with it our privacy, dignity and liberty, it will be taken away from us! You will be paying your babysitter and the little tykes running their lemonade stand in an auditable digital currency in order for governments to know about every single human interaction you make and adding it to your file. Government is calling it a “cash like” digital currency and the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation(CBC) is already beginning the disinformation and propaganda campaign on the grounds we need a digital currency for all the online shopping we now do. You know, because it is impossible to buy something online unless a government has its own digital currency for us to use ; )

Warning to you all, the noose is tightening! And yes, you did willingly sign up for the substrate to make a full digital currency system possible. Ah, the smartphone, it sure is turning society dumb. To clarify, there is no such thing as a “cash like” currency. It is either cash or digital, there is absolutely nothing similar, again claiming them to be almost the same is pure lies and propaganda from an entity looking to lull one into a false sense of security and then nail the door shut once you have been tricked into entering the room of unadulterated political construct. You have been forewarned. Once the cash door is sealed shut there is no escaping your abuser, it is a lifetime of servitude on the government grazing grounds.

Some of you must be thinking in regards to the spying and tracking being perpetrated against you by the private sector that surely there is no way that it is allowable? Why is our government not making it against the law? That is a fair question and I would suggest you write your MLA and enquire about it. This is one issue that ALL politicians should be engaged with and eliminating. Is it not politicians explicit duty to protect its citizens from extremely predatory and privacy invading practices at the hands of a company or corporation? To write a legal agreement that is extremely lengthy and convoluted where the end consequence may be someone giving a corporation a contract to spy on them possibly to the point of capturing nude photographs or sexual relations hardly seems like a framework that should be passed by the entity(politicians) that looks over society?!  I guess maybe not if the state is engaged in even more predatory, privacy invading policies directed at you from the Intelligence Agencies!

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past 7 years and just stumbled out into this politically induced covid-19 nightmare, surely you have heard of former CIA contractor, Edward Snowden, and all the revelations of state spying and mass data collection that all countries have been performing against their citizens? Forgive me, some of you may be mainstream media followers where the story of the century got about 3 minutes of coverage. Snowden absconded from the CIA in 2013 with around 1.5 million pages of what Western intelligence agencies(gestapo) were illegally perpetuating against their hard working law abiding citizens. It is shocking. Here are some of the archives that have been released. Surely government had to be held accountable for the revelations and gross misconduct that were brought to light? No, everyone just swept it under the memory rug and held the size of a Kardashians posterior to be of more relevance and interest. If this fact     does not prove Stockholm syndrome being a true condition affecting the populace I do not know what does.

Yes, intelligence agencies have been collecting every piece of electronic information including, meta data, text message, phone calls, emails, social media and storing it with the help of their proxies in the telecommunications industry. Do not think for a second that the likes of AT&T, Telus, Facebook, Google, Apple, Samsung and the hundreds of others are in any way at all autonomous from the intelligence state that has taken over every country and supersedes the political class in power and ability. Many of these big companies are beneficiaries of corporate welfare in the past. It is a matter of national security for government to have all tech companies under their thumb. Again, when corporations and government join forces to rout the citizens it is called fascism! Hint, all electronic devices have been created and constructed to be hackable with back doors and highly trackable for the purpose of just that, having the ability to be taken advantage of.

In reality, with all the draconian laws passed on the premise of protecting its citizens after 9-11, politicians, some wittingly, others unwittingly gave the intelligence community the green light to begin the assault on all of our civil liberties. The system is so convoluted, obfuscated and dwelling in the shadows that now a government can just say it is a matter of “national security” and is not responsible for an answer let alone accountability of any sort. Some countries even get the intelligence agency of another close ally country(the 5 eyes) to engage in surveilling a populace so they can say with a straight face “we do not spy on our own citizens”. Here is a site straight from the horses mouth in the USA about the depravity that governments are conducting against their own populace. Yes every other country is engaged in such despicable and dominating behaviour to its unwashed third class of citizenry. It is enough to make anybody with half a brain want to question the narrative. But do not worry, your purchase of alcohol, tobacco, toys, radios……. are all a strict matter of national safety! Ask yourself, are you a subject or a citizen. Oh, and yeah, you are paying for the privilege with the tax money they squeeze out you of being for treated like a domestic terrorist. In the USA the data storage facility is in Utah, where part of the government motto is “securing the citizens”. Yeah securing their boot right on your proverbial throat. You know every other country has the equivalent storage facility to keep their file on EVERYBODY.

Playing out right now is the political case of Meng Wanzhou the CFO of Huwei, who was illegally arrested and now detained for around 2 years in Vancouver on the orders of the King of Canada at the behest of American intelligence. What Meng supposedly did was not a crime in Canada, so she should have been able to transit the airport and be on her way. This case is strictly political in nature as is the pressuring from America on all of its allies to not allow Chinese companies to have infrastructure and technologies in their respective countries. After all, if the Chinese have the infrastructure it will deteriorate the ability of America to have monopolized interception abilities on their “allies”. In reality, why is each country not responsible for their own communications technology and infrastructure? It would sure make sense, would it not? Also, why pretend that every country is not spying on every country it is capable of infiltrating, even ally to ally are doing it.

A statement that many will not grasp: In order for one to live their life with the full amount of dignity, freedom, pride, exuberance, understanding and merit amongst other liberty attaining attributes they need to be able to have the RIGHT to live with privacy. Not anonymity, but privacy, as the two are very distinctly different. Lack of privacy is a direct assault on an INDIVIDUALS liberty and is easy to understand as to why the power of the state strives to eliminate the liberty of its populace in order to break their will and let them continue to be the grease in the machine instead of the vital component that a healthy society desires of them. Worst of all is the youngest generations are growing up in a world where privacy has all but been eliminated. Not only that but any little privacy they should have, most are willingly giving it away on some form of social media or other electronic medium.

My prediction for smartphone slavery has come to be in less than 10 years. I would implore to anybody that will listen to start using cash more frequently even if you consider it a burden to do so. Though they do use it, just as they use cars, phones, etc, cash is not for criminals, as the proponents of the institutions that are trying to eliminate it will tell you, institutions like the IMF and Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Unfortunately, most federal politicians are cozied right up to these wicked institutions and will sell their populations up river to be in their presence and accept the bribes of these powerful destroyers of decency. It is already many years in the planning and will be swiftly executed and sprung upon one country and then others to follow, unless we stand up for the right to have cash.

If we let politicians eliminate physical currencies from existence it is the end of the last form of true privacy humans have. Without privacy liberty dies and along with liberty goes the last vestiges of freedom. Humans are under a full control system if cash disappears. That is not a world I want to live in let alone leave to posterity. Let us stand up for our right to monetary privacy and then embark down the path to recovering the other forms of privacy that have been so stealthily stolen from under our senses. In the last thousand years millions of people in history past have spilled their blood and given their lives to attain the levels of freedom and privacy that made the western world a marvellous place to live. We are on the path to giving our privacy and hence liberty away in less than half a century time.

And yes, I still use a flip phone!