Many years ago I read an article that dealt with the topic of why the penis’ on Greek statues of antiquity were so small, a statue trait that was adopted by the chiselers of the subsequent Roman Empire, as well as by the masters of the mid 2nd millennium renaissance such as Michelangelo and his towering statue of David which was created around 2000 years after the heyday of Greek world influence.

No, the reason for statues with small appendages is not that of using models fresh from an icy dip, nor from agora advertising strictly seeking not so well hung individuals. The logic and meaning behind, or perhaps, in front, for wee willies of antiquity is that of symbolism. More specifically the understanding of there being many more critical life skills than genitalia and the sexual gratification they can bring.

One element of high societal meaning and manliness that the Greeks praised over genital gauge and sexual pleasure was that of being in shape, a common thread of statues, which most likely had to do with times of yore being almost incessantly at war with many entities, be it the Persians or between Greek City States. No doubt a fit(disciplined) soldier was regarded with high esteem from a military and hence societal importance standpoint.

Even more so than physical fitness taking precedent over the importance of genitalia and its pleasures was the understanding of the benefit of forming a society based on wisdom, logic, worldly understanding and philosophy to name a few enlightening subjects that outshone the importance of sexual pleasure and its very basic life function.

After all the modern world has proven what happens when basic life function including the renown glorifying of genitals becomes forefront over an intelligence based logical society. Literally anyone with genitals can elevate themselves and exercise their usage, it literally takes zero intelligence. However the same can not be said about logic, wisdom, intelligent learning and true life understanding, all of which need a decent level of fortitude with the end prize being a healthier, higher functioning and enlightened society.

Oh what a place the world could be if all could just escape the parameters and confines of government and television systems and live up to their full potential.

Before I remove the subject of statues genitals from this piece and carry on strictly with genitals, I have a comedic observation. In the interest of adding another culture to my writing it is only fair that I bring up the Chinese Terracotta Warrior statues uncovered in China in the 1970’s. More than a thousand were constructed and buried in the tomb of a former Chinese emperor to guard him in the afterlife. My only question is: Do you think of the over 1000 warriors that one of them has the name of Hung Lo?


Fast Forward to Today

In this day and age government, mainstream media and tv seem to be overly prescribing and forcing the agenda of genitalia upon the populace to the point of there being a certain segment of society wanting to let the world know and to be recognized and rewarded for what they do with their private parts. Not only that, but many a million want to project and broadcast what kind of genitals they would prefer to have. Surely some would argue that this in reality just one of the elements that could possibly be attributed to the decline and downfall of Western society.

Some may contend that this is in fact a double headed ploy to construct a society based on the lowest common denominator of which some would contend that wanting recognition for genitalia amounts to in an intelligence based society, and to also achieve the goal of dividing society even further and get us fighting among ourselves instead of coming together, organizing for the true benefit of humanity and building a truly democratic system where everyone can have a stake and participatory role and hence a sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves.

Many individuals might even say to beware of anybody who wants any recognition for anything other than making the world a better place to live in, and those who do actually make the world a better place to live truly seek zero recognition for what role they play in doing so, they just do it because it is the right thing to do and there is a great sense of pride instilled upon their being for participating in society to such a degree.