When it comes to Western “democracies” the only choice that is given to the populace is that of choosing a “representative” who supposedly has “your” interest at heart. Unfortunately and underhandedly almost all federal candidates truly serve institutions such as the IMF, extractive industries, banking interests, the World Economic Forum and other powerful entities, such as, on occasion, the intelligence agencies and military machine of the Empire du jour. It would not be out of line to state that most federal governments are not sovereign entities and are engaged in a system that definitely has some leanings toward a global fascist regime. After all when “sovereign governments” goose step to the tune of international institutions, multinational corporations and the like what else do you want to call it?

Very rarely does a politician stand up for decency and what is right and to truly benefit the populace that they “serve.” Canada’s last leading politician to actually have some vertebrae in his spine, some level of intelligence and hint of moral compass was the honourable on 1 front Jean Chretien. That 1 front was the fortitude to somewhat stand up to America’s planned and created war on terrorism, more specifically his refusal to sign on to the coalition of the willing and the genocidal war of aggression that transpired with the unwarranted invasion and destruction of Iraq on the made up weapons of mass destruction lie.

In this day and age with covid-19 authoritarian diktat turning Western “democracies” into dictatorial regimes under the guise of “public safety” where schizophrenic and helter-skelter government policy seems to be harming more citizens than it benefits through repercussions such as missed medical appointments for serious illness, major rises in domestic violence, excess suicides, drug abuse, drug overdose, mass unemployment and subjugating the poorest members of society to even more extreme, violent poverty and forcing millions into government dependency. Did I mention the trillions of dollars of debt that Western “democracy” citizens will be raked over the coals for life and posterities lives to boot. And all this to save the lives of the mostly 70+ year olds, of those with on average 2.6 co-morbidities.

Wait a minute, you mean the reason governments enacted Draconian society destroying diktat, in order to save the elderly and chronically ill citizens has not proven affective? No, it has not. In Canada something like 80% of deaths are happening in old age and long term care homes, something that continues to this day. So after more than a year government has still not been able to implement a cohesive and even somewhat functional regime to protect the most vulnerable members of society? But it has not stopped government from punishing virtually all the rest of society unnecessarily and doubling and tripling down on their insane protocols which seem to be totally ineffective. It is as if they are caught in a lie and have to continue lying in order to save face for themselves no matter how many honest hard working lives it destroys. Never underestimate the depravity of a cornered politician, nor a bribed one.

Now a vaccine that does not either prevent one from becoming infected with covid nor prevent the transmission of covid to others is going to miraculously get society out of this government created dystopia? What is going on here!? Now some governments are making this non effective vaccine mandatory. This is the tenet of global fascism I spoke of earlier, the non-sovereign governments beholden to international institutions like the World Economic Forum and multinational corporations such as pharmaceutical companies. This brings me to the Danish.

For those who are unaware, back in November the Danish government attempted to FORCE mandatory vaccines upon the populace of the entire country of Denmark. In an unparalleled and magnificent force of TRUE DEMOCRACY thousands of Danes voted with their ability to think for themselves, their pots, pans, utensils and unwavering dedication to a beautiful and praiseworthy act of unselfish togetherness and truly what must be described as the greatest act of true democracy so far unparalleled in the 21st century, destroying an element of tyranny with true power of an informed populace. It took them 9 days to prevail and I suspect if it took nine months they would have persevered. The Danes unleashed unto their captors(politicians and their overlord masters) and gave the world a sneak peek of a fraction of what a healthy, informed and dedicated populace can begin to achieve if people put their petty differences aside and unite for the greater good of humanity, sanity and righteousness. Amazing what can transpire when true democracy steps from the shadows of ignorance. And NO I do not recall any mainstream media coverage of the Danes struggle for freedom!

Question is, are there any other freedom loving citizens in Western democracies that are willing to step up in order to prevent authoritarian tyranny and the captive control systems that our non-sovereign prostitute governments are currently unrolling under the guise and shadow of this overhyped and most likely human tweaked, unleashed for nefarious purposes, novel corona virus? Why not unite to usher in true democracy as the new norm for the 21st century and elevate mankind out of a 19th century antiquated top down power structure that primarily serves unfettered globalist powers before we common folk are able to collect our crumbs?

In Western democracies our politicians keep repeating that they primarily serve us and that they stand for freedom, liberty and the like and that our countries belong to us the “citizens”. Why not hold them to account for what they are constantly preaching about serving us and see if their old adage is true or just a political lie to appease us?

If citizens intelligently organize and peacefully gather in similar fashion as to what the Danes did by surrounding parliament or other government houses the next time government is in session and let their “representatives” know that they are there to usher in a true democratic system where citizens will be recognized as an integral and deciding factor to the decisions regarding the trajectory of their lives and have a say by voting in a true democratic system and will not be leaving until the politicians who serve the populace pass it as legislation, then there is a good chance that the citizenry can actually achieve change for the better.

Enough citizens just have to participate and be steadfast to the point of being willing to endure extreme hardship to accomplish this step forward for humanity. And yes, there are enough of us to put pressure on government by peacefully protesting in shiftwork where we are able to miss work for a day or two and still be able to work and support our families while engaging in the pursuit of true democracy. One might even find that there are enough individuals in their community that would be willing to supply free of charge things of great importance to accomplish the goal such as outhouses, food, water, stages, PA systems……

When citizens unite peacefully for a great step forward for humanity to accomplish a system of true democracy it will be quite apparent as to whether their respective politicians actually serve them or higher power structure. After all if they send in the police to club, hose or tear gas members of a society from young adults to senior citizens it should be quite apparent that your politicians do indeed serve vested institutions of power and actually do not care one lick about their citizens/subjects. If this happens it is the signal to citizens to step up the cause. It is also a ploy of power to send into the peaceful crowd of protestors a certain demographic of thugs who are indeed paid to cause acts of thuggery and violence in order to discredit those of virtuous affiliation, as this gives the politicians the green light to send in their goon squads. The critical factor for success in a Western democracy is to have such a large number of people that the politicians are not able to send in the “troops.” Though perhaps this time the troops will unite with the rest of the populace to bring about the necessary monumental change that is called for to bring true freedom to humanity.

In my opinion if any country has the ability and fortitude to bring about true change and begin the road to a true democratic system it will be that of European lineage. What the Danes accomplished was truly monumental and leads me to believe that they have reached a level of understanding that will be able to bring themselves escape velocity if they so choose. Although what residents of Berlin were able to formulate last spring with what was probably a million person march through the city is a feat to be highly praised. No coincidence that a city divided by the Cold War and extreme tyranny and authoritarianism was able to come together in peaceful unity to protest the new shackles of oppression. I sure hope they organize again and for a sustained effort to get their freedom back and begin down the road to true democracy.

Myself living in Canada and having visited a few other former and current Commonwealth countries, I have seen very little that leads me to believe that any significant effort will be made to bring about the change needed at this point in time and space. I hope to be wrong, but it seems the majority of people living in the Commonwealth are all too happy to be a cognizant subject of the crown.

Western democracies have declared war on covid-19 which means that it has become politicized and will not be going away any time soon unless we eliminate the major role politicians play in keeping humanity captive for much more powerful entities than themselves. So to go along with the war on drugs, the war on poverty and the war on terror governments have unleashed the war on covid, and there is way too much money to be made  by international institutions and multinational corporations, not to mention the captive control system that is now blatantly being unfurled to take freedom away from all those except the top of the pyramid.

Hopefully there are enough of us out there who refuse to be slaves to an unjust sadistic power structure that is nearing the point of eliminating the 1000 years of blood, toil and sacrifice that our ancestors struggled through to bring us the unparalleled freedom humans came to know for a brief period of time and will have been eliminated in a time period of less than 40 years.

Chances are this current novel corona virus was tweaked in a lab and either purposefully or accidentally released upon society. Either way it is being used by entities who control our supposedly sovereign government with the purpose of taking our rights and freedoms away. Makes one wonder if out there exists a few more virulent virus cocktails they plan on unleashing if society decides to step up and refuse to submit to the rapidly encroaching global tyranny?