In my province, British Columbia, Canada, along with most other regions of the country, to go along with the “higher” covid case counts in the population, Intensive Care Units nearing capacity are being used as the ostensible reason to shut down indoor dining and carry on with extremely authoritative and questionable edicts such as forced masking and visitation guidelines as to who and where you are supposed to visit people and in some parts of the country again impose some lockdown procedures.

All the news(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) ever seems to report is “ICU nearly overrun” and the ICU staff being “tired” and then blurt out the number of occupied ICU beds in the province without ever putting anything into context. Context along the lines of how many ICU beds are occupied other years during flu outbreaks, number of ICU beds in the province, or possibly the age and fact of extreme and excessively chronic conditions of those ending up in ICU. How about a tally of those actually on a respirator? Nor do they ever mention the length of stay, average or otherwise, so the population is able to make an informed decision about information being incessantly repeated hour after hour day after day and no doubt causing elevated psychological damage to much of the population. They most certainly do not EVER bring up or go into detail about someone having the sniffles or sore throat and being fine until they get their positive result for covid and then panic and end up in the ICU because the mainstream media and politicians have been terrorizing them for over a year now about the death and destruction that covid can unleash upon anyone, who could be you.

A little story for you. A while back, a friend of mine, his girlfriend and her friend all tested positive for covid after having contracted it in the same activity. Their average age is around 40 years old. All three of them figured they might have a cold but agreed they would get a covid test to make sure they could not be labeled as murderers of your grandma and grandpa, even if said septuagenarians had on average 2.6 comorbidities and weren’t long for this world regardless.

Sure enough all 3 of them tested positive for covid. My friend and his girlfriend headed home to isolate for their allotted time, as did their friend. Well, the friend of my friend and his girlfriend after been at home and alone for a short amount of time must have remembered that she indeed has the medical condition of being an asthmatic. The mainstream news, hour after hour day after day, has no problem in terrorizing the population and planting seeds of effluent origin in their minds about how those with nothing short of 100% perfect health have a really good chance of ending up on a steel slab with a tag around their big toe.

Needless to say, the mainstream media and politician induced brainwashing campaign registered in her mind and she panicked. Goodbye apartment isolation regime, hello Intensive Care Unit admission. After being admitted and attended to by some medical staff for a very short time, the staff had to reassure her that indeed she had a zero percent chance of dying and that she needed to go home and isolate so as not to become a genocidal snot slinger and willfully murder the entire senior population of the city and maybe even the province! After all, the prune juice and Polydent industry meltdown would surely be on her hands in such a scenario.

Basically from her check in to ICU to her going home was right around 3 hours time. So my question is, is the ICU staff tired of dealing with those who are more psychologically infected in the mind, or by dealing with extremely sick and frail, elevated in age seniors whose time was up in very short order regardless of the circumstances of life? My guess would be probably both situations.

The mainstream media and politicians should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for engaging in and relentlessly terrorizing the population and in the process has caused irreparable phycological harm to millions of people. This incessant covid terror campaign truly is a crime by those engaging in the process. Psychological conditioning is an absolutely true, verifiable and corrosive tactic and regime that is used by millions of abusers to breakdown and eventually dominate the mental health, and through that aspect, physical condition and eventually fully gain control of those on the wrong end of the psychological abuse. It is quite sad to see so many in the depths of an abusive relationship with government and mainstream media, powerless to leave the abusive relationship and even praising those who are responsible for stealing their full potential from them. Stockholm syndrome is real.

It would be a wise decision to question the case and death statistics that government puts out damn well knowing that there is no possible way for them to know the amount of cases of corona virus the population has had and also there are many people who have died with corona virus not of corona virus. This whole government sponsored corona virus/covid 19 narrative is far from accurate or truthful. covid was circulating around the world as early as September of 2019 and really did not become a problem before the terror campaign that burned it into the minds of the masses.

It is time to realize that this covid regime and construct has been hijacked by institutions such as the World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund to gain even more control of our governments who barely have any amount gumption to make a statement along the lines of our countries being fully sovereign states of complete independence from Said institutions mentioned above along with many more entities who have their poisonous tentacles latching onto politician puppets and the minions of regular citizens held captive by the not so intelligent government bureaucracy and the uncourageous and mainly bleeding heart health representatives and government spokespeople that is the unceasing media maelstrom that fully encompasses our indoctrination nation.