Bread and circuses, a figure of speech and literal action provided by ancient Rome’s politicians to appease many members of society. In short, to provide a daily grain ration and access to cheap entertainment in order to hypnotize said population and provide a form of distraction while the corruption and ineptitude in government flourished. A sort of metaphor of how far a society has fallen in magnitude and stature compared to its once elevated productive, more harmonious existence when higher participation and taking care of oneself were top order for life satisfaction. Yes, even 2000 years ago politicians were bribing the populace with “free” and “cheap” items in order to decisively distract in order gain power and reign supreme in their own self gratifying pig pen of moral corruption masquerading as righteousness and beneficial to society. Instead of teaching one to fish they threw the plebs a morsel in order to create dependants and justify their own convoluted existence. Now as was then, though we have outdone the past and are no way close to reaching the rock bottom of the chasm below the cliff being fed by the slippery slope of unequivocal ignorance and stupidity on behalf of the circus masters called politicians. No strongmen or strongwomen in our current circus’, just plain old crooked line walking Bozo’s incapable of seeing self reflection in their own mirrors of deceit. And yes, those eating the government grain and drinking the purple Kool-Aid seem to be driving this covid-new world order jalopy.

Some of you may remember there once was a time when striving and competing to be the best, putting in an attempted unparalleled effort, having the gumption to be great, possessing a backbone to shoot down ignorant pricks attempting to psychologically defeat, calling a spade a spade, showing up to work on time and putting in an honest day, not blaming others for your situation were the rational norms and expectations of a society that functioned at an elevated and equilibrant manner. If you did not carry your load you were called out, whether it was your boss, coworker, Jane/Joe Q. Public or ancient grandmother who had lived through harder times in the first eight years of her life than in an eternity these “special” blow overs that seem to occupy way too much time and space in our “me the victim” politically mandated and manufactured fantasy reality that dwells in the minds and therefore matrix of Casual Compliant Cowardliness Personified that dominates a regressing societal nightmare. Someone with a penchant for philosophical pondering might strongly argue that we are sleepwalking into a Communism by Country Catastrophe Per se, with the commissars being institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and World Economic Forum dictating to supposedly sovereign countries federal politicians whose noses are so brown it is necessary to invent a new word to describe such a hue of disgusting origin.

Tough love and constructive self evident honest truths are just a couple past methods that were societally accepted and effective for informing the misinformed and bringing into cohesive acceptance of meaningful participatory alignment. No doubt in the private sector(families) a great many still follow traditions of censure and leading by example in order to create posterity of values, be it hard work, manners, personal responsibility, personal accountability and contributing in a healthy manner so one is able to have a strong input and reap the rewards of a life affirming output that benefits civilization in a positively impactful nature.

Unfortunately the larger government grows and overwhelmingly infects too many facets our lives, the more watered down society seems to become and said impurity seems to, by osmosis, absorb and amplify into an overpowering and unequal solution that hydraulically fractures the foundation of a stable framework. Through the ever pervasive and perverted multiplication of political correct drivel and intrusion into where they are not needed, the public sector(politicians) have created a debilitating disease where the only cures are objective truths, personal responsibility and personal accountability to name a few of the panaceas. Instead politicians keep doubling down on their mismanagement of society by continually reaffirming that pathetic, antisocial, belligerent, self victimization and atrocious behaviour is in fact a virtuous way to behave and said actions are met with reward(fantasy) instead of honest truth(reality.) Yes, a certain demographic of society  who are unable to escape their own self victimization and led themselves down a dead end road in the middle of nowhere have indeed been given a fresh tank of gas, broken GPS and turbo booster to lead themselves further into the wilderness of deceit where the final destination for all may very well be given on a short bus being commanded by the lowest common denominator. Final stop, communihilism, mindless politician drones dictating all facets of our lives in order to appease those unable to put in a basic effort.

Before I continue I will inform you that as a young teenager I did think I knew it all when in fact I knew nothing, I decided that I knew better than the one doling out huge helpings of tough love, the one who in the end turned out to be one of my greatest role models, my mom. Being ignorant, foolish, naive and all too selfish, I decided that life on the street had to better than listening to a smart, knowledgeable and successful individual ceremoniously delivering snippets of objective reality, or perimeter pieces of the puzzle of life necessary to infill the inner working mosaic. Boy was I wrong. If at the time some charlatan would have offered me a free roof and morsels of food instead of a fishing rod and steady dock, let’s just say I would have been as happy as a pig in shit, and definitely would not have turned out to be the self reliant individual I am today. So yes I have walked many hungry kilometres in the proverbial other persons dilapidated worn out shoes. And in fact I still know nothing. Beware of charlatans in political clothing aiming to use you as one of their statistics for their own virtue signalling re-election campaign.

Being the warmest climate north of the 49th parallel, Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia has Canada’s largest homeless population. Many desperate people from across the country flock to these locations and make the mistake of embedding themselves downtown and fall as prey and elevate their victim status by dabbling in drugs and becoming addicted and enter a situation that many are unable to escape from. Once many’s addictions and mental state become too overpowering they no longer have money for anything other than, first of all drugs and secondly, necessary sustenance as to not starve to death.

In Short, hundreds of people just started pitching tents and makeshift shelters in city parks and turning them into highly predatory, filthy, aggressive, ramshackle shanty towns that turned into absolutely no go zones for those citizens that are productive members of society and fund once enjoyable community green spaces with their hard earned tax dollars. Imagine that, paying for a park through tax dollars so some nincompoop has a place to pitch a tent and then possibly break into your car while you sleep so you can get up early and go to work to pay tax in order fund your local predator. In the old days they would have warned you that such behaviour is indeed antisocial, anathema to decency and will play no part in a just and healthy society. If it happens again we will not be so polite. And it worked, calling a spade a spade, go figure! How things have changed in this politically correct bullshit nightmare we have let cowardly non-virtuous, virtue signalling politicians create and normalize through the mainstream media supported by the intelligence state.

So yes, our weak politicians answer was to take the easy and expensive way out, or road in maybe, and reward antisocial self victimizing behaviour and give said people free places to live. The BC government has emplaced themselves in a position that it is hard to see how they can ever extricate themselves from in the future and will probably turn into a fiscal black hole that will just continually suck in ever more of those unable to escape self victimization as well as ever more tax dollars of hard working citizens that have the decency to choose to be productive members of society. Yes our communihilist politicians have spent well in excess of $100 million to buy up and lease hotels in Victoria and Vancouver.

If that is not enough our politicians have purchased and distributed 3500 smart phones and distributed them to “at risk” people so they could stay in contact with friends and loved ones during this government debacle pandemic. You know, the friends and loved ones who are not even willing to bear the torture and insanity of having said victims sleep on their couch or live in their basement or pitch a tent in their backyard because chances are the loved ones and friends attempted the tough love and objective truth routine, which only self reinforced in the self-victims head that again the situation they find themselves in is no doubt everybody but theirs and eventually they found a few hundred camping mates who agree with them. Not only that but they managed to convince “respectable” politicians that the 99.999% of society are the tormentors responsible for their self induced plight of misery. Remember the black hole I spoke of sucking in ever more money and victims? Well some of those new cell phones are probably being used to contact friend victims from far and wide to let them know that it is indeed possible to to just pitch a tent in the park and by some sort of magnificence government just finds you a “free” place to live, gives you a smart phone and supplies you with food few questions asked! Yes the ringmasters run a circus with very few hoops to jump through, my guess is the hoops are probably even cut in half as to make one lift a foot to enter a hoop has got to be inhumane and aggressive hateful conduct in this pathetic day and age we sink ever further into.

For sure there will be a few who take this helping hand with the brevity and full effect of the slippery intent that it was brought into effect. But what happens to the ones who cannot be helped because they refuse to help themselves? Politicians have just reassured many that their antisocial, selfish aberrant actions are cause for reward and praise. How are politicians able to extricate themselves from these constructs? There is absolutely no way that politicians can ever kick out or tell a person to leave said “free” places to live now that they occupy a space. Where does it end?

One thing that is clearly evident is that if you build it they will come and many will tell another rubby and they will come. I suppose one question to ask is how many hotels is it going to take to reward those who choose not to be contributing members of society and pull their own weight and act in decent manner? will politicians realize the err of their ways once the cost to decent people reaches $1 billion? maybe $2 billion will do it? I suppose with Air B&B now being a thing it would leave politicians with hundreds of hotels to gobble up, why not shoot for $1 trillion?

All politicians had to do was speak some objective words of truth but decided to mince words instead in the politically correct fantasy that has become reality for all too many people these days. In the process of lying to those and further reinforcing victimhood status in the minds and realities of a very small percentage of the population, politicians have again ruthlessly punished hard working, contributing members of society where it hurts the most, the pocket book. Shame on you!

Can you say TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY anyone?