In Western countries the vulnerable masses are being infected in an unparalleled manner not seen before in history. No, I speak not of the corona virus and its respiratory tract infection that has been sending the extremely frail on their way to meet their maker, but the infection of the mind been spread by politicians and their complicit, for ratings, mainstream media through an unceasing terror campaign.

What could terrorize many a persons in greater affect, infect and fracture the mind more than the never ending and poisonous reassurance that this covid is going to crawl up your nose or trodden down your throat, cannibalize your breathing devices and send you on your way to meet the woke St. Peter, unless of course you voted conservative, because then the covid will punch your ticket to have a waltz with Mephistopheles in your eternity of waking un-wokeness. These unnecessary and erroneous daily and overall death toll statistics are grossly misrepresenting, sensationalizing and terrorizing the segment of population whose only source of information is mainstream media.

To put it bluntly, the media is, in zero form, effort and in an all too conniving, imbecilic, ignorant misleading, brainwashing and criminal fashion been misleading the population into believing that they may be next to cough up their lungs. Never does my local mainstream media ever say, along with its made to terrorize, daily death count that the single digit number of people who died out of the provincial population of 4 million all had preexisting conditions such as heart disease, dementia, obesity, diabetes, COPD and very often a combination of these and other morbific conditions and were not long for this world regardless. Nor do they even give evidence to prove that covid even killed these people and that they may have very well died with a virus, trace amount or otherwise, in their system, as the PCR test is not a 100% accurate method for diagnostic purposes. And yes, a very high number of people are dying with covid, not from covid. In my province of 4 million, 108 people die on average everyday, why do we not terrorize the populace with tales of diabolical diabetic deaths so we can social distance from satan’s sugar, or perhaps lockdown all fried chicken and hamburger joints so nobody ever dies of clogged arteries?

When 99%+ of people get a runny nose, sore throat, headache or other mild symptoms from a virus is it not the right thing to protect the vulnerable and let the rest carry on, you know like Sweden did and fared better than many countries that went full authoritarian, instead of  terrorizing hourly and daily the mass of humanity that are vulnerable to government and media brainwashing terror campaigns? Such a protective system sure would have eliminated around 95% of the money that government has wasted destroying the symbiotic societal framework and in the process destroyed many millions of lives.

Around a decade ago, a cousin of mine in his early thirties, may he rest in peace, was out on a wilderness outing with his partner and her family and felt tired and “had to sit down and rest for a minute”, he said, only to lose consciousness and never come back to this world. Someone I used to work with had a nephew in his twenties that went to bed and died naturally in the night, he was found in the morning, all tucked in and with a smile on his face. If these 2 occurrences were to happen in this government and mainstream media created insanity we are currently living through would covid have been blamed as a contributing factor in their deaths if they tested positive for the virus?

So when you hear the “news” now coming out with stories of young people now dying of covid in elevated numbers, perhaps it is worth asking yourself, did covid kill this person or are they just an unfortunate soul who died in an untimely manner but now there is a PCR test that picks up trace and inconsequential amounts of a virus that possibly had zero to do with the death of said unfortunate person?

As much as the system does not prepare you for such an outcome, the bottom line is that death is in fact a quite natural thing to happen, even if one is young and healthy you can literally just drop dead for varying reasons while in the prime of your life. Politicians and mainstream media have lit a firestorm and are busy fanning the flames of destruction and ignorance with this covid 19 witch-hunt microscope agenda where everything is being blown out of proportion and where I live, many are so terrorized that they walk down the street and drive in their vehicle by themselves with a mask strapped to their face.

No doubt there are many including myself that can not wait for the 2020 death statistics for their state, province and city to be released so we are able to reference to past years and see just how badly politicians and mainstream media bungled this episodic dystopian nightmare to which there seems to be no waking up from.