Every so often could you watch an informative, objective video or in lieu read an article of the same nature consisting of unbiased construct where there is more than a one dimensional, superficial, propaganda laden explanation, put forth on various subject matter, and then afterwards make a choice that will have an effect on your life, as well as the city, province, state, territory, country or world that you live in?

If you answered yes to the above question then congratulations, you could partake in true/direct democracy. If you answered no, then I am pretty sure that you are a politician and are the reason as to why society needs to make a drastic change as to how decisions that all too much negatively affect the construct of our societies and the lives we live within said societal constructs. After all the only entities shaking in their roughshod running boots at such an idea would be politicians and their puppet masters in high, powerful places and capable of shining blinding lights from above as for many to only see the stage, not the production crew pulling the strings while hiding in the shadows.

Unfortunately in most of the West, representative democracies have devolved into authoritarian diktat where those elected to “represent” the people, depending on whether, municipal, state, provincial, territorial or federal, are beholden to and unquestionably serve international institutions of power, banking and corporate interests, unions or other financial backers(bribers). Many would correctly argue that naturally, true/direct democracy is the next successive and logically needed governance system in order to escape and evolve beyond the past trappings of the degradative nature of monarchies and the current pathetic “representative democracy” framework of the pandering for votes on the action of giving citizens “free” stuff in order to placate a thoroughly fed up, as well as, ever more disengaged citizenry and then politicians turning around and selling us up river once they have “given” us our pittance while they rip off our pound of flesh to store in their dirty, distended, coffers of disgrace.

Politicians keep reiterating that “you are so important,” “nothing matters more than you,” “this country belongs to you.” My question is, why do we not hold their forked tongues to account? If politicians were so benevolent, intelligent and righteous they would have forged a true/direct democracy system on their own without the need for overwhelming pressure from us to implement such a system. Not only would anyone who truly cared about their country’s absolute sovereignty have willingly implemented a true/direct democracy system but they would have engineered the education system around such a liberating and empowering societal construct as it would teach personal responsibility, accountability and importance of having a choice and beneficial participating role in the system we all have to dwell in and upon. Instead we have putrid rot, from the head down.

Heaven knows that a responsibility based, politically active society would not have devolved into the ever increasing “poor me” construct we have come to, where way too many people want to blame their life situation on everyone and everything else, where government deflects the blame onto successful individuals they label as “the rich,” while it is full well the system that government has knowingly created that is responsible for turning the disenchanted governmental induced self-victims into the grease in the machine instead of a vital functioning component of an enlightened system where ALL are able to play a beneficial highly participatory role. Yes, as hard as it may be to swallow for some, government truly does not want the individual to succeed, be self reliant or have truly objective, critical thinking, reasoning and logic skills, as such an enlightened society would negate the need for such political shills to exist and would leave said politicians without victims to prey and feed upon, punishing all of society in the process. It is necessary for everyone to take control of their own lives through a highly participatory action campaign.

Perhaps it is necessary to ask the question, why as the size and reach of government grows, be it the education system, the “equalizing” tax structures, the monetary debt system noose, the intelligence state, the social welfare systems……., does there seem to be an ever-growing discontent plus divide of society where the political and institutional servants, the mainlined mainstream media, seem to engage in the endless pastime of muddying the waters, plus division, in order for the mega institutions to conquer and pillage what should be OUR CHOICE in the say of many, currently highly propagandized matters. After all the politicians always say, “it is your country, state, province, territory and city.”

Instead of letting their game plan of divide and conquer continue to beat us down, why not everybody unite in order to forge a system where ALL can have a participatory, meaningful role in making fundamental decisions that could truly benefit societies? Sure there has to be rules for the game so the new system is not abused and turned into a mob rule where one certain segment of society gangs up to take things from those with fewer representational voters. The only thing that is fairly allowed to be taken from any entity, the entity of government, is strictly, the burden of responsibility, course of action and other attributes that allows US to come together in order to multiply our intelligence, plus work hard in absorbing and alleviating the current model. Hard work by ALL is the only solution to the problems that plague society. Once again, true/direct democracy can only be used for the purpose of society working together and absorbing the role of current political systems where the end goal is to change the playing field for the betterment of ALL. 

Anyone who thinks the solution to their multi faceted reason of supposed inequality is to just take things from those who “have more” than them is highly delusional. However, if we did come together as a society and mandate the framework of true/direct democracy and then take the baby steps of acting responsibly to prove our worth, then continue to wield OUR power of intelligence there is no end as to what WE could accomplish. As an example, perhaps it would be possible to retool THEIR system of unending government debt slavery and get to the point where those making say $50,000 dollars or less have to pay ZERO income tax, while those individuals in current higher tax brackets have their unnecessary income tax burden lowered and eventually totally removed. Do not laugh it is a possibility!

That being said. True/direct democracy is a system that has to be wanted by the majority of all members of society. Question is, are there enough people out there willing to take the responsibility that is needed, or have government systems beat too much of the population down for too long leaving them unable to escape the clutches of their abusive captor that is government and its obfuscating systems?

Guess what?Politicians are NOT going to usher in a true/direct democracy system. Do you know why? Because the VAST MAJORITY of politicians truly do not give one atoms worth of matter about you whatsoever. As much as they will look and lie directly into the camera and tell you straight up falsehoods like, “this country belongs to you,” it is truly theatrics in order for them to get your vote which allows them to collect an obscene salary and pension and then receive kickbacks and perks from those who bribed them with campaign contributions. You are just the dirt they had to trample on in order for themselves to become the piece of shit that ends up fertilizing the playing field in order to let the stinging nettles flourish. And those bogus “free” things you were promised are just extracted from you in some increase in a hidden or higher, fuel, carbon, environmental or some other new form of “beneficial’ tax, or worst of all, show up in new debt that WE are responsible for. Yes, the truth hurts. WE are going to have to legislate ourselves into existence if WE want to start to take responsibility for a more beneficial existence. Remember though, it is all about responsibility, vigilance and hard work, amongst other enlightening attributes!

I know what you are thinking, but where do we start, are there any examples of true/direct democracy other than Greece 2500 years ago? Funny you should ask such an intriguing question. There are a few currently functioning examples of true/direct democracy that exist. Some for the whole of the country and other forms where regions in a country such as a state have a true/direct democracy system in place that allows citizens to regularly engage in, with pride, the legislation process that any truly free country or jurisdiction would afford the most precious resource that a geographical location possesses, its citizens. Before mentioning a few of the true/direct democracy platforms that exist, it is necessary to list some of the different subtypes of true/direct democracy that make up a true/direct democracy.

Compulsory Referendum: Basically, legislators are not allowed to pass laws without the consent of the majority agreeing with such an action. In my opinion this should be mandatory for ALL new laws that are to be brought into effect. When someone wields a weapon against you should you not have the right to defend yourself? It would surely stop TREASONOUS ACTS, such as what Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Truedope, did in the middle of a propagandized pandemic, when he secretly legislated the cancelling of Canadian currency and now any sitting government in the future has the legal right to cancel ANY denomination of currency they so choose! Gee, do you think the government has plans to eliminate cash and force society into a digital currency prison!?

Popular Referendum: This allows citizens to ask for permission, if enough signatures are gathered, to challenge current active legislation and to have said laws to be removed from active use. Again, any representative who cared for their constituents would fight to bring into being this liberating true/direct democracy initiative. Once again, politicians do not fight for these rights that should be a mandatory part of any truly free country. Yes, these subjects are off limit for nearly all government subjects(plebs).

It should also be noted that there are “binding” and “non-binding” referendums. You know, because government will try to pretend like they care what their subjects have to say, but they find it necessary to add a clause that negates the outcome of what the people voted for.

Recall Elections: Allows for citizens to vote for the removal of a politician before the completion of their appointed term. Typically whatever jurisdictions allow such elections to take place make the process to allow such actions so arduous that it is near impossible to jump through the hoops to make it happen.

Ballot Initiatives: A ballot initiative allows for citizens to bring forth legislation that they wish to see brought into law by the legislative assembly. This is a critical component to be brought into a true/direct democracy system, as it allows discussion on topics that government truly wants to keep taboo as it would allow citizenry to take the government monopoly away from their rigged system that serves the power structure pulling the strings.

Switzerland is the country that comes closest to being a true/direct democracy system. The Swiss have the ability to enact ballot initiatives which allow constitutional changes to the legislature. The Swiss are also able to, if they collect enough signatures, to force a referendum on any law that has been passed by ANY branch of government be it federal, canton, district or municipal. Gee, do you think true/direct democracy could be a determining reason as to why Switzerland has not been in a war since the inception of the Swiss federal state in 1848!? It should also be noted that compulsory military service for males is mandatory in Switzerland and that up to 75% of Swiss households are in the possession of a firearm of some sort. Wow, True/direct democracy, high gun ownership and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Looks like is possible for some countries to conduct themselves with high levels of legislative participation and dignity.

Italy is a country making the shallow attempt to implement true/direct democracy. They even have a Minister for direct democracy. Many may know that Italy is a country that is highly corrupt and extremely inefficient. The last thing I will say about Italy’s true/direct democracy is that over the past 20 years Italian have voted 31 times on national laws and in 27 of the outcomes the government simply overruled with a hidden clause. So, do not let your true/direct democracy system become an untrue/indirect non-democracy! I heard that Italy was shaped like a boot because there was way too much crap to fit into a shoe!

But how do we vote in a true/direct democracy framework you ask? Your voter ID could be linked to your social insurance number. I have heard some smart people state, if you can bank online and shop online in a secure manner, why not vote? Heard of blockchain? No computer or smart phone? Why not use the ATM machine at your bank or have voting machines at the local library or community centre?  Touché! Nope, them politicians do not even want to broach the subject! It is as if politicians were just in the game to perpetuate the ignorance and line their pockets along the way.

For sure it is time for something to change in the corrupt construct of decrepit democracy in the West where politicians serve the power institutions and throttle us common folk in an abusive relationship where the average person is so fed up they are currently willing to cut off their nose to spite their face and elect a Goofy character just so they do not have to put up with the revolving door of regular nightmares that disgrace the corrupt halls of legislatures in order to cozy up and bow down to these globalist swine occupying the pig pens of power where anything edible is chewed up, swallowed and shit out in order for our political parasites to fight over the undigested bits of sustenance in a free for all sleaze-fest that leaves anyone with the ability to think for themselves in a level of astonishment that should not be allowed to exist in fantasy, let alone be the guiding force driving humanity to the rubbish tip.

I seriously hope there are enough fed up people out there willing to fight for some true justifiable change in order to start the road to recovery by beginning to usher in a system where everyone has the ability to participate responsibly if they so choose, to make all our jurisdictions better places to inhabit. Though I fear too many people have been propagandized for too long to come back from the tunnel vision that has become 20/20. A retooling of the education system is the top priority in order to instil the virtues of accountability, responsibility and the righteousness, freedom and liberty that a true/direct democracy can bring to elevating all to a level more sublime than they currently dwell in and upon.

You had better be prepared to peacefully enter the streets to legislate yourselves and true/direct democracy into existence! If the political puppets send in the troops to bash your heads and gas your eyeballs and respiratory system into distress it should be quite apparent that “you are NOT the country” and these politicians do not care for you, they care only for sucking up to power in order to collect the crumbs.