Children. It used to be the only way that a child could come into this hectic world was the time honoured tradition of sexual intercourse between  a man and a woman. Then, artificial insemination came into play, irrespective of foreplay. All business, no pleasure, one could say. The first recorded successful artificial insemination to lead to a full term and birth was way back in 1884 by a Dr. William Pancoast of Philadelphia. The sperm came from his student voted most handsome by the class, and, the lucky lady was not even told about her cervical experience. She lay in dreamland, chloroformed on the doctors table, with 6 students looking on while taking notes(probably sketching for future reference.) Though it is surprising that the ancient Greeks or Chinese do not have writings on the subject.

There are various ways as to reach conception, planned, unplanned, unwillingly, deceptively(goes both ways,) perhaps even a few oral to ovum transfers have transpired. Try fighting that paternity suit in court! The point I am trying to articulate is that it does not really matter how the children end up coming to be, it is the fact that they have come to be, and now that they are being it should be imperative that the nurturing narrative be formative not exploitative, it can only improve on the nature aspect of existing. Well-wishing in a not so perfect world it could be said. There are plenty of ways to go astray, with only a couple actions being anathema to morality and decency. Children need to be loved and treated fairly. Sadly this is not always the case.

Perhaps we can divide the nurture inputs into a private/public relationship, a relationship that coexists in determining the course and actions of the little ones as they develop into the big ones, to repeat the cycle and forge some new little ones of their own, unless of course these new experimental mRNA covid vaccines end up sterilizing a proportion of the prick takers, in which case expect to be on a doctors table, perhaps surrounded by 28 students taking notes. Those class sizes sure have gotten bigger over the years!

Some honest questions.

Is it strictly the school systems responsibility to educate children, or should the parents be liable for informational input into the mind that could help in the formation of thoughts that escape linear progression, hence promoting multi faceted connectivity?

Is there any point of pre-educating your child if the government system is just going to stagnate their extracurricular efforts?

Is it beneficial to society and forming minds to have the governmental educational construct of flatlining everyone down to the same level, despite the higher cognitive abilities of other peers?

Is the current model of education a remnant of an industrialized system designed to homogenize, for the purpose of societal obedience and to teach what to think instead of how to think, therefore normalizing a false societal construct, including overzealous, unquestioned patriotism?

Is it time for a private funded pilot project to base an education system on logic and non preconceived notions that do not cement state ideology into hardware of the mind, unable to be wiped from the cranial computer?

If you could breed a bat with a pangolin, would it be called a pangolat or a bangolin and would such a creature just be a distraction for peers of the governmental education system. Oh, and how would you like it prepared? I prefer my propaganda well done, not a rare medium unfit for consumption.

Do parents of today sill boot their kids out of the house and warn them about the consequences if they return home too soon before dinner is ready?

In this day and age, a kick in the butt, swift wooden spoon or tug on the ear(I speak from experience) followed by some life logic is not socially acceptable. Is strictly feeding your kids, junk, fast and processed food considered to be child abuse as well?

Does excessively planting your kid in front of a tv or other screen, do a forming mind damage and play a critical and major part in the beginning of the lifelong entertainment-propaganda apparatus that is absorbed and considered normal?

If a king were to transition while on the throne, does that mean that the seat is never up for grabbing, so long as he, sorry, she, rains supreme?

I do not have children, so I will not pretend to know what it is like, nor the trials, tribulations and triumphs that go along with such a labour and mentally intensive endeavour of raising little or bigger ones. Though I am observant enough to realize that a kid can have all the love in the world and correct inputs, only to end up on the wrong side of the tracks. Then there is the the polar opposite, to break the cycle of coming from a horrible home situation and end up having great life achievements.

You would think it would be basic enough to understand that kids should not be mentally or physically abused in any nature other than possibly the odd, swift, wooden spoon, or mild spanking along with a disciplinary comment for egregious childish behaviour. Plenty of species dole out disciplinary actions for educational purposes. When I rarely got it, I deserved it. Any adult who truly mentally abuses or physically assaults a child is a coward that deserves to have retributive multiplication of such behaviour inflicted upon them. Sadly the victim narrative comes back to play in life for many perpetrators of such abuse, notably, it was done to me so I must do to others. Perhaps something that a rational mind can not understand.

The scum of the earth. Yes, child sex predators/abusers. Just because one has reached puberty, in no way makes it right coming from an adult. Let teens be teens, when they choose to do what they do on their own timeline and terms. Maybe there is even something to the biblical teachings of lust? In reality, is life not to some degree about, just because you can does not mean you should.

Though this segment of the article is not about post puberty antics. This is about the human garbage that sees fit to sexually exploit/abuse pre pubescent children. To go along with the abusers, there is also the gutter slime that does not physically touch the child, but profits financially by renting their own or someone else’s child to a piece of shit who acts in atrocious ways. In my opinion this is the one crime where anybody who engages in the act or allows and profits from such behaviour deserves to meet an extraordinary punishment culminating in their swift, or painful death. Either way, let their pathetic life be vacated. A couple of suggestions follow below.

Let me take you back to the 15th century. Wallachia, Romania is the geographical location. The person of interest is Vlad III Draculea, the voivode(prince) of Wallachia, who by his actions earned the historical moniker of Vlad the impaler. Lets just say the title was rightfully and literally appropriate to his ruling antics. The Dracula character of Bram Stoker’s literary works were taken from the namesake of Vlad Draculea. Though protecting your neck from fang puncture were the least of your worries if you crossed the path of Vlad the impaler and his army. Vlad’s blood lettings originated from a far different location.

Whether a citizen or foreigner, Vlad did not care. Engaging in civil war and fighting off the Ottoman Empire was what it was all about in Vlad’s time. Life was cheap and visual terrorism, Vlad concluded, was a graphic and effective way of keeping a populace in line and a way of making the Ottoman army question whether they really wanted to travel the route to Wallachia in order to bring it and its ruler into tribute for the empire du jour.

It might be fair to note that as a child Vlad was sent to the Ottomans by his father, the predecessor of Vlad’s rule of Wallachia, as a means to force Vlad’s father into collaborating with the Ottomans. Lets just say that Vlad probably ended up being very familiar with the floor mosaics that many an Ottoman abode had on the ground. He was not cleaning the grout. Like most every kid who goes through such trauma, it messed him up for life.

So in retribution of his victimization, Vlad had decided the best way to strike terror, for obedience purposes, in his populace and to pay back the Turks while simultaneously horrifying approaching Ottoman convoys was to get his army to cut down or de-limb trees, my guess would be de-limb, as the trunks were too big for Vlad’s purpose. After having some decently sized straight sticks, the ends would be sharpened and now they had themselves a nice impaling stick. Now take said sticks and plant them in the ground, spike side up of course! Then all they had to do is add a human, anus first of course! Though women were not exempt from such treatment. What a terrible way to die. The weight of your body at the mercy of gravity would slowly drive the sharpened, or possibly unsharpened stick, depending on the allotted wood shop time, right through your body until it poked out somewhere on your torso, at which point you very well may still be alive! Hence, Vlad the impaler! Could there be any more fitting a way to deal with child sexual predators/exploiters? I think not! Though perhaps in this day and age synthetic spikes as to not cut down trees unnecessarily. Reduce, Re-use, Recycle!

My advice to pedophiles and their enablers would be to truly think if life is just some random walk through the migrating universe. The older I get, the more I think not. Though perhaps they have not done anything brave enough to reach such a level of cosmic understanding. These creeps may have something special waiting for them when their times come. Not special in a good way though.

Believe it or not some supposedly esteemed members of society have in the past lobbied governments in an attempt to legalize sexual relationships with pre pubescent children, citing liberation of the child. Here is one of those monsters. He died of AIDS, due to the lack of basic self control. It just goes to show that you can be “intelligent,” an “academic,” yet never even reached a level of understanding that led to a shred of enlightenment in any way. Again, a lifetime of learning never led to true understanding. Never able to escape victimhood.

To all the offenders out there. You have proven to be true cowards for engaging in such behaviour. Perhaps it is time to do something brave for the first time in your life. They say a coward dies a thousand deaths before his actual day comes. Why not think about making the world a better place to be and make this the one thousandths and one!