Well, with the BC Gestapo rolling out their “temporary” apartheid regime today, September 13th, 2021, I am relieved to have received my vaccine passport just now. Heil Henry! Heil Horgan!

In case there is any doubt as to the rationale, common sense, intelligence, or even basic logic to these lowest common denominators(government bureaucrats) responsible for this vaccine passport dystopian diktat, HERE are some rules that a 7 year child would say do not make basic, rational sense.

  1. Indoor organized events with 50 or more people will require a vaccine passport. However Indoor organized events with 49 or less people will not require a vaccine passport. Because that 50th person will just throw the covid threshold into absolute chaos. Nowhere is there any mention of allowable size of event location. So 49 clowns in a vehicle is alright, but do not think of setting a new record at 50 clowns. When I say clowns in a vehicle, clown is a government bureaucrat, while the vehicle is the office of bureaucrats. Always a jalopy!
  2. Licensed restaurants and restaurants that offer table service (indoor and patio dining) will need a vaccine passport. But unlicensed restaurants that don’t offer table service, like fast food, coffee shops and takeout will not require vaccine passports. Because being a savage by having a glass of wine or beer with dinner will no doubt be the death of countless thousands of people, while a group of drunks who converge for some greasy fast food after a night of drinking will be an exemplary model of public health. Good thing we give intelligence tests to our government workers in charge of implementing non-sensical legislation!
  3. Indoor adult group and team sports for people 19 years old or older will mandate a vaccine passport for participation. Though Indoor youth recreational sport for people 19 years old or younger will not mandate vaccine passports for participation. So long as one is 18 years and 363 days old covid does not come into the equation, but if one is 19 years and one day old you become a homicidal covid spreading psychopath!

There is even more idiocracy in these government mandates, but I will stop there and give you a chance to lambaste these political nincompoops all by your lonesome, or in group fashion, so long as there are less than 50 of you in a room no smaller than a china shop full of government bullshit. Trust me, it ain’t that hard, no level of education is required. My guess is huffing gas then sniffing glue at the top of Mount Everest might get one in the frame of mind to enact such nonsensical legislation.

Please enjoy your decline into a society that is evolving into a denomination lower than the lowest common denominator. If this nightmare extends beyond 2022, I will be signing up for a full frontal lobotomy in order experience a politicians perspective on life. God help us all.


My Vaccine Passport

*******I apologize if I offended any chimpanzees in the making of this post********