Last week I wrote the provincial health officer for my geographical location. I did not actually expect a response, as these people only engage in carefully choreographed press conferences and pre approved safe questions from the propaganda press.

Line up for your boosters everybody! The following video starts when our clueless dupe is talking about the waning protection from those already fully vaccinated and that she “hopes” the booster shot will last for years! Because the first and second round were such a failure, this time the third time is the holy grail! For pharmaceutical profits that is!

Get ready to take a prick twice a year +, your “freedom” will depend on it.

Don’t worry, this government zombie promises that the Pfizer and Moderna studies guarantee a “good, strong and quick” antibody response from the booster dose! Now think about the fact that politicians have signed contracts with Pfizer and Moderna until 2024!

But do not worry, because, “at this time,” the booster dose does not affect the 2 prick minimum needed to not be considered a second class citizen. Need I remind one that the federal government promised the provinces 1 billion dollars to implement an apartheid society and the accompanying vaccine passports! These passports are here to stay.

And do not worry, she promises that those with two doses will be getting an email or text message from the government to remind one to step right up for the tri-infecta!  Nothing quite says freedom like having the government contact one to make an appointment to renew ones membership as a first class citizen!

These politicians and bureaucrats have no clue as to what they are doing and are just regurgitating globalist and pharmaceutical company constructs as the misinformation gets relayed to their denominationally low understanding void of logic and wisdom. The scariest part might be that most of these underlings might have not even have been paid off to spout such logorrhoea on a daily basis. Though like an immature cornered liar, they are unable to admit a mistake and change course for a more truthful existence that is beneficial for all involved in a societal relationship.

Spell it with me, R-E-V-O-L-U-T-I-O-N. No, that does not mean a left arm – right arm covid vaccine revolving schedule when you go in for your tri-annual covid vaccine poisoning. We’re talking pitchforks. Damn loyalists and their tv reality.

The Letter


Dear Dr. Henry,

I write this letter out of concern of well being. Well being of yourself and that of the toxic public mandates and protocols that you and the rest of the complicit government actors are destroying society with using a blatantly obvious COVID doctrine that is based upon terror and pseudo science. A COVID doctrine that is being passed down the government chain of command, originating from a globalist blueprint.

Firstly, about yourself. It is quite obvious from watching you in any press conference, due to your body language, tone of oration and apprehensive demeanour that you are cognizant of the lies and misinformation that you are orating every time you step up to the microphone. Your sense of guilt shines bright even before any audible sound comes from your mouth.

To which it is necessary for me to ask you a very serious question:

Has any institution, government, bank, pharmaceutical company, lobbyist, intelligence agency, philanthropic organization, private citizen, corporation or any other entity, either promised or given you money, precious metals, stocks, bonds, crypto currencies, other monetary instruments or donations, property, possessions, future speaking fees, vacations, book deals, or the promise of employment in a company, corporation, public/private organization, institution, non-governmental organization or any other entity during your current, post COVID employment as B.C. Provincial Health Officer, or upon you leaving your current post as Provincial Health Officer to pursue employment or compensation in other means, actions or endeavours?

Regarding the terror campaign that yourself and all levels of government are ceaselessly assaulting susceptible malleable minds to on a daily basis. COVID is being broadcasted as if it is on par with the Black Plague of medieval Europe, while in reality being no worse than a bad flu year. You have terrorized a great number of the population to the point of wearing masks while driving in their cars and walking down the streets by themselves.

According to the CDC’s own data, the strongest risk factor in being a COVID death after obesity is those with anxiety and fear related disorders. You and the government have literally terrorized people into hospitalization and death by ruthlessly and aggressively machine gunning the false narrative that COVID is the new plague, when in reality it is on par with a seasonal flu. This is CDC data! Read it.

According to your own government data the average age from a “COVID” death is 86 years old. 86 years old with more than one comorbidity none the less. Surely many of these much older that the average life expectancy deaths are dying with COVID, not from COVID. Why does the government or mainstream media not report such pertinent information. Surely the public has the fundamental right to hear this information in order to make up their own mind having all necessary data to come to an informed decision, instead of  propaganda based subjective diktat.

While the COVID death propaganda carries on daily without refrain with by such methods as reporting, say, five COVID deaths in a day, omitting the true age and extreme poor health, there is no perspective put upon death whatsoever. In British Columbia, on average, every day 106 people die! So in the same amount of time that 2109 extremely unhealthy, comorbidity laden, mostly all above the average life expectancy people have supposedly died “from” COVID the province has seen around 54,060 other deaths!
Even again, your own government charts prove that death rate is even lower than the 2017 influenza season(see attachment.)

As well, the ICU capacity ruse that the government and media uses in its terror campaign is highly subjective and easily dispelled. Firstly no data is given as a comparison as to what the usual hospital bed and ICU occupancy rate typically is, so as to have a data driven comparative perspective.

Secondly regarding ICU admittances. They may very well be higher than normal, but this is where the government terror campaign meets the minds of those with fear/anxiety disorders and those who also have been told that preexisting conditions are serious concern for death. A blatant lie and terror technique!

I have clearly heard the head of the ICU, during a radio interview, tell the interviewer that her staff was “extremely exhausted, due to the revolving door” of the ICU. Why does you or the government ever tell the citizens that the vast majority of these ICU “emergencies” and admittances are people who panic due to being psychologically affected by the governments terrorist COVID doctrine campaign. This exact situation happened to a friend of my friend who panicked due to having asthma. She was in and out of the ICU in less than two hours. This has played out thousands of times during this bungled COVID nightmare.

In summary I would like to say that, it is quite evident that this whole COVID debacle has been mismanaged from day one due to incompetence from ALL levels of government, while government simultaneously unleashed a terror campaign that has melted the minds of a great number of societies citizens.

Clearly all statistical analysis proves that COVID is in no way serious enough to enact all of the draconian mandates and protocols that have come to be, including the creation of an apartheid state and social passport system of which Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia used to control their populations.

Please, would you at least give some clarification as to how long the government plans to use these vaccine passports for? It is clearly becoming obvious that these vaccine passports are indeed the beginning of a social credit score system.

Need I inform you that your very own words professed that once 75% of the population was vaccinated that society could go on as usual and that COVID would be eliminated. Though while telling the public such falsehoods, you were aware that the government had indeed procured COVID vaccines right up to the year 2024!

We are now at a stage where venues with 100% vaccine compliance are still forced by the government to make the participants wear a non effective face mask at all times, apart from eating. Would you please care to comment on such a policy.

Are you aware of the fact that the Nordic countries of Denmark, Sweden and Norway have classified COVID as on par with the seasonal flu and have given citizens all liberties that they had before COVID was unleashed?

It is blatantly obvious that COVID has been hijacked by institutional power and is being used by said entities in order to mandate governments to implement population control methods and normalize authoritarian mandatory vaccines regimes through social credit systems of vaccine passports.

My guess is that you have possibly been lied to and told that it is necessary to implement such society controlling methods due to a false narrative along the lines of environmental catastrophe that will destroy the planet if we do not get society under control.

I assure you Dr. Henry that this authoritarian power ploy will fail and the COVID ship has already started to take on water, and in a matter of time it will surely sink. If you were smart and even have a little bit of decency, I would suggest you to step up and tell the truth in order to clear the extremely haunted conscience that you display endlessly while in the view of any other person in existence.

You truly have the option of taking the lifeboat and doing what is right, or at a later date, being one of the rats who try to save themselves while being too late to not be sucked in by the undertow of the sinking vessel. It is your mirror, choose how you want to look at yourself in it for the remainder of your life.