Here is Canada’s, out of the limelight, man-child Prime Minister in the Netherlands during these “serious” covid times we live in. At a private party with his World Economic Forum brown nosing Prime Minister buddy of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte(far left). And HERE is how this lying globalist puppet scumbag left Canada when he knew the cameras were aimed in his direction.


Above is another recent photo of Canada’s lying globalist sociopathic psychopath man-child Prime Minister, flagrantly flouting the rules that he, through his globalist masters, has implemented on ALL Canadians. The only thing this waste of space is distanced from is an objective reality and any sense of honesty and decency.

People, it is time to realize that this covid doctrine truly has nothing to do with covid at all. This is a psychological operation being waged against the populace of all countries by government and their globalist puppet masters.

Again, why does corporate and state media never appear to ask basic questions about when our “representatives” arrogantly and gloatingly flout the authoritative, non-sensical rules implemented to punish and herd the foundation of society?


Time to take out the trash.