For those unaware, the Jerry Can is named after the US military forces nickname for a German – Jerry.  In the 1930’s, in preparation for what would be come to be known as World War 2, The German army engineered a highly functional, extremely robust, stackable, and easy to use fuel container to aid in refuelling their vehicles. Past fuel containers were of light gauge metals, prone to leakage, as well as needing a wrench to open the vessel and a funnel to be used to empty the contents into the vehicle.

German “Jerry Can”

Pass This Message to Ottawa

To the Canadian Truckers and other Freedom Fighters currently standing up to Just-him Truedope’s globalist dictated covid tyranny – Thank You and Keep Up the Good Work!

Having read an article about the authorities confiscating the fuel deliveries to the trucks in order to prevent truckers from having a source of heat in the sub zero conditions, I have a suggestion to be able to continue supplying the trucks with the needed fuel.

Perhaps it is time to use some of the money raised in the funding campaign to supply hundreds of the peaceful protesters each with their own Jerry Can, then set out in a big crowd all at once and create a refuelling swarm of Jerry Can holders. All of the cans need not be filled with the fuel, perhaps only 20% to 25% contain the fuel. The others are decoys.

Fill up one truck at a time and have the crowd of Jerry Can holders form a mass of Jerry Can holding humanity around the targeted truck. If a large enough crowd was to participate It would surely make it very difficult, if not impossible for the authorities to stop the refuelling action.

Good Luck! If Everyone currently standing up to tyranny in Ottawa right now can hold on a while longer, no doubt the crowds will get larger as the weather gets warmer.

Let’s end Canadian apartheid.

Keep up the good fight!