After having driven close to 5000km(3090 miles) in the past five days, with around another 1000km(621 miles) to go before reaching home, it truly gives one a unique perspective as to the logistics and energy, both human & planetary, that it takes to keep a country the size of Canada marching on into a future of beneficial advancement, and that is before taking into account that almost the whole geographical location of Canada is a frozen, sub zero land of snowy coldness for up to six months of the year.

Just over a week ago when I was there, Charlottetown, PEI, was hit with a blizzard that unleashed around 30cm(12 inches) of snow in the matter of a few hours. The government of Newfoundland extended the studded tire allowance to the end of May, due to the unseasonably continuance of winter time conditions. Two days ago I just beat a “blizzard of the decades” as the media was labelling it, that afflicted the southern land mass of Manitoba and into Saskatchewan, which was a negative 8 degrees Celsius across the whole province as I drove through, only to arrive in Calgary, where it was minus 10 degrees Celsius last night and minus 7 degrees as of right now, with a wind that will chill ones testicles right through the pantaloons and unmentionables. Moose knuckles sensationally included in the scenario.

When one listens to these smug, mostly city dwelling, suit and tie wearing scientists and political airheads, academics and intellectuals blowing their noxious lie hole fumes in the chamber pots that have come to represent a “civilized” society, it seems to become quite clear that a great many of these “people” are out of touch with a basic understanding and reality of how civilization formed over the millennia and came to sustain the populace that the planet currently supports.

A politician is as critical to the continuance of a healthy functioning society as a bubble bath is to the existence and wellbeing of the contentness of a Nile or Australian, though perhaps not, an Indian crocodile. And, as said politicians fly over the infrastructure and populace that sustains life for their pretentious, golden pension, and globalist brown nosing existence, the millions of people who actually produce something beneficial for society carry on selflessly so as to not let civilization slip into a politically induced regression.

Though a country such as Canada with it’s mostly linearly east to west, southern spread infrastructure consists of roughly 7000km of cross Canada highway, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba alone must have thousands of kilometres of unseen and unknown to much of the populace, range and township roads, that are in existence solely for the purpose of producing what is necessary for humanity to survive and thrive agriculturally and energy wise.

City dwellers. As the few barista’s in your local eight hundred square foot coffee shop serve up the guilty pleasure of a 6 dollar spiced latte to the hundreds of paper pushing, water cooler dwelling existence of self importance, there are the same few amount of people working on a twenty thousand acre plus grain and/or livestock farm producing the necessary sustenance for the world in general to not die of starvation and the accompanying disease that go along with the scenario that many of todays politicians bleat out unendingly to placate their globalist handlers who are heavily invested monetarily and more so power wise, so as to be able to dictate who is permissible to do what so as to keep and gain further control of the geographical locations, natural resources, and the economic systems that operate within said geographical locations.

Solar panels, autonomous vehicles and windmills are no more a one size fits all solution to the politically created perils incessantly vomited forth from the mainstream media’s climate catastrophe narrative, than it is to say that we could eliminate the need for natural gas, heating oil and other planetary provided energy sources, if humanity in colder climates just forced enough humans or animals to cohabitate in a well insulated dwelling. After all, a human creates the equivalent of around 100 watts of energy, so let’s sardine humanity into forced confinement for the benefit of all?

The globalist politicians climate “solutions” to a concocted crisis that these globalist politicians plan on idiotically legislating into existence will be a “final solution” to the continuance of a highly complex labour and energy intensive societal existence that is necessary to sustain humanity in it’s present incarnation.

We have seen the photo of the World Economic Forum’s globalist grandmaster spokesman, Klaus Schwab, sitting in his office proudly displaying the statue of communist dictator Vladimir Lenin. Though one has to wonder, if such a photo was taken from a differing angle would there be a bust of that Khmer Rouge barbarian, Pol Pot, proudly adorning the shelf in the mentally ill fantasy that passes as a globalist politician worshipped ideology?

Let’s not let them them build back their bank accounts and control systems better.