Political Low Hanging Brutes Stump Society

Signs, signs, everywhere are signs, blocking out decency, warping peoples minds, fools do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the signs?

Signs of the times. The decline of Western civilization swirls around society like an unsuspecting firestorm vortex knowingly unleashed upon an unknowingly foundationally flimsy, highly suspect house of cards intentionally dealt to give the supposedly rational appearance of an engineering masterpiece, though in reality, patterned as scrambled gelatinous mess at best.

Yes, such structural shame is most definitely a great pitfall of allowing the government dealers running the societal casino to not have anywhere near a full deck to begin with. Then out of irrational societal disconnected non vigilance, allowing said jokers to begin pulling from the bottom of said short stacked pile. All the while, the house, greasy fingered, shuffles the ever depleting, save of face lacking negative integers until the only possible combination of elevation left to lay down is nothing other than a rotting deuce.

No, this article is not about further depletion of the already failed overly socialist, leading to communist political model governing the void of intelligence and still regressing politically led nightmare. Nor is it about the accompanying educational and social systems, or entertainment infrastructure that sure seems to sanitize a bulk amount of minds in Western geographical locations. Well, actually, it is about all the above mentioned stimuli, though not in form or blatant function, but more so of the social dysfunction, through immoral politically correct government incompetence, and normalization of rewarding atrocious antisocial behaviour that is spreading the scourge of drug addled zombified wastes of space through municipalities within my province, and other geographical locations continent wide.

Parasitism and Vigilantism

Vigilantism. Now there is an action packed word. I was actually thinking about vigilante’s and vigilantism for a few days, right up until this past Monday, July 25th, when I forced myself to again tune in to the CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation) on my morning commute. And wouldn’t you know it, the first story I heard was that of someone in Langley, British Columbia(outlying city near Vancouver) partaking in what seems to not be a randomly targeted shooting spree, leaving two dead, two wounded, with the shooter subsequently being shot and killed by police. Though the answers are not complete, the media is making it seem like the victims were homeless transients. Until the truth, or at least semi truth comes out, surely it is best to not speculate.

It is not surprising that such a vigilante scenario took place, and in all honesty it is surprising that such actions are not more common place. Not so much the murder aspect of vigilantism, but more so the safeguarding society against low life scumbags that many government policies and actions now encourage, condone, fund, and therefore normalize and spread such antisocial societally destroying behaviour, and in the process punishing the hard working foundational substrate of a decent, healthy, and thoroughly fed up society.

British Columbia is a prime example of dimwit government lunatics actually creating a mental asylum of perpetuity on the streets of evermore cities within the province. And it should be noted that there was was a substantive actual mental hospital, Riverview, which was a BC Mental Health & Addiction Services hospital, but was shut down about a decade ago. Now the braindead politicians just spend hundreds of millions of dollars to house, and virtue signal, while patting on the back of said drug addicted eyesores that refuse to work, telling them that they are special and esteemed members of our societies. Time for a dose of reality. Wards of the state anybody?

Who would have thought that giving lowlife scumbag perpetrators more rights than the victims they prey upon would lead to a misbalance of society, allowing the dregs to run amok while flashing the absolutely unacceptable victim card? A spade is most definitely a spade, and it is absolutely necessary to shovel the shit before it builds to the point of becoming a serious problem. Too late.

As a province BC has reached the point of already spending more than 400 million dollars on purchasing hotels to house “homeless” people. Though it should be fair to note that “homeless” in many cases equates to a self victimizing drug abuser who chooses not to go to work In any of the 24 hours in a day of the seven days week, whose family or former friends have thrown in the towel of dealing with their antisocial pathetic behaviour, then they so choose to violate and victimize hard working, positive choice choosing citizens, repeatedly, as the “justice” system refuses to do its job in protecting society from serial offenders. Catch and release should be the BC “justice” system motto.

Perhaps it is time for government to get this straight. Though a serious drug addiction is a mental health issue, it has zero role in preventing those who choose to violate others by committing crimes to be held accountable for such actions in a meaningful way that will allow said perpetrators to get the psychiatric help they need in order to make the right choice and become a productive member of society. This is by no means a policing issue. How many times must the police arrest the same riffraff after them having projected into society the need to be dealt with, only for the “justice” system to ignore societies call for a meaningful solution in protecting society.

In BC it is allowable for an opiate addict, once having committed a serious enough crime and subsequently incarcerated, to be able to get a prescription for the government pharmaceutical opiate substitute of methadone, and continue to use said “medication” right up until their release, in order to be right and ready to have that addiction ripe as they walk out of that prison gate, broke and looking for a way to get one’s hands on fast cash in order to get the “real opiate deal.” And, all the while after having partaken in zero of the prison programs available to make a life changing effort, yet having proudly, and amusingly participated in the stagnant ignorant goof off clown college for their entire sentence.

Is it not time to have a societal clause to deem said ne’er-do-wells as incapable of looking after themselves, leading them to becoming a ward of society to be placed in a separated from society facility that will house, feed, counsel, and give them the skills to reintegrate into society once they have taken the necessary steps to do so? Surely it makes more sense than densely warehousing mentally ill drug addicts in a single neighbourhood location, supplying them with drug money, drug paraphernalia, then crossing government fingers in the moronic hope of not exacerbating the guaranteed criminal shit show that has proven to happen? Yet government carries on with the insanity. Time to bring back that Riverview and forced confinement.

And the problem persists because our shameful virtue signalling sanitized mind politicians refuse to call a piece of shit a piece of shit. Today, I again listened to the CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation) on my commute home, and I kid you not, the mayor of Langley, where the vigilante killing occurred, actually proposed that the government provided all of the unwilling to work societal scourges with a cruise ship to live on. WTF has happened to common sense and decency?

When does the serious ramp up of vigilantism begin? It sure seems like the future holds a breaking point, as there are certainly more respectable, hard working, productive members of society that are fed up with such antisocial criminal activities, and the absolute political incompetence that is supposed to be fixing the problem, though plain as day are just making it worse.

One might find it hard to not believe that if put to a vote in a direct democracy the overwhelming majority would choose swift action to deal with said point of no return outbreaks, even if it meant having a fertilizer clause. And surely a fair and just society would incorporate such life lessons into an objective education system? Choices do have consequences, no?

If not able to look after oneself and navigate society as a decent, at least, semi-productive member of said society, here is a padded cell, the needed mental health professionals and then skill training, so one is able to transition back into the community. No more free hotel rooms, food, drug money & paraphernalia, then 24 hours of wigged out junkie time to commit property crimes in order to make a quick buck in order to feed the addiction that the government narcotic stipend does not cover in full. Though such is common sense, so do not expect our weak kneed, gutless. bleeding heart, truly clueless, idiotically virtue signalling, morally depraved politician puddles of nothingness to do anything other than make the problem worse, while taking more tax money from the hard working bulk of society to do so. Maybe next the government will start handing out burglary kits under the guise of employment training.

If the “justice” system is incapable of meaningfully dealing with the overwhelming scumbag problem of society, what would happen if a ratio of 20 concerned citizens  to 1 skeevy scumbag decided to take action and begin rounding up the ne’er-do-wells, and say, began driving them far out into the wilderness at night, relieving them of their shoes, then telling them the walk back to society should be a contemplative one, as next time the distance will be twice as long, and strike three might just involve a boat, ankles, cement blocks, the depths of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, and one final lesson on gravity, say, 45 seconds or so long?

Time to say HI! to that Riverview, or whatever the individual societies want to name it in whatever geographical locations need to bring a rational plan to deal with a government created, perpetuated, need not exist problem. Or something tells me that the cement business might have a private sector boom one of these days in the near future.