Cueing Up to Get the Lowdown

‘Tis the season where the mercury has risen, so extracurricular outdoor happenings are most assuredly a given. For those in the northern hemisphere anyways. A warm-monger like me sure would enjoy being equatorial, though I will take what I can get and relish it. Speaking of relish, condiments are a must, and a little beer must not be proscribed.

Summertime barbecue, indeed I did, go to one that is, after having been invited by an old work friend. Bless his soul, as my other plans were contemplating beam structures, rickety stool shopping, and rope anchoring techniques. We’ll call it the living room rodeo. Let’s Go Branding!

Of the 25 or so people in BBQ geographical location attendance, only two I had worked with over the years, though not in quite a few. Well, that left 20+ new strangers to commit attempted mingle with. Comfort zones, best to give them up on occasion, or do one’s best. Besides, being pleasantly surprised could be the outcome.

A differing mixture of everyone from government workers, single small business owners, employees, employers, sub contractors, home owners, landlords, and home renters were in attendance. Basically, the foundation of society that will not be happy owning nothing, as they have spent their entire existence engaging in self improving, responsible, elevating endeavours in order to make theirs and their families lives a continuance of beneficial and moral existence. It is called doing the right thing for the intelligent advancement of a just society. AKA common sense.

Wearing an ENDPOLITICIANS.COM T-shirt can be an icebreaker in situational interacting experiences, and making sure to point out the logo, if going unnoticed, when asked what I do for a living is surely a necessity of possibly having prowess for something other than fittingly whittling trees to three dimensional specification and placement. Plus it is always fun to gauge someone’s reaction to the alphabetical stimulus. Something tells me that if I got some DD implants my advertising campaign might stick out a bit more. If so, would that be considered a tax write off?

Oh right, interacting with people. You know the covid conversation came to be present. By golly, the World Economic Forum sure came up as a societal scourge in one of the circles of discussion. Seven of eight believing that the WEF’s involvement with politicians being a root cause as to the lockdowns and unnecessary vaccination tyranny. Yes, the sole standout was quadrupled vaccinated, having caught covid twice, and ready for number 5 when the time comes. He made sure to tell everyone he could not find his mask for the cab ride home. Some people in life are just deviant attention seeking own voice lovers.

The overwhelming consensus of those at the gathering seemed to be, for most, a new and constantly evolving complete distrust of the political establishment, their institutional partners, and the bold faced lies and fear mongering of the mainstream media, over what they found out by living through the ankle high ripple of water portrayed to be a thousand year storm of complete drowning destruction. The Western globalist establishment and their downstream tributaries truly should start to panic. Though perhaps they already are. You think the globalists trajectory of starting WWIII is a means to lord control over society, causing disarray, terror, and death in hopes of keeping their filthy grasp upon the already failed system crumbling before them? Without a doubt.

Back to the people, the real people that is. Here are some of the stories that came across my senses, including loss, sacrifice, ingenuity, all sharing what came across as complete and utter distrust, disdain, and disgust for the current governing model, along with the accompanying desire for a complete dismantling of what I will call the empire of lies and its tributaries of treason, leading into a paradigm shift of epic undertaking. And it most certainly is not the neo-communism intertwined with the neo-fascism that these globalist slobs are furiously attempting to fully imbed into societal existence.

An Ample Sample

Imagine having your parent dwelling in a care home, then being forbidden, by decree of a petty know nothing politician, to see them, for months on end, foregoing the soothing touch and in person calming, while being forced to hear the desperation and deterioration of one’s life giving loved one every time a phone conversation took place, only for them to die alone, devoid of loved ones, or anybody at all for that matter. Welcome to tributary government incompetence trickled down from globalist machinations. Out of amazing and perhaps non coincidental occurrence, said persons child was born early, on the same birthday of their recently deceased parent.

A career is not a bad thing to have, especially when there is a family to support. Living in a temperate rainforest, forestry seemed to be a suitable choice. Good pay, a nice pension. Enter covid. Sure, it is a virus, and government should be trusted. Hold on, two weeks is here and gone. Why does the news not say the average age of a covid death is the mid 80’s? My 89 year old grandparent had and survived this “murderous” virus. What, you want to shoot me up with an experimental poison for what amounts to a runny nose, headaches and other flu symptoms? “No jab, no job!” That is right, fired by the provincial forestry service for choosing medical autonomy. Stalinist Russia? No, True-dopist Canada! Klaus Schwab’s commissar!

Again, a virus. Sure, seems plausible. Hold on, things do not add up here. This is months later now, everyone I know is on par with the flu, or lighter symptoms. Why do they carry on with this madness? What do you mean I am not allowed to get on a plane, even to fly to another province? This is not the behaviour or rationale of a free country! Then their aunt went in for the vaccine, and died two days later. She had no health problems to speak of. Coincidence? Possibly.

A compliant believer in the system, pre-covid. Now complete 180. Politicians and mainstream media to the curb and into the storm sewer. Took the jabs due to forced workplace mandate, and need to travel. Once again, the government narrative came nowhere near living up to the actuality of living in an objective reality and thinking for oneself. A family, yes. Now no longer even believes in the education system. In fact a group of peer parents have begun their own parallel system of education to counter the non think and homogenization of institutional learning facilities. More hands on and logic based. Most definitely in step with a burgeoning grass roots alternate developmental cognitive awakening designed to counteract the lumbering slumbering government jugger-not. Personal responsibility, gotta love it. Ready for the rebuild, as are many.

Fallout From Government Shelter

A majority of people I spoke with at said gathering was of the frame of mind that government had indeed way overstepped what is considered to be socially acceptable behaviour, and many believed that the covid fear mongering, along with its acted out “restrictions” is most likely an interlinked politician, globalist institutional, orchestrated by the mainstream media construct to take personal freedom away while putting more power in the hands of government and their masters.

No doubt the awakening is happening. Most everyone I meet on a job site, all my immediate family, and their circles of friends all at least have the same feeling of disgust for what government idiotically unleashed upon societies and the billions of lives that inhabit them. It sure seems like the governance systems of the West, if not other geographical locations as well, sure seem to be on the countdown to implosion due to sheer incompetence and blind following by politicians of the globalists narrative and policy implementations.

Where now it is looking as if the globalist criminal cartel has gauged the true awakening sentiment of society and have begun ramping up their war machine, which they will soon be accelerating, most likely under false flag treachery, all to murder, maim, profit from, and more than anything, in their delusional minds, to think that the outcome will be that of our planned death for their continuance of historical reign of yore well into the future.

Many of these psychopathic slobs have another thing coming. Perhaps a Romanov moment in the making, and a Nuremberg 2.0. Really, it is not hard to foreshadow a complete reordering of society, with what are now the “elites” of the west receiving in splendid dethroning fashion the comeuppance of karma that surely awaits such vile existence built upon a foundation of lies structurally supporting a thoroughly condemned systemically disgraceful folly passing as legitimate orthodoxy.

Long live the lib-tards no more. A failed state of mind and mind of state whose actions have come to obviously bare the consequences of such irrational illogical existence. If and when societies splinter, surely the not too distant future will clearly come bring to light the winners and losers of formational construct.

Time for a friendly competition?

For those unwilling to sign a social contract and be held accountable for their actions, or inaction, all the while being held to account in a framework of personal responsibility and accountability, give them each their zone and let it merge with the rest of the millions of between the ears fantasies that all think their perfect world is around the next corner, if only given control to dictate to others how their perfect world has to be enacted by selfishly trampling on freedom and liberty of others. Yeah, give these delusional twits their Pair A’ Dice Paradise and see where it leads them. The Red Brick Road. Paved by Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, leading in this day and age to the World Economic Forum and globalist scum entangled within. Brought to you by state and mainstream media, and the fully infiltrated “educational” systems engulfed within the deconstructive evolutionary despair of homogenizing non-think.

Currently it is one minute to midnight. The time has come for the dawning of a completely new day, void of the crushing artificial darkness caused by the eclipse of obstructive globalist depravity gravity.