Between the passed Labour Day long weekend, and with this week choosing to work multiple hours on top of the usual 480 minutes per day, so as to further a project before the Vancouver sky deluge sets in for the next 8 months, I have not had the time to create any alphabet chop-suey, quixotic quips, politician razing, lazy complainer lambasting, or other phonetic philanthropic productions. So like the larvae of a botfly, this one may be a little boring.

Just so you know, lately I have been getting high at work. About 25 feet or so in elevation, the plateau of one’s chateau, aka the roof.

Once I worked on a job with a roofer and he told me that he liked the work because the homeowners almost never could inspect or see what he was up to. Now I get it as I polish a metaphorical and simultaneous literal turd. The old joke is that a roofers apprenticeship is two years less a day. In Canada a prison sentence more than two years is served in a federal penitentiary, whereas any sentence under two years is served in a provincial jail. Hardy har har!?

The interruption of my evenings and subsequent negation of cleaving my piece of mind this week is going cost the homeowner an arm and a leg in order to shoulder the brunt of the un-prying eyes of self reflection.

Work. As boring or mundane as it can be sometimes, it is something to do, and a necessary structural support for life advancement. The time has come for those who engage in employing and being employed are duly rewarded from a system that has come to in overarching manner punish those who are productive members of making the world go round. There is nothing at all fair about the welfare state. The time has come to intelligently and systematically dismantle such a hideous monstrosity. Monstrosity of government overkill. Hook, line, and sinker, all the way into the depths of despair.


A few years ago a client I was doing some work for asked if it was possible for me to take all the wall mounted electronic controls and conceal them within the wall so as to give the electrical room a cleaner look. “Sure” I replied. You never know til you try ; ) Below is a portion of the story in pictorial form.


The Little Engine That Could?


Chaos Inanimately Dangling


It Is Best Not To Panic – Unless of Course You Are A Globalist


A Foxy Box




Concealed My Excitement

Bless all those who are productive members of society. Make the stand and the world will change for the betterment it surely needs.

Happy belated Labour Day!