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Induction Into Indoctrination

All of that hot air being emitted. Strictly due to a change in the political climate. Two decades of an all encompassing trickle, then flood of politically correct non-think has created a perma-fog sufferingly inhibiting any true vision of reading anything other than governments single linear line. The degrees of intelligence rapidly keep dropping to the boiling point of a frog. Globalist infiltrating institutional firestorms consumingly raze the West in all geographical locations, furiously burning all houses of government, and smouldering undetected throughout the entire education system of population homogenization – K to doctorate. Beware the terror! It is nothing more than a low pressure institutional  government sector not realizing it is their bare-0-metric evaporation skimming only the surface of an earthly body of over two thirds water .

Surely, after having lived through the COVID debacle and being the victim of government, politician, scientific “professional information,” and that indisputable propaganda weapon of the elite power structure – the mainstream media, of which, is used to jumblingly and aggressively stir, then set in gelatinizing anti-fashion the susceptible cerebral cortex into a nonsensical admixture of govern-mental tapioca through the relentless repetition of a globalist elite money making and power gaining agenda, one must have come to realize that all is not what it seems to what is being projected by the cultural indoctrination machine?

All those doctors, scientists, politicians, and globalist beholden mouth pieces of state and mainstream media ceaselessly screaming bloody murder while runny noses, sore throats, headaches, and aches & pains spread like wildfire. A wildfire that was purposefully lit and unendingly fuelled in order to carry out an agenda. Making money for the pharmaceuticals, taking away peoples rights, forced dependence upon governments, furthering the digital ID & currency regimes, breaking susceptible peoples psyche through a terror regime into compliance of any sort through top down overbearing power implentation, normalizing further the psychological abusers relationship of unquestioned dominance……..Do as we say not as we do.

It took the entire dismantling of the Third Reich before all of a sudden the general populace came to voice concern over gassing Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, invalids……Going with the mind pudding crowd will take societies to very abhorrent recessed corners of atrocious dwelling. To a much lesser degree COVID truly proved the point again with the supposed top of the pyramid of “professional,” “esteemed,” and so called “leaders” of society fully marched the whole into an authoritarian nightmare based upon pseudo science and endless repetitious lies of knavish politicians, and mainstream media unfurling – consciously for some although unconsciously for others of the “top” of society. Though perhaps globalist implements to be wielded against the populace might be a more apt description of the societal substrate that has been fully infiltrated. Intelligence, but ultimately lack thereof.

The mind of state state of mind and their chronically overlooked societally constructed substrate of stupor, it will cure your mind, of which controls bodily function, and all out existence. No, not that type of cure. I am talking well preserved, as in harvested for consumption then inundated with stabilizing agents enough to infiltrate their product and shelf it in a state of suspended non animation in order to feed their machinations of gorging upon the whole of the sole less a soul.

 Boogie-Woogie to the CO2 Boogey-Thingy

Shit, where exactly am I supposed to be going with this not so bon spiel of thin ice. That’s right, global warming. Correction, make that climate change. Although “bender of the earthly atmospheric neutral gender” it might become labeled if the Empire Du Jour and its globalists feel like kicking the woke terror dial up a few more notches.

Let me think it for you, “Oh shit!” Time to panic. That’s right, politicians, scientists, professionals, and most of all, the mouthpiece for globalist agendas, that always verbal diarrhea spewing mainstream media have not relented upon the old global warming, now climate change indoctrination campaign for around two decades hitherto. Many grown adults have heard nothing other than doom, gloom and then kaboom for their entire life, and unbeknownst to themselves, will live full lives without being prematurely eradicated by the climate boogey man, woman, oh right sensitivity, let’s call it the thing, everyone has a thing of some sort, right?

When politicians, and mainstream media unendingly bring in “professionals’ to sound the alarm on something, be aware, be very aware, as it is a narrative and agenda for the globalist powerful to run amok over the lowly plebes, and gain enormous amounts of money and power over geographical locations and their inhabitants.

Let me get this straight. No, I am not ignorant enough to claim that climate change does not exist. Only a fool would make such a statement. All I am saying is the climate has always changed, for hundreds of millions of years since there has been enough oxygen to sustain current metazoan life forms, and even pre-metazoan climates 1 billion + years ago, the climate constantly changed, both rapidly and slowly. The universe and everything within it’s existence changes every millisecond of every day. It looks as we are entering yet another natural climate cycle which will see weather extremes in hot, cold, precipitation events around the globe.

Sure human terraforming such as dam building, reclaiming swamps, cloud seeding, deforestation and other human interactions with our earthly thing have some negative impacts upon the earth, but to say that CO2 released by humans(forgetting all other life forms, not to mention the enormous amounts of CO2 released by volcanoes) is what drives the climate of the earth is surely linear non-think pseudo science.

All I am saying is that the single faceted, non multidimensional  “scientific consensus” of strictly climate change being caused by elevated levels of CO2 is in fact quite childish and is on par with believing that if one farts under the covers for a prolonged amount of time it is likely to cause the death of oneself and significant other.

Politicians Will Take You There With A Smile On Their Face

The earth, not to mention the galaxy, and all encompassing universe is a much more complex and dynamic construct than 1 x 0 = 1. And the first red herring is that of the “scientific consensus” rarely mentioning that great glowing orb in the sky known as the sun and its many solar cycles and varying levels of solar radiation shot towards earth(which affects the earth’s spin) as having much at all to do with driving earthly and civilizational function and conditions, or about cloud cover and the cosmic rays which help seed the clouds, of which will be another determinant of atmospheric conditions, nor is the the jet stream, or ocean currents…….. a part of the bigger picture according to undebatable CO2 “logic.”

The governmental and institutional playbook is strictly CO2, of which makes up right around .04% of the earths atmosphere, which will supposedly be responsible for destroying the earth in the near future. As said before, farting under the covers. And not surprisingly, government and globalist institutions such as the U. N. have managed to put a monetary price of CO2 in order to fund and continue their existence into the future without doing much at all to remedy said “dire” problem of “glacier melting,” “hurricane causing,” “storm creating,” “sea level rising,” “temperature anomalies” creating, soon to be absolute hell on earth all attributed to the CO2 boogey thing. Pay the carbon tax and you are golden!

Say, did I mention that the scientific community’s climate change data only goes back to 1850. Our incarnation, Homo sapiens have been around for around  300,000 + years or so. Surely to place faith in “scientific” climate data that has been crimped together in .00057% of modern humans existence and base it on a greenhouse gas(as is water vapour-up to as much as 4%) that consists of .04% of the atmospheric composition is surely erroneous. The earth’s climate, terra forms, and ecosystems have gone through some major and rapid upheavals in the past thousands of years, of which humans were living in a neolithic manner, but long before any CO2 supposed poison pill was swallowed. How did the climate manage to change when there were not politicians, mainstream media and infiltrated education system to beat it into peoples heads for now decades on end? Must we dig a bit deeper archaeologically in an attempt to discover Wooly Mammoth pick-up trucks transports used to ferry their hay stores to the lake at the cottage?

Exhibits B-4-U

B) Those glaciers a melting. A favourite of the CO2 caused climate change fear mongering endlessly trickling forth in non receding fashion. But the glaciers are so small, literally, though not due to human caused CO2. People with things, time to get your thinking cap on. until around 12,000 years ago nearly the entirety of Canada and the northern parts of the USA down to the 37th parallel were covered in the Laurentide Ice Sheet, of which was up to 3 kilometres(1.86 miles) thick. Our glaciers of today are but  am mere remnant of gender neutral ice thing of antiquity. How on a CO2 lacking earth thing did such a massive amount of ice manage to melt? Hmm, kind of seems like other factors are determinant of climatic conditions. Perhaps the sun plays a super massive critical role? Though we could still locate endless amounts of Woolly Mammoth war machines. I hear those Sabre Tooth Tigers required a heavy defensive presence!



4)  The Sahara desert. A perfect place for globalists and their beholden politicians to go, stay forever, and aggressively pound the desperately awaiting sand. It would be the most productive endeavour of their sociopathic and psychopathic existence. Think of the benefit to society! The Sahara desert – not always a politicians erogenous geographical location of erotic conduct you know. A mere five thousand plus years ago the Sahara was indeed a lush rainforest teeming with flora and fauna alike, including human civilization. Then in the matter of a few hundred years was again cyclically transformed into the barren political whore house we know it as today. So thousands of years ago, again lacking the the current pseudo science of “elevated CO2” the Sahara desert went from lush tropical rain forest to sand upon sand upon sand. Hmm, kind of seems like ocean temperature, cloud formations, the jet stream and other earthly and galaxy emitting forces might play a role in determining the climate of our earthly thing. Multi dimensional construct and existence trump linear government think every time!

10,000 Year Old Sahara Rock Art.

U)  3000 year old tree stumps found beneath glaciers in Iceland. Believe it. But that would have to mean that the glaciers did not exist, or more likely were much smaller in order for a forest to have grown there only to be covered by an advancing glacier thousands of years before that boogey thingy CO2 materialized in human folklore. Yeah, not so strange if one is able to escape the government sponsored climate emergency campaign being emitted by the trifecta of terror represented by governments, globalist institutions and that population homogenization substrate known as the mainstream media, and of course all commercially sponsored by that lacking any intelligence intelligence community of the Empire Du Jour, London and D. C. Again, delve a bit deeper than one dimensional linear government explanations and a whole new universe can open up. Ancient Roman times, as well as medieval periods of civilization were indeed warmer than our current era, and all without that pesky CO2, and in reality warmer periods during human civilization have seen great periods of civilizational advancement, whereas it is actually cooling periods of the earth that bring elevated levels of disease and death to humanity.


12,000 Year Timeline Climate Graph

May Reduce Mind Pudding

If one wants to watch how the entire earth’s climate can rapidly change during the not so distant in the past period of time come to be known as the little ice age, then watch the below documentary. Caution though, it might help you escape the current institutional government linear non think narrative and agenda of profit and power. You have been warned!

End the Self-Pollution

My words run long, and my time runs short, so I will begin to work to some sort of conclusion without the inclusion of everything that has become lodged between my ears about the climate change misrepresentation being endlessly emitted by globalist institutions, and their societal manipulating prostitutes of politicians and mainstream media, though the not so intelligent manipulative whore master must not be forgotten as the author of the drawing board. The subject will have to come up again in a future post.

There is zero doubt that the climate is indeed changing as it has for millions of years. It is nothing to panic about, and certainly not worthy of spreading the modern day climate terrorism being beaten to death, by, again to mention, the globalist hierarchy trickle down effect that has indoctrinated much of society including the education system for decades now, where the biggest institutional charlatan CO2 preachers are the largest CO2 emitters with their jet setting around the world just to feel important, while they leave their mansions of “modesty” vacant and climate controlled so they can come up with ridiculous notions such attempting to coerce the general public into eating bugs, along with other meat alternatives, of which some just so happen to be invested in, and then while flying first class, or even in private jets to whichever is the next meeting to “save the world thingy” where they arrive in private chauffeured limousines, then they dine at five star restaurants, sip expensive wines & liquor all the while laughing at how stupid and indoctrinated most of the population must be follow such ridiculous decrees.

Yeah, that CO2 is the globalists narrative and agenda used to control the populace and fleece billions of people and endless companies out of hard earned money with carbon taxes, all the while shaming them into thinking that their existence is murdering themselves, posterity, and is very shortly going destroy the earth to the point of being inhabitable. So do not worry, so long as you pay it is ok to play in their substrate of deception.

That Political Hot Air

Though when the domestic “sovereign” country picture is able to be escaped, it seems quite clear that the CO2 agenda is being used internationally to suppress and keep dominance by the West over developing countries. For you see, the West has already developed through decades long industrialized campaigns and has infiltrated much of the third world through IMF and World Bank substrates designed to exploit said countries in debt regimes, opening the door to Western corporations to fully exploit the natural resources and becoming wealthy in the process while the country and citizens within remain poor and exploited.

The last thing that the Empire Du Jour truly wants is for any country whatsoever to become independent of globalist dominated institutions that have been put in place to keep the debt/exploitation for resources game to run on indefinitely. In order for second and third world countries to develop to the point of being free will not be able to do so because of the CO2 emission regulations put upon them under the climate change treaties being signed by “sovereign” politicians that literally receive kick backs in order to keep the cycle of poverty and dependence on the West in order to continue the exploitation going. That host parasite relationship.

The CO2 racket is all about keeping the world’s natural resources under the exploitative eye and machinations of the Empire Du Jour and the infiltrating system of IMF, World Bank, United Nations, transnational corporations, politicians, education systems, and of course the propaganda system of mainstream media and that Hollywood entertainment complex put in place to normalize and perpetuate the system of exploitation.

CO2 and the climate change agenda is all about the control of the natural resources by the Empire du jour, of which a persons mind is the most important to exploit, therefore control. It is certainly no coincidence that Russia and China are the two major powers resisting being dominated and exploited by the Empire Du Jour and its infiltrating tentacles of perversion, so are no doubt at the top of the hit list to be disposed of by whatever means necessary. As was and is Donald Trump.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a monster. What is left of the old growth forests should not be felled, nor should the Amazon rain forest, humans should be doing all that we can to eliminate pollution and lessen the use of fossil fuels, and such should be done through innovation and reward for risk not writing braindead laws by braindead decrees of politicians employed to serve the globalist circle jerk of continual exploitation of the masses for power and monetary gain.

Pollution is most definitely not a good thing, though if one is able to escape one dimensional linear thinking and adopt a dynamic thought pattern,  pollution and climate change are not inextricably linked. Climate change has been been happening for billions of years, of which one million plus with ourselves and ancestral human history being around to witness, and has done so with much more extreme weather events where CO2 had zero to do with such transformation, as is the case in this very day and age.

Oh, and if you are a mind pudding climate fanatic, please look in your closet and drawers so you can come to realize that polyester is a synthetic material derived from fossil fuels. So yes, in your tiny little make believe dirty little world, you will now most definitely be going to hell. Really, could there be anything more noble than committing suicide so as to save the planet the expelled CO2 that is responsible for making crop yields larger and more robust?