Food From Thoughts

The mind is a terrible thing to waste. Hmm, such a statement could branch off in many directions and leave one’s rooted stationary dwelling into a transplanted fertilized clear cut existence stemming from that of suddenly seeing the fostered forester of the felled trees. Kindling for the pyre. Cognitive mischief be damned. Be a party to.

Don’t let it go to waste. That is some brain food. The brain that is. High in protein and vitamin B12, though overflowing with cholesterol. Cow brain that is. That’s mad! Well, chances are that it’s not, though if it is – Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease – unless cannibalism made one immune that is.

Many cultures do not let it go to waste, they don’t mind. Well, actually, they do mind, through the consumption of ruminant and other animal brains. Really, it is an ancient tradition. Neolithic in nature, just like copulation. Maybe we should do it more. Brain eating that is? Am pretty sure I did it once, on a South East Asian holiday. No alcohol was involved. Fairly stewy. I used my hand. Spooning it. She was a pig. Just swine to me. Breaking through those cranial barriers. Skullduggery?

Rooster testicles. Yeah, I had the balls. Or think I did anyways. Nobody could speak english but myself, and the laughing was pronounced when I masticated enthusiastically. I tried to enquire by means of pictorial doodling, but they were having none of that, it would have ruined the moment. Second helpings please! Actually quite delicious. Thirds ahoy. Alcohol was involved. Heineken – I settled, they were all doing it. Common language is not needed for good times by all. Vietnam. True hospitality personified.

No Thoughts From Worm Food

Western cultures do let it go to waste. The mind that is. Shall we enter that political realm. That’s mad! Indeed. Mad puppets disease (Windsor-Schwab disease.) Good lord, speaking of pandemics! Not so oddly, cured by the guillotine; defenestration too. Either, or. That is some medicine. Prescription overdue. Perhaps over the counter after a background check? Hindsight is always .30-06, no? Until such – moral prostitution for eventual direct democracy restitution? We can count on it. Prostitution that is. One, two, three. World War three. And remember : Don’t Start Rumors! It will be the death of you.

Rumor Has It

Aye Yai Yai! Let me assure you, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your eyes. Just a stuttering fool – blink, blink, Blinken. He will bring one to tears. No joy there. Nor optical illusion either, just straight up disillusionment, hard up. A wasted mind, in more ways than one. One, two, three. World War Three. Foresight after all is always a UGM-133 Trident II, no? American Gestapo Corporation Inc foresight anyways. Children with Nukes. If only someone would tell Mom. That wooden spoon – no non sense there.

You know what they say about a guy with big feet don’t you? He must be a clown. Anthony Blinken, not so much. Very small shoes to fill. Easily out-strode by a double amputee with brain damage. Just randomly pick a kindergartener at will and you would outclass the entirety of American diplomatic channels. Even with rabbit ears. NATO too. A very fuzzy VHF existence – a Very High Frequency of wasted minds. On the menu – Empire Du Jour. A Crowning achievement. That hind-lick maneuver. Grooming the stool! If one is 30 or under and got that VHF and rabbit ears quip – congrats. Though do not confuse it any way with VCR – Visible Cocaine Residue. You don’t want that either. Dummy dust indeed.

How to Enhance a Politicians Programming

Speaking of dummies. How about the collective assembly of western heads of state? Wasted minds indeed. Not hard to decipher. Their terminology that is. Buzzwords, catchphrases, zero truths, full lies, all around bullshit. Jerks in a media circle spewing filth. What, one did not think that such perversion would be omitted from an Empire Du Jour lambasting did you? One day I will tell everyone how I learned what a circle jerk was. Funny story – and quite recent! And no, I did not, nor ever have participated in one. Actually, I tell a lie – I am a client at TD Bank after all. Time to square that filthy circle very soon. Hello credit union! They too offer TFSA’s and online banking you know. Something to think about for all. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) is a member of that filthy circle etiquette too. Gee, those BILLION dollars of bailouts are starting to make even more sense.

Oh yes, wasted minds of western “leadership.” I have figured it out. Instead of wisely using their time to study history, understand current events, seek out objective opinions, logical explanations, rational arguments, or other wisdom infused methods of attempting to articulate a believable point, they all just read off of the same game-plan cue cards. Good old cram sessions of that Globalist script. Then if they all say the exact same thing on every Globalist infected media outlet, voila – a “sovereign” perspective from all of those masterful heads of state. It has to be true now!

Enter the politicians/bureaucrats wasted mind. They are not all the same you know. Filthy liars, moral prostitutes, disgraceful shills, beholden sociopaths, deviant self loathing gutter slime absolutely. Some though have absolutely zero conscience. These twisted psyches can get caught with their hand in the cookie jar while chipmunking three oatmeal walnut raisin cookies and claim that it was not them, even after having been shown cctv video proof. Just-him Truedope is a classic example. Pretty sure he hates his mother and both fathers. Little Fidelito, shame on you. A waste of atoms indeed. Bring on the half life!

Though there are only a few of these Globalist mind wastes, of when I watch them speak, believe zero of the logorrhoea flowing so ineloquently from the vocalization vessel so rudely emitting the memorized nonsense of their pilfered dim bulb not even worthy of cannibalistic depravity. These minds are a terrible thing to taste, through visual intake and the accompanying synesthetic vulgarity of vomiting in one’s mouth from such retch inducing stimuli. These deranged lunatics look like they might explode into a million pieces any second, or possibly internally implode upon themselves from a gravitational pull emanating from a black hole of nothingness. It is written over their entire prostituted existence. That must be some good money! Or is it secret blackmail photos with underage boys? Like Klaus Schwab and Charles the Turd, I suppose they go hand in hand.

Not only are these sickly puppets deeply wrestling within from the shameful antics that they endlessly jut forth from their being of nothingness, but the non-steadfast, incriminating emittance they uncontrollably project void of any decency or even human composure comes across of the aura of those who are thoroughly defeated emotionally, spiritually, morally, and in the end, quite comically, while seemingly to have accepted their own defeat, therefore are merely telegraphing the checkmate from which they have been murderously flayed, yet they continue to ignorantly move their checkers about hoping to be kinged (Charles the Turd) and ultimately run loose in all directions. The truth has set in – they are the Nazi’s. Nuremberg part deux surely awaits? It is written on their faces. Children with nukes. Let the heads a roll!

One of these wasted minds is Jens Stoltenberg. What human filth. And I have already foreshadowed the other earlier on before so ceremoniously veering off as I sometimes do. I was just chasing thoughts. The hard part is figuring out who threw them, and why so many at once. I start running….then where was I? Marathon of Hope or Greek antiquity? Speaking of bitch.

Back to a man cognizant of and so damn full of so much shit that his eyes are an extra deep shade of brown. A pink eyes of continuum to infinity. That shit for brains, it is deciphered by the non-wasted minds eye. Anthony blink, blink, Blinken. Heck, I look at the guy and have suicidal thoughts myself. Imagine having to be him every day. I am guessing he plays an endless loop of Globalist recorded falsehoods as white noise during his sleeping pill fuelled nightmares passing as rest. Time to kari that hari blink, blink, Blinken.

For ultimate amusement and disgust, watch the following video. Bought and paid for throne troll extraordinaire. Scary thing is, blink, blink, Blinken is probably to be considered one the “smart” ones engaged in the Throne Troll, American Gestapo Corporation Inc, and  Empire Du Jour triumvirate of terrorism so ready to nuke the world due to their now quite apparent, decades long annihilation of the centrally dictated and ever more perverted political, social, and economic fantasy passing as reality in all too many tap, tap, tapioca minds of curdled waste.

Fetch you barf bag! I am hypothesizing that a blind person could explicitly analyze the audio of this interview as a sputtering putz lying through their Crown kissing lips. The interview is staged and scripted, yet blink, blink, Blinken could not pass himself off as a competent, believable person of non-desperation not lying through his shit filled eyes.

The thing that gets me the most out of these scripted propagandized sit downs is that they are done with the full intention of convincing the generally most out to lunch segment of society, ie, the mask addicts and pudding minds of government covid horror show extraordinaire in order to normalize and gain acceptance tor the terrorist activities perpetrated for the above mentioned terrorist triumvirate of the Empire Du Jour.

Thankfully, things have changed since covid. And covid, though more specifically the massive Globalist fraud that it is, is said reason for the change that the triumvirate and their political hoard of bureaucratic/politician/media mind pudding accompaniment conglomeration way outstepped their bounds in the terrorist covid assault unleashed against the globe, and it has waken many people up as to what is truly transpiring internationally. People in the necessary places who were perhaps on the fence before all transpired with the genocidal running noses, mass grave headaches, sore throat holocausts, and now “vaccination” induced disgust and societal dismemberment.

The triumvirate have poisoned their own well being to a point where they surely must realize that their own death warrant has been signed by none other than themselves through their almost once believable actions (to the wasted minds), the decades long continuation of the the actual original Nazi’s of World War Two antiquity morphed into a Globalist cartel through graft under the normalization of such Globalist institutions as the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, United Nations, NATO…….

Queen Elizabeth and Family as a Child – Teutonic Aristocracy the Nazi’s Origin – Still in Existence

Through their covert, yet blatantly overt suicidal and doomed to failure foray into a thoroughly infiltrated UKraine and the now three decades plus long culmination of their confrontation with Russia since the iron curtain fell (105 years if one factors in the Russian Revolution and eventual Cold War) in an attempt to again reconquer the mass Russian landmass and accompanying natural resources contained within that plus size mother Russia for the rancid coagulation that is the Crown, throne troll in completeness including the American Gestapo Corporation Inc inflicted with that sickly Adonis Complex of ultimate self destruction and eventual withered self reflection just awaiting the triumvirate indefinitely.

Some say that the Empire Du Jour has laid a trap for Russia in goading it to react to the, beginning in 2014, genocide of the 14,000 plus ethnic Russians contained within the Donbass geographical location. Though perhaps it is not time to start thinking if in fact the trap has indeed been reciprocated in the opposite direction?

From my perspective, it is just a question of how far the Empire Du Jour is willing to go in order to vainly attempt the already achieved reversal of the entirety of what the wasted minds of the West refer to as the ‘rules based international order.’ The game is over, checkmate has been accomplished. The only question left is whether the filthy Crown and thoroughly Nazified throne troll contingent, through the head bully of the American Gestapo Corporation is going to stand up and smash the chess board in the oh so childish manner that they are so accustomed. Children with nukes!

That triumvirate is going to rape the world on its precipitous decline down the imperial toilet. The turning point has come and gone for the number one terrorist of the past few hundred years. Surely the desperate acts of terrorism in order to suck the entirety of NATO into UKraine and the World War Three that will fail to preserve the “rules based international order” has already been planned. Question is, when are they going to execute it?

Incase anybody is fooling themselves as to what the world is dealing with here. This is an imperial satanic entity that for decades purposefully planned and executed the Holocaust of World War Two, using the genocide of the Jewish populace as a means to not only fund the war effort with confiscated Jewish assets, but to firstly effectively implant a Crown designated and aligned entity of Israel, who have taken on a mind of their own into the Middle East in order to begin a new crusade of the twentieth, and now into the twenty first century of things to come.

These people are wasted minds, and thoroughly sick in the head.

Get ready for massive death on a disgusting scale.

Doing nothing to stop this insanity is sure on par with complicity.