Making their own grave.

Tire Gauge of a Worn Out Tread Pattern

That’s it, it’s all over, I’ve thoroughly had enough. Well, more than enough actually. Society is so full of shit, my blue eyes are starting to demonstrably percolate brown by means of psychically violating vicinity induced reverse enemata osmosis instilled stupidity receptor overload. Hard to believe that Cana-duh, more specifically, it’s Nobel Piece Prize (TNT) worthy government and purple Kool-Aid kowtowers are going to sink any feebly lower than the rock-bottom-feeding, excessively decayed, muck inhabited, fully drowned terminal resting place about to be further relentlessly bored into the netherworld incessantly by the twisted, illogical, sub-bedrock seeking, full-on deadhead bureaucratic tools spinning anyone with decency and common sense into their flagrant idiotic pretend anchoring via what could be nothing other than a mind-wiped conglomerate ignoramus pile supporting a sunken dock by weight of a hopelessly scuttled stillborn fully underwater berthed vessel ready for an outright abortive reanimation of reclaimed lumbering from the heavily weighted politically shallow dive of government & supportive purple Kool-Aid representative cognitively deep drowning.

Time for retirement alright. Time to meet the Maker! Though forget about those 205/60/16 Yokohama’s I have been saving up for. No way, uh uh, you gotta go big to get home. Government and the purple Kool-Aid tread pattern have fully obliterated common sense into a ceaseless, gooey, pudding induced slippery slope of all my seasons. Rope, beam, rickety stool, and gravity – now there is a welcomed tire pressure gauge to escape their fully locked Axle of Evil delineating their dragged-out flat-spot. Well, come to think of it, maybe I shouldn’t give up so easily; time to concoct and let loose the anti-seize seize compound for full revolutionary effect. No, me wants no more of their broken down junk – corporate monstrosity included. Hint hint – ‘Foogle’ and ‘Wastebook.’ Corporatized and personified debauchery by any name that so chooses. They be behemoth Deep State players of the Globalist circle jerk too.

If such a long and drawn out non-specific pre-ramble did not make it a muddied clarity for the inquisitive mind that this retirement yearning “person” was perhaps but about to angularly wield a lambasting reflective substrate so as to expose the societal wearing of the fully caked stupid is as stupid does facing worn so trappingly proud of mainstream societal projection and acceptance to those not so cognizantly clear in realizing that the writing on the confine determinant wall is but one dimension of the floored and ceilinged literacy necessity of a thorough searching, of which the intersecting margins spoiled in the plain plane government unfurling go unnoticed, let alone transcribable for the shortsighted government bills of fully redacted thought process emanation of educated to the infinite point of nothingness flatulently leaking from the egregious halls of power occupied dishonestly by none other than a truly worthy janitor brigade of thoroughly refracted graft.

Overqualified Parliamentarians

Extra! Extra! – Or – Leftover Spoils!

Ah, Cana-duh’s Online News Act (Bill C-18), but a fraction of the nucleus of patheticness puking forth from the core of wasted time, shattered decency, pilfered tax dollars, outright political shame, creeping dumbunism, and ridiculous bureaucratic redundancy forged pervertedly in the trappings of a forlorn architecture of depression dutiful swallowing hole pretending to be dabbling in progressive and intelligent legislation; though in reality just the shamefully foolish attempted desperation of prolonging Globalist governments own massive, self-inflicted brain matter ejecta head wound supported by a fully atrophied political body of thoroughly bygone and nonsensical times continuation, dragging forth antiquated nostalgia, of which never was, in reality, regal in any form other than the puzzling continuation of thieving genocidal “royal” freaks disbelievingly thought of anything other than the hideously rancid plant fertilizer they so truly be. Yeah, all of those black and blues, plus the expansion and prolongation of the virtue signalling and political correctness disease afflicting the regressive Dark Age the stringed instruments are so heavily conducting of the castrato societal choir belching such a hideously exodus worthy tune.

Any entity caught up in the recognition, support, glorification, and continuance of such “royal” filth and their fully expired substrates of recession and oppression are truly guilty of the inability of objective reflection, not to mention the failure to discern the confines of the mind of state state of mind prison that has been stealthily erected around ones captive formative shallow dwelling. As such, the vile footing of imperial backwardness is but the first and fundamental flaw of Cana-duh’s Online News Act (and Cana-duh in entirety) and the thought, let alone credence, in the 21st century, to have a supposed civilized society decry the need for legislative backwardness to be apportioned over a falsely declared sovereign geographical location by the legal process of ‘royal assent’ is a sign of what surely has to be the topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world that this “author” speaks of in order to highlight the bounds of those caught in the Globalist chains. Surely anyone of enlightenment knows that King Charles the Turd should be left to his gerbil ascensions, as well as those of Volodomyr Zelensky’s, Benjamin Netanyahu’s and other Globalist Whore’s heads up his precious “royal” ascension chamber; and at that, it can be done from the literal Hell that that inbred Cronk will soon enough find himself.

Cave Dwelling?

Perhaps before I get going on this next section of ridiculous waste of government and mega-corporate diarrhea that supposedly dominates the lives of supposed “people” claiming to be “living” and “navigating” a supposed effective “reality,” it should be explained that although this “humorist” does not actually live literally under the proverbial rock of inhabited dwelling, it would be fair to state that: “humans,” I damn well don’t get them! I gave up on tv in excess of a decade ago, have refused to acquire a “smart” phone, do not consume Foogle, Wastebook, Shitter (now X’ed Out) Instascam…. I strictly occasionally listen to CBC (Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) radio on my commute just to perceived how the egregious population homogenization beacon is most certainly warping peoples minds; where my urge for immediate retirement swings into full effect as soon as the numerical tuner is dialled in. When I visit a web page and it has an advertisement, the first thing I do is click the X without letting the advertising stimuli take effect; where if the site has too many adverts it will not get my time of day. I run my own website at my own time and expense and would not even contemplate putting advertising on it, even if it was a gun manufacturer with a campaign based upon assassinating Globalist treasonous stringed instruments; and were offering free firearm samples to myself. Never once in my adult life have I seen or heard an advertisement and thought to myself, “Geez, I should go and buy that.” So, who is spending all these billions to advertise on whatever bogus platform; does this crap actually register with the public at large? and, I sure hope that this is all just a bad dream and someone very soon will wake me, even if by means of placing my hand in warm water so as to piss all over myself in great relief of having being able to cancel this uncomfortable stumbling stupor of, you guessed it: topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world marathon of endlessly running round the Globalist circle jerk.

More Spoils of Yore

Cana-duh’s Online News Act in basic explanation is the attempt of the fully lobotomized feral federal government to force tech giant companies such as Foogle and Wastebook to divvy out their own advertising revenue to Canadian “news” companies who’s content ends up being on the platform of the *no personal usage in my lifetime* behemoths such as aforementioned Foogle and Wastebook. Cana-duh’s lobotomized bureaucrats and feral federal Globalists are attempting to make it seem as though Foogle and the like are actually stealing advertising revenue from what the feral feds claim are “failing” Canadian “news” platforms; though in no way does the revenue that the behemoths are whaling from foolish and polluted sees have anything to with supposed lost revenue by Canadian news agencies; where in fact, news stories from Canadian companies typically end top on Wastebook by means of being posted by single individuals, and now Cana-duh’s government wants to force Wastebook and the like to pay Canadian news organizations that are literally getting exposure on Wastebook and the like substrates that they would wholly have not received if Wastebook and the like was not kind enough to support free exposure for said Canadian news companies. Mercury exposure crazy!

Oh, right, and once a Canadian citizen decides to, from an advertising bonanza big-tech launching pad, click on a link of these supposed disproportionate and hard done by Canadian “news” agencies, the reader will be directed to said “news” agencies website where they will most assuredly be bombarded with advertisements, whether pop-up or fully imbedded. So government is mandating tech companies pay “news” companies for lost advertising revenue, in order for the redirected consumer to be assaulted with subsequent advertisement that is being brought to them via a grand lost advertisement revenue welfare program to keep the continuance of a Globalist narrative to be hammered into the not sure what to believe consumers, who by now surely must be tuning in in order to view advertisements, and in no way read the “news” that is just a major cultural indoctrination regime of obfuscating delight?

That paragraph was brought to you by the following advertisement.

Basically bill C-18 is government forced welfare by the bound hands of ridiculously bloated behemoths forced to give up their meaningfully useless advertising revenue acquired by means of societal hyper-captivated induced spaced-out stasis orbiting a foolio-centric planetary anomaly of dyspeptic proportions. Yeah, it is a mind-fuck alright. Cana-duh’s lobotomized government is claiming that “ While digital platforms earn billions in online advertising, more news outlets shutter each year, due in large part to a loss of advertising revenue.” Surely, one must one ask the logical questions:

  • Is the loss of advertising revenue due in fact to Canadians just plainly not wasting their time on “news” platforms that have been self judged to be producing steaming piles of unbelievable propagandistic garbage, or are people maybe just tuning out altogether to engage in self-gratifying and subsequent entertainment industry inwardness to escape the rightfully sensed bombardment of lies from every possible angle, where at least Hollywood fantasy is somewhat semi-believable garbage?
  • Who are the supposed “news” outlets shuttering each year; as the tried and tested Canadian “news” behemoth propaganda disseminators that I have known of since a child and into adulthood are still running amok upon the general populace?
  • Could ENDPOLITICIANS.COM be considered a news platform deserving of news media welfare? Or are proven contrarian reporting techniques wholly unacceptable to a desperate government-corporate Globalist propaganda pushing act of dinosaur desperation fluttering in the thoroughly blown winds of change coming to the soon to be altogether unsubscribable rubbish tip of their biased history?
  • Is the consolidation of Cana-duh’s “news” into now failing substrates of filth really anybodies fault or problem other than the government fools and corporate whores that let such an outcome come to be, and will corporate welfare really do anything to solve the problem of a defunct medium?
  • In reality, are not contrarian, non lie based, alternate media substrates with sourced, linked and verifiable claims healthier for a world citizen to make up their own enlightened mind not only more beneficial to a healthier country, let alone world and a universal existence that could possibly come about from freeing ones mind from the culturally indoctrinated trappings of mind of state state of mind confinement?
  • If these words were an advertisement for myself to achieve retirement in relative comfort with a velour rope, oak beam, rickety mahogany stool, and penthouse elevated gravity – did I just make a convincing sale? Sucker!

As much as I fully detest and would enjoy obliterating both Deep State entities of Foogle, Wastebook and the like, I would fully encourage the major tech companies to tell the feral feds to take a hike and refrain from bending to the ridiculous demands of the obliterated thought process of Cana-duh’s government and then subsequently ban every single piece of Canadian “news” information, misinformation, and disinformation from the entirety of their digital platforms; whether it be a link posted by an individual user of Wastebook or the entirety of search results from Foogle’s search engine. Heck, in doing so, Foogle and the like might actually instil an informational renaissance into the collective public. After banning outright every single shred of Canadian “news” from their digital platforms, I would then create a Foogle, Wastebook etc exclusive Canadian news service and have links to “news” stories from every single country in the world other than Cana-duh.

And just for clarification, Cana-duh’s feral feds are clearly not smart enough to have come up with such a hideous idea of corporate welfare for incompetent “news” agencies promoting a Globalist run agenda. Well over two years ago, the Globalist Australian government enacted the same legislation against Foogle, Wastebook and the like, where the tech behemoths put up initial feigned resistance but caved to the furthering of the fascist state by means of government legislated corporate welfare from the tech-giants egregiously paid to the incompetent and failing Australian “news” agencies, of which it seems the general public is growing ever weary of tuning in to the centrally planned logorrheic drippings spewed forth. Hmm, kind of seems like a contrived Globalist ploy of fascist ‘Truth Ministries.” Make one wonder who actually inked Australia’s version of the Online News Act? Sure it comes from down under, but who’s ass was it actually pulled from?

Well, all according to Globalist plan it seems? Mega Deep State tech corporations harpooning ever more wrongly whaled advertising revenues from pitched sleaze, then legislatively forced by clearly failing western governments to kickback funds into the fourth estate of the Globalist fifth column all too clearly failing in their own right of enterprise wrongs, yet clearly peddling the murky depths of cultural indoctrination systems fully gone awry. ***B?U&)Y#^MO_+R”E}|ST{_&^UFF!@SUP<>P%$PO&*R(T$BI?,GTE\[}CH!

And speaking of failing Globalist government states and their inability to prevent alternate discussion veering from their propagandized existence of lies, graft, theft, incompetence, beholden existence, and outright architecture of fraud; Australia is getting ready to unleash another law of vague descriptive nature that will allow the centrally planned government to twist, turn, and subsequently hammer anyone who dare have the nerve of liberty to question and report alternatively to the official government narrative. Sad but true, Australia’s new law will enable a dystopian government agency to police online content at their thoroughly scrambled understanding and will. Coming soon to a Crown-nosing country near you!

Before I continue I ask the question: Is King Charles the Turd, European “royalty,” and European aristocratic sleaze going to survive long into the future, with their mainstream media peddling on behalf of the currently entrenched Globalist agenda?

And here are a few more ridiculous intricacies taken right from Cana-duh’s Online News Act:

  • “The proposed criteria would require agreements to include a commitment from news businesses to use a portion of the compensation received from an agreement to produce news content. The intention is to ensure news businesses are using compensation to invest in Canadian newsrooms.” So according to the logic of the new law the “portion” used to produce news content could be .05% of revenue, with the other 99.5% of revenue going directly to CEO’s?
  • And just to let one know that Cana-duh’s government is strictly destroying the cognitive common sense environment and not contributing to actual climate change with this Act: “A strategic environmental assessment preliminary scan concluded that this proposal, which is administrative in nature, would not generate environmental effects. A detailed analysis was deemed not to be required. Subject to the Prime Minister’s prerogative over the machinery of government, the proposal would largely be implemented by the CRTC, an administrative tribunal that regulates and supervises Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications. The CRTC’s plans, programs and policies are not subject to strategic environmental assessments.”
  • And to be inclusive the Online News Act contains a Gender Based Analyses Plus (GBA+) section to gloat about the virtue signalling on behalf of government propaganda behemoths CBC and Radio-Cana-duh. Here is an excerpt: “The same study found that over half of Black, Middle Eastern and Latin American journalists work at CBC or Radio-Canada, where 55% of Middle Eastern journalists, 51% of Latin American journalists and 62% of Black journalists work. Of the Indigenous journalists represented in the survey, 63% of them are employed at CBC or the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. Studies have also shown that when persons with disabilities are employed in the news sector, they are at increased risk of losing their job if the news sector downsizes.” Geez, if I ran a “news” company, I would make sure to hire the best on the market and not stoop to ethnic or supposed disability virtue signalling.

Though personally, I identify as an intergalactic alien, and as such, must surely be the reason for my out of this highly confined world reporting, of which, orbits their current waning influence pedalling the sprocket gearing up to derail by revolution the thoroughly entrenched, hopelessly broken down “news” industry that will become evermore irrelevant regardless of how much pilfered money, stolen from whatever entity, will fail to make the intrinsically worthless alphabetical gobbledegook of the lying legacy media a medium capable of being propped up in the stringed instrument raucous ruckus it so deafeningly finds itself and those unfortunate to think it is something of value.

Some even may say that alternative media is the future. Call it a decentralized awakening.