Unsurprisingly there is a word in the English language which means to throw someone or something out of a window. That word is defenestrate, and the act of carrying out such a deed is considered  defenestration. The word originates from the Latin word for window which is fenestra.

The term defenestration was supposedly coined in Prague, Bohemia(Czech Republic) circa 1619 after 2 imperial regents learned the hard way what gravity was all about after denying citizens some rights of religious freedoms and were promptly thrown out a window. Though technically the first defenestration occurred 200 years earlier in 1419, also in Prague, once again it was politicians given flying lessons by an angry mob. Those Praguers sure know how to deal with politicians in a fitting manner. Getting away from its root meaning defenestration has also come to mean, to suddenly remove someone from an important position.

Never at anytime in history has there been the need for so many politicians to be simultaneously defenestrated. So much so that I would fear that the action if done simultaneously in the original manner would cause an earthquake of such magnitude that the Richter Scale would need to be changed to read higher than 10. Though a gravity lesson could be highly claimed as warranted, we stand the chance of the ensuing global tsunami killing many an innocent person surviving on the shores of civilization. Since politicians have become so watered down and have veered so far from their meaning and purpose it would only be fair, but not as much fun, to give them the watered down defenestration treatment of being cancelled.

Though I speak mostly of federal politicians, those of state, provincial, territorial and civic representatives shall be put on the short list of offenders as well. After all, when you just obediently obey farcical, nonsensical orders from above that absolutely decimate the physical, mental and monetary wellbeing of the hardworking CONSTRUCTORS OF SOCIETY you deserve to be fairly punished and then rehabilitated through reeducation. Those of you at the federal level are an immeasurably despicable and monstrous gaggling group of incompetence incarnate. Selling out your citizens in order for self gratification, to rub shoulders and take bribes from international institutions like the IMF and World Economic Forum in order to become members of the global nobility while us serfs eat our cake and watch, listen and then feel as our tax burdens constantly balloon to feed your ever growing incompetence and mismanagement of OUR countries. Once again, creeping fascism!

Politicians, it is time to look in the mirror admit that you have a problem and  begin the road to recovery. Politicians have clearly demonstrated that they are incapable of driving our countries to a rational and beneficial destination for the general populace all the while when strictly using our pilfered tax money to fund the journey and arrive at their self serving destination of moral prostitution while achieving countless victims with their hit and run sensibilities. This is evidenced by the fact that they indeed grasp the steering wheel while drunk on power but unfortunately follow the directions of backseat drivers like international institutions, big banks and multinational corporations. And us plebs are locked in the trunk and constantly inhaling the noxious fumes emitted from politicians and their old jalopies. Though most trunk captives have spent their life dwelling in such shady circumstances and think it normal, there are those contained within who have learned to read the owners manual and are about to pop the trunk and jump start the dead batteries within and  give politicians the shock that they so rightly deserve. The vehicle will be reclaimed and taken in for the overdue and necessary maintenance that is in our warranty. The carjackers will be punished.

Politicians do have an out before enough of their respective populations rise up and engage in civil unrest and disobedience and possible violent defenestrations the likes of which has not been seen in recent history. Of course politicians will not placate their citizens and bring about a true form of direct democracy where people have a say in something other than voting for a pandering liar and con-person every few years or so. The reason politicians will not change the antiquated system is because they are almost all self serving greedy, moral prostitutes who are in business to fill their own coffers with inflated salaries, golden pensions and for the most powerful ministers collect bribes and be rewarded with high dollar speaking engagements from the institutions of power that they serve.

A direct democracy could vastly eliminate most politicians, many bureaucrats and all the financial bungling that goes along with their attempt to “work” for a living. In the process and eventual final result, citizens would be spared a great deal of money per year in wasted tax dollars that currently funds the inefficient system that makes us, the poorer classes, captives in a debt system that is serving big banks, international institutions and multinational corporations. We live in the information and computer age where direct democracy voting systems could be set up quite easily and efficiently with block chain technology that allows for transparency. The only reason such systems do not come into existence is because those who pull politicians strings do not even allow for the idea to be floated in the mainstream media instead of the usual propaganda, let alone begin a framework to allow freedom of choice for humanity. We truly are the sheep to be herded by the powers that be.

Any decent and moral politician would do all they could to truly serve their citizens in a beneficial and informative manner that would usher in a level of enlightenment and take us down the path of achieving some form of a direct democracy approach where those that fund the system actually have a say in the way the framework functions. Unfortunately the disease that is politics and politicians has metastasized to the point where the host(government) just assumes what they think is the right to do as they please with ever increasing amounts of our money. In the country I live, Canada, government consumes between 44% and 64% of Gross Domestic Product depending on how you analyze the information.

Not only that but all forms of government in Canada combined spent 62.8 BILLION dollars on just debt interest in fiscal year 2015/2016, or $1752 per person. That was 5 years ago and the debt has grown since then so it is even more that we pay in strictly interest on debt. And just to put into perspective and to show how incompetent and wasteful the current King of Canada and his cabinet of clueless characters are, they are going to have racked up close to 381 BILLION dollars of debt in ONE fiscal year. Just so you understand the magnitude of this buffoonery, it took Canada around 125 YEARS to reach a debt level of 372 Billion dollars! So yes, the government is going to be holding you upside down and shaking every nickel they can out of you, or perhaps 10 dollar bills is more fitting, that is until it turns into 20, 50, and then 100 dollar bills, unless we take an intelligent participating role in making a healthy change. But the most sadistic part of politicians ploy is to eliminate cash and give its citizens nowhere to hide from their gross and criminal mismanagement of fiscal and all affairs that a country functions on. Currently there are people paying income taxes to service a debt that was in existence before they were even born into this world! If that is not a case to seriously change the gross incompetence that is government policy, I do not know what is.

For those that are not aware government does not actually produce anything that adds to an economy, they have to steal from hard working citizens and productive business to pay for themselves and hold you as a captive of their system. And yes, the larger government has grown in the last 60 years the larger the income equality has become. This is because they constantly have to steal more from hard working and productive citizens to pay for new government employees and the stifling regulation that comes along with it, therefore you and I have less money to spend on productive things which benefits the freewill and ingenuity of dynamic INDIVIDUALS and the healthier economy and larger amount of human freedom that goes along with it. It is also self evident that the larger a government becomes, efficiency, overall comprehension and management begins to wane. Basically government has been ever increasingly gorging on its citizens for 60 years and is extremely fat and happy and has no will or motivation to have the gravy boat pried from their chubby hands. Not only that but they have the benefit of the all encompassing propaganda system that is mainstream media which normalizes the system and its mismanagement.

Are there solutions to the politician and government mismanagement conundrum that societies are grappling with? Indeed there are remedies that could be brought into existence that could bring about a change for the better. Though the ones who got us into this mess will not be the ones to get us out of it. Albert Einstein once said something along the lines of “current problems will not be solved with current thinking”.  This is evident to the fact that virtually no politician ever steps outside the framework of how government functions and just continues to dig society into a deeper hole. If a politician steps outside the operational mandate they are usually quite quickly terminated from their post or are forced to “willingly relinquish” their position in politics so as to make it look like their departure was amicable.

There are plenty of intelligent and praiseworthy citizens in society that have observations, analysis, ideas and solutions to the current problems we face. We just need to get a platform to bring them onto the same playing field that will begin an intelligent discussion and begin to bring forth the societal architecture that will begin a transition to all having some say in how society functions.

I would deem it necessary for any politician running for election to have in their platform, instead of endless pandering and citizen bribing through fiscal promises that have gotten us into the debt crisis we currently face, it be mandatory for politicians to introduce the beginnings of a direct democracy platform where if we participate and behave in an intelligent and informed manner with the choices we are presented then a growth of the new system is warranted. Basically being rewarded with more autonomy for proving we are able to act in a responsible and beneficial manner. It is extremely evident to state that society is in no way ready or informed enough to go with a full fledged dive into direct democracy. 

For this type of change it would be necessary to change the current industrialized indoctrinating education system and usher in a more enlightening informative learning process where personal accountability and personal responsibility play a more substantial role in fomenting the young minds in order for all to have more fulfilling and participatory role in the understanding and forming of a much healthier society.

Direct democracy is something that needs to be introduced slowly, methodically, intelligently and willingly. Our current debt and representative political system is perpetually decaying and declining and those at the top are currently consolidating rule and control into ever increasing giant institutions and corporations which is becoming a globally centralized, ever more mismanaged and ever decreasing environment of diversity or fairness. Unfortunately the dystopian system and institutions that our current crop of politicians are aligning us to be part of gives more power to the global elite at the expense of freedom for us the little people.

Unless those at the top begin the process of creating a direct democracy system where the diversity and input of we the little people matter at all and have a fair say in the comings and goings of our habited environment, they stand the ever increasing likelihood of once again violent revolution coming to be again a main principle of the happenings that are happening in many countries around the world.

I will close by stating, those in politics, international institutions, multinational corporations including the banking cartels are all very financially well off people that inhabit tall ivory towers to live in as well as do business in. If history is a reflection of what the future holds for those in power who constantly write off the common folk as insignificant livestock to be done with on their whims as they so please, then no doubt the sheep will reach the point where they realize they are being slaughtered and will once again cause those ivory towers to become the launchpad and a teacher of the effect of gravity on a body once it meets solid surfaces after attaining falling velocity through the gaseous mixture that is our atmosphere.

Do they want to begin a direct democracy campaign or do they want to begin a mass defenestration campaign that a fed up populace will most likely give them if they carry on with the current trajectory?