No matter what one chooses willingly to do, within their abilities, with the, what should be, elevating benefit to themselves and those around them, whether, work wise, personal relationships, creatively, philosophically or any other endeavour someone engages themselves in, that, the path, the answers, the order and pieces of ones life’s construct are in existence, within attainable reach, waiting to be uncovered, to be applied to the task or engagement being undertaken. All one must do is exert suitable attention upon said task of the moment. Perhaps one might describe it as something along the lines of exemplary energy expenditure. An all or nothing attitude it could be said, and besides, why choose nothingness unless it strictly has zero impact upon the beneficial existence of others.

Maybe it could even be said that, to seek and discover the elements and construct of the engagements one willingly participates in is the point and pinnacle of life, and purpose, bringing oneself into a higher level of existence and understanding of our own, as well as others personal universes. To not honestly do the best one can do all the time is a sure way to dwell in the subterranean chasm of despair. We are here to constantly learn and expand our personal universes. If the critical mass of our universes expand enough we can warp the current captor-captive continuum.

If one does not constantly strive to do the best they can everyday, all the time, regardless of the external, many times, obstructive, chaotic distractions and deceptions brought into existence by other forces of energy, having the possibility to infect and therefore inhibit ones ability to dwell upon, and in the process, throwing distractive frequency frequently into the receptors that intake informational stimuli, possibly having the consequence of just further reassuring the distracted that existence is not a case of getting out what one puts in. It may be possible that the educational/governmental/entertainment system is so derived to blind many to what is around them at all times waiting to be harnessed by the proper state of mind and suitable informational intake. The obscene volume of societal noise is not expanding for clarification purposes, rather, obfuscation.

Or in simpler terms a negative feedback loop of the mind, where one stuck within such a conundrum rationalizes the success of their failure to expand, and the erroneous notion of equalizing their given, and quite often, fully untapped abilities by offsetting their lack of full perception, with the false narrative of absorbing the stored energy of those able to regulate meaning within their super capacity capacitor.  If one thinks that life is not fair to them, then life will never be fair to them. It is a self destructive train of thought to run in a circular one track mind.

Quite often the solutions to life’s little and big problems are right there in front of us yet we fail to tune into the frequency being emitted by the sources of energy throwing them out. In the micro level of our personal lives such elements if absorbed and registered could sure go a long way in an elevated understanding of the obfuscated macrocosm. Unfortunately many cannot escape the microcosms of their daily struggles, therefore the ignorance pervades supreme in the bigger picture of the world.

Surely a more logic and enlightenment based education system would go a long way in elevating both the micro and macro structure of existence and help to forge a more understanding role for everyone to own a meaningful stake in a participatory system of true/direct democracy. 

Sadly, and unfortunately, until people come together to force our political captors apart, we will have the Western state indoctrination and political system that is mainly responsible for the discord of ever more permeating rivalry that eventually amasses to some sort of inflection point.

Western politicians are currently attempting to deflect decades of mismanagement and inflect that the cause of decay in the system somehow derives from successful people they label as “rich,” all the while firmly implanting their now all too brown noses into the collective anus’ of  insider wealthy people atop of international institutions such as the World Economic Forum and International Monetary Fund, in order to create a full control digital system, where those not in control of the digital weapons will be assaulted by the state mercilessly, while those unable to escape the state’s mind will foolishly cheer the final nail in the coffin containing the once lively, now shredded, corpse of privacy and freedom.

I do not mind stating that life’s journey is a state of mind, and if you strictly focus upon the mind of the state, your state of mind will constantly state that you mind the state of others state of mind, to the point of not being able to not mind the state of others state of mind. Where as those that do not constantly mind the state, state that they do not mind the state of mind of those that state the mind of the state, so long as they are left alone in their state of mind to mind their own state, while anyone who minds their state is in a state of no mind. Never mind the state, just state your own mind, without minding the state. A free mind does not mind the state so long as the state does not mind their state of mind towards the state of the state. Do you mind my state of mind? If so, your mind is the state, not a state of mind. I can now state that my mind is in a state of mind from stating such a mindful statement.

Yes, sadly there are billions who consider themselves as objective free minds, yet are actually the biggest victims of state indoctrination. Or more simply, not being able to escape the borders that the state has confined their thought process to. And when one is trapped within a border, the philosophical ecosystem carries on beyond the linear imaginary lines, and transcends the spherical multidimensional construct of our planet, while attaining the enlightenment that we are all just energy, consisting of neutrons(no charge,) positrons(positive charge,) and negatrons(negative charge.)

If one does not constantly mind the state, we’ll call them the atomic minds, they are able to live in a harmonious balance of negative, positive and neutrality fusion and are able to harness and use their cognizant energy in a universal balance of constant matter. Whereas those with a mind of the state, seem to have a positive deficiency, depriving themselves of universal matter, to the point of wanting to abscond with the positive energy of the atomic minds, without realizing that the quantum matter of their atomic frequency does not align, nor vibrate to the general theory of their uninformed relativity of their situation and the lack of cosmic energy absorption that landed them in their planetary despair.

Energy storage and absorption. If life is not just an illusion, or even if it is, there is the actual or synthesized construct of a recorded planetary(earth) past, as well as now, a universal construct brought forth by constant inhabiters of the planetary past, which of course can only register in the now, but the now is now gone, so it is forever registered in a new now.

Now, where was I? Oh yes, absorption of energy. More specifically energy absorption through the expenditure of ones own energy stockpile. Don’t forget to consume nutrition! Humans, being the sly primates we are began to take notice of things and store in our minds pertinent information and begin manipulate our reality. Using our energy for other than eating, sleeping, fight or flight, and of course, getting it on! We thought it important enough to pass said knowledge along and did so through oral and physical means.

Eventually we manipulated our environment to the point of creating a substrate to record discoveries, thoughts, ideas, observations and the like. You know, cave walls, stone stele, clay tablets, animal skins, copper sheets, quipu, paper, computer chips….. all of that cool crap.

Pretty soon there were books and libraries full of the millions of hours of stored energy consumption that those with inquisitive minds took to discover, figure out, hypothesize, question, ponder, meditate, mediate…….and in the creative process, record for future references, as well as, store for the intake of human posterity, if one so chose to expend their personal energy to consume the cerebral stockpile of the lifetimes of energy stored past. Yeah, one could now learn in days, weeks, months and years the total lifetime achievements of, depending on your ability, single, tens, hundreds or thousands of people. Heck, if one consumed enough, one might even discover something new for future generations to build on. Unless these new mRNA vaccines revert us back to a sticky, sloppy, pile of protoplasmic ooze of a sad puddle of fuddle duddle!

Possibly the more factual, stored, past energy expenditure one consumes with the dedication of ones own positive energy expenditure, the more the world and universe might make sense and give one a comparative advantage for acquiring the means to rise to a level that, bungling, incompetent politicians who destroy the substrate they are in charge of, feel the need to deem one as successful, then brand the successful one as “rich”, then convince those that fell into the political trap that the reason they are snared is not due to an all consuming government indoctrination system or lack of positive energy expenditure. It is because people who use their energy to consume untold stored energy from great minds of past energy consumption, and use that advantage to get ahead, and in the process create opportunities for others to use as a stepping stone to elevate themselves to a higher level if one so chooses to exert their own energy in a productive fashion.

In reality, money is not a problem until it gets to the point of transnational corporations and pseudo philanthropists creating foundations and organizations to hide their shady dealings and bribe politicians for a free pass to monopolize and extract the resources of said countries, whether in global vaccine schemes, genetically modified organism predatory farming practices, energy or resource extraction, water infrastructure thievery, or other practises that rob a countries greatest resource, it’s people, from being able to share in the moral and monetary wealth that could be gained from eliminating such international institution constructs.

It is not philanthropy if you donate a few million or billion dollars to “society” in order to get in tight with governments and the misguided and predatory international institutional and multinational machinations that end up getting the ” philanthropist donor” a multi fold increase in their original bribe, sorry, donation. Such is the case especially, when the fake philanthropist end up filling up the coffers with tax dollars at the publics expense.

In the end, the more knowledge that one acquires, the more life makes sense, and the greater one has of elevating themselves to a heightened level of function, whether moral, socially, productive, academically, intellectually, or other forms. Though everyone is different and what works for one is going to be anathema or disinterest or boring for another. Some will want material wealth and the “best” of everything, others will be happy with a wealth of knowledge, a roof over their head and something simple in their belly. Some will use their wealth of knowledge to educate and help those less fortunate than them, while those with money may use it to honestly employ thousands of individuals and take a good chunk for themselves for doing so, so be it. Others with the ability to exceptionally use their focused energy outputs might very well extract the stored energy of great minds past and turn it into monetary gain, reinvest their accumulated stockpile of energy and money into a historic research campaign to vault enough energy and understanding to change the course of history in a beneficial way.

One is sadly mistaken if one thinks that politicians and government is going to create a more fair place to live by excluding virtually all of society from participating in the process, other than allowing them to pick a liar, cheat and charlatan every few years or so who promises equality for all but delivers nothing more than a skyrocketing debt and more laws that just inhibit the true growth of what could be a true age of enlightenment. It is all about the state of mind, not the mind of the state.

For those with a mind, be prepared to be trapped in a digital prison with no parole. Too many peoples minds are the state prison, your politicians are the guards and the international institutions are the wardens in charge.