In my last article I hypothesized of the woke crowd slithering from their safe zones of parents basements, reality tv world, and other fantasy inducing constructs while leaving a slime trail in their wake as they stumble forth to tear down the Statue of Liberty, being as the woke brigade seems to no longer want to have a society teeming with liberty, free thought and speech included in this “safe” new world of their not so vivid imagination.

Anything that offends a weak mind must be destroyed, without intelligent debate or rational discussion, due to the utmost importance of making a self professed victim feel oh so important to the other victims that they gravitate to in order to reaffirm to themselves that life is not fair because of everyones actions other than their own, and that committing acts of violence against inanimate objects is going to amazingly render a woke utopia for all.

Perhaps it is time for someone to tell these people that paradise and equality for all, as ridiculous a notion as it is, will definitely not be created by those unable of holding down a full time job, or showing up on time when employed. Yet according to them the only reason for not being able to remain employed and work themselves into a higher existence is because they are way smarter than the person who offered them an opportunity to gain skills and life experience.

You ever take notice that the woke brigade, when engaged in nefarious behaviour, which mainstream media tries to hype as the be all and end all of society, is a very tiny percentage of the population of a city where the mob rule is taking place? While the non-mob majority are not professing victimhood and duly participating in more life affirming, quite often, self improving, actions. No undue attention needed by the non-mob mentality. Damn media! Agents of intelligence, or intelligence agency?

Yes, the woke self gravity is heavy in nature on their woke souls of irrational relativity, so beware, if enough woke gravity is allowed to form into a cohering mass of chaotic elementary elements there will be a crushing black hole event. The black hole of souls could even lead to a dark age, where the anti matter exuded by the nothing matters could potentially destroy the grey matter of those that truly matter. Bolsheviks.

As I have said before, violence is the weapon of a terrorist, not a tool of a rational or enlightened mind. Violence is only used by those who are unable to justify their actions through intelligent, moral, or other sensical substrate. Violence is strictly justified as a method of self defence of course, whether personal, familial, communal, territorial, for the benefit of eliminating the violence that is used by the savages in an attempt to terrorize the existence and function of the enlightened into a state of submission to irrational dominating power. Damn savages!

If enough of the enlightened non-mob mentality choose to unite in enough numbers, in whatever means necessary and for a prolonged unit of time, there is nothing that can not be achieved with highly positive, violence free, directed energy, regardless of the injustice needing confrontation. Perhaps this is the correct method to approach when dealing with the antiquated societal statues of an egregious colonial bygone era. Maybe even true/direct democracy could play a civilized role on the subject and formation of a rational game plan other than mob violence by the extreme minority.

Is ISIS a woke brigade ushering in a new Age of Enlightenment by destroying statues and architecture of violent and dominating societies of antiquity, or are they terrorists attempting to do away with information and history, so as to give their captive citizenry zero reference to an antiquated past and the wealth of knowledge and understanding that comes with analyzing and teaching errs and achievements of a bygone era? Yeah, just like the woke brigade, when they force everyone to live under their tyranny, they will be bitten reassuringly by their own delusion of grandeur! You guessed it, they now deserve a statue of themselves because of their forced tyranny upon others. Besides their delusional thoughts are the only rational thoughts, and they violently forced it upon your existence, how could they be wrong?

I do not condone, worship, believe in, hate, idolize, rationalize, justify or any other notion of paying heed to the sporadic plantings of state or other statues dispersed through any geographical location I was able to, or possibly will visit, due to my hard work, and not letting an unnecessary victimhood consume my soul while my life slowly drifts by in a river of deceitful scorn. One will never get the time and energy back that one has so wasted on hate filled, distractive leanings of an unattainable utopia where one gets all, for nothing. One is better off with inward reflection in the hopes of self betterment and the universal understanding that accompanies it.

In the process you might even discover a globalist institutional plan that your federal politicians are unfurling with very little resistance as the propaganda ministry mainstream media distracts the populace with tales of woke mobs, equality for all, and getting vaccinated against a Delta variant that has all but petered out in virulence, so the lords of corporate colonialism can profit immensely while seizing ever more power from the supposedly sovereign country that is raking you over the coals in elevated numerical means. How’s about that debt load!? Liberty robbing central bank digital currencies anybody? Basement dwelling, financially ruining interest rates for your benefit!?

One should be thankful at having the opportunity to learn from statues of antiquity, no matter how ignorant their behaviour was in the past. After all, if you destroy the informational existence of human past, is it not much more likely to be repeated again at a smaller interval and perhaps greater magnitude than before? And let us not forget that just because a history book portrays something in a certain light, does it mean that is how it happened.

Perhaps this thought might be a bit too philosophical for many to deal with, so if you suffer from pudding mind, please scatter to your panic room, turn on the narrow channels of parameter filled conciousness and firmly press the palms of your hands against your hearing cups to prevent a liquified cerebral cortex spillage event from rolling down your shoulders. Also, firmly close your mouth while plugging your nostrils with your upper lip, trust me it is possible(it helps to be clean shaven,) we do not want any mind goo escaping the other face orifices, and do not worry, you can breathe the same way you talk, straight from your ass, in diarrheal fashion.

Here it goes, and it’s a brain buster : if all those terrible and unjust things from the construct of humanity’s past did not occur, one would not be here to complain about how terrible ones current life is due to what other people have done in the past. A head scratcher it is. A cop out you say. No! If there were not millions upon millions of people whose ancestors or they themselves were brutalized, whether in bondage, by holocaust, musket, bolo, broadsword, rape, assault or any other horrific means, and either they or their posterity carried on and strived to overcome adversity and elevate their mind and therefore existence to that of life understanding, where nothing is truly fair, nor equal, yet they managed to carry on and carve themselves a little piece of something out of the shackles of being alive. In short, especially in this day and age, when living in a Western society, even if terribly victimized by another’s ignorance, one is only able to stay at victim status if their mind so traps them in such a state.

Humanity and its history is a violence filled construct to this very day, where a true enlightened education as well as escaping and refraining from blind state indoctrination is the path of less resistance to get away from the state of ignorant violence and state statue campaigns. After all most state statues are just the personification of state power, designed for the state, its ignorance, and the continuation of the cycle of domination of the state over its subjects.

Perhaps it could be said that the state of the world, devised by the proper and overwhelming state of truly free minds would not have the need to erect statues of statement serving the dividing state. Besides, when everybody partakes in a true/direct democracy system, it will mean that there are billions of people truly participating in the course of action of the state of societies. Where statues of past will be used as an educational and enlightening tool to expand the minds of the posterity raised to lessen the cycle of ignorance that many humans seem unable to currently escape from. That damn state ideology! It will do it to everyone in its trappings all the time!

Deface Knows a Nose

Statue destruction and disfiguring, like zoophilia, is not a new idea. Besides, how else does one come up with the idea of a satyr and faun otherwise? Ever since the first statue appeared all those millennia ago, there has been people wanting to destroy the effigy that was not, of their likeness, yet would relish in the formation of a hunk of stone in their delusional magnificent make up.

In reality state statues are just in existence to project who has the power and to deify themselves and other other gods that have to be worshipped. In Egyptian and other ancient civilizations, the statues were actually believed to be an incarnation and existence of the people and gods that they made in the image of. Therefore to cause damage to a statue was truly an act of violation of the original person and the ideas and customs meant to be adhered to. So, to disfigure and deface the statue while having it still in view was in and of itself a power statement against the customs and order of past rule. To disfigure was to invalidate the ruler and gods, for all society to see. Again, erasing vestiges of the past so one could dominate the masses with their new “exceptional” ideologies.

Facial vandalism was done in both 3-D and 2-D, most often to the face, and even more so the nose, which validates the notion of the many missing noses not strictly being an age related  issue . Being an appendage, the smashed nose is a major trauma to the appearance of the god or ruler and leaves the identity of the statue still observable for the new subjects to know what they were shunning. As well, with the statue being an incarnation of the original person or god, it was believed that removing the nose left the spirit of the violated without the ability to breathe, therefore killing it while leaving the corpse to get the point across.

As well it is not uncommon to find ancient statues with missing noses and cross carved into their forehead. I think it not a coincidence that when a baby gets baptized the priest gestures the cross on the babies forehead to symbolize that they are now one with Christ and his offerings. So in essence the damaged statues were sacrificed with a nose job and saved by a forehead job, then kept on display to spread the Christian faith and the power to even convert former gods to the new religion. Do your own research about the foreskin jobs.

In Roman times, the defacing and destruction of statues had the name of damnatio memoriae, which translates as, damnation of memory. It was a state sanctioned event and many an emperor and other public officials were the subjects of such campaigns.

I suppose the Romans had it figured out, they let the populace engage in destructive revelry of the incarnation of a corrupt leader, with the distractive ploy of actually thinking that life was somehow going to miraculously change for the woke crowd of antiquity. Nothing really changed all that much though. But hey, smashing some statues sure was fun and woke!

The corruption continued, the new boss was pretty much the same as the old boss, though maybe some new theatre(reality tv, Hollywood magic) and gladiatorial events(MMA,) yes the declining empire even let women, gladiatrix, start participating in the carnage, though they fought topless! I guess we know of at least one more stage our empire du jour has to go through before we can pinpoint the end.

I guess the only question left for the future is, will the woke mobs of the future be performing stone mastectomies, and carving the Pastafarian  symbol into the foreheads of MMA gladiartix effigies of generations past, or will humanity finally come together, break the cycle of political ignorance, and take the first step, in Western countries, by making it illegal for a politician to run for office without mandating and then incrementally increasing the true/direct democracy system so humanity is able to begin the slow recovery from the ATTEMPTED world coup by globalist swine such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank and International Monetary Fund? Let us not forget the treasonous federal politicians so brown in the nose that it deserves a good chiseling.