Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

All the king’s horses and all the king’s men

Couldn’t put Humpty together again.

There we have them, some famous words of antiquity that have stuck around through thick and thin, high and low, ebb and flow, and through many a bombs blow. Government bombs that is. No, not the government bombs, like government bonds have become, ready to blow up the world economy, but government bombs that have maimed and murdered millions in the name of peace over the centuries. Yeah, TNT, napalm, clusters, land mines, agent orange, agent purple, uranium, plutonium, hydrogen. Smashing those atoms to energetically smash those Adam’s, Eve’s, Amirs, Anya’s……………… Just following government orders. Covid, just following government disorder.

That following government orders, it will take many into the depths and debts of hell every time!

Humpty Dumpty. Is it a riddle? Perhaps an analogy? Definitely not a simile, though it could be inked in anthology.

Personally, I equate old Humpty Dumpty to Institutions of power. In the days of yore when the rhyme was written, king’s, queen’s and the nobility. Which is why all the kings horses and men could not undo all his failures and reattain the reign of shame. The psychological effect on the king’s subjects had infected their mind so, causing a loss of confidence too great to overcome. Time for a change in the system and leadership it could be said. Just as today. How coincidental.

In this age of morrow,Humpty Dumpty has become the institutional puppet masters that pull the strings of our presidents, prime ministers, chancellors…… Do not think for a moment that most world countries are totally sovereign entities. Amalgamation of perversion! Repeat after me – International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Economic Forum, Bank for International Settlements(BIS). By hook and by crooks! Hmm, setting themselves up for a fall!?

For those who do not know, the Bank for International Settlements is the central bank for a country’s central bank. A central bank is a necessary part of a global financial system, though unfortunately most of the central bankers are part of the globalist cartel and have hijacked the sovereignty that central banks once had. Your life and privacy mean nothing to these globalist perverts. Canada’s central bank, the Bank of Canada once had on their website, that they would continue with providing cash so long as Canadians called for it. They have since removed this statement. Canada, get ready for digital slavery, unfurled by a treasonous globalist pervert and his treasonous gang of globalists.

So, the Humpty Dumpty’s have been identified, sitting on the walls of their shoddy ivory towers, snidely, arrogantly and ignorantly sneering in our, the filthy peasants direction while gloating at the bloating of their own failed system. A system that has reached a point of such putrid necrosis that is has forced the Humpty Dumpty’s to forge super weaponed hooks. Hooks to skewer all in order to become obscenely putrid crooks. The hook of all hooks, Central Bank Digital Currencies(CBDC). Get ready to make a stand or be impaled! They are coming for your cash!

Yeah I know a word that rhymes with Humpty and Dumpty. Though I had to get blinding drunk on Chartreuse in small town Australia in the presence a Scotsman to plant it in my memory! To the younger generations, if you have not traveled overseas, I recommend giving it a try. The experience will be a life changer if you can handle it. Others cultures will culture you and change your perspective on life. Many countries used to have working holiday visas, though I am not sure what this covid debacle has done to the visa issues.

Numpty. Yeah you globalist institutional puppet politicians sure are Numpty’s. TREASONOUS scum!

WARNING, if you let Humpty Dumpty and the Numpty’s have their way with you, they WILL make it quite hard to travel overseas, as part of what this covid control mechanism is is to make global travel unaffordable, so, unattainable to us, the poor slovenly masses. Stay in your room and interact in a digital VR world with your slave digital currencies while Humpty Dumpty and the Numpty’s globetrot in their private jets wherever and whenever they feel. Remember, you will own nothing and be happy!

Here is a video of a Humpty Dumpty Numpty from the Bank for International Settlements straight up telling you that this institutional gang of prying perverts is currently planning and will be executing the elimination of your cash. And no, Agustin Carstens is not actually Humpty Dumpty, though he is a king Numpty. Does treasonous mentally ill scum like Agustin Carstens actually wholeheartedly believe in the words of digital slavery he is spewing or do they have him on video porking a 14 year old boy/girl, a la Epstein? Bribe & entrapment it must be for these TREASONOUS Numpty’s.

These Numpty perverts have so destroyed the system we have let them create that they are now in the middle of eliminating the last form of privacy, cash, so that they have TOTAL control of everything you do. Just think about what this Numpty Augustin Carstens went on camera and brazenly said – they do not know what YOU are spending YOUR money on! How is what we spend my money on anybody’s business but our own and the person we give it to?  Remember, when they come for the highest denomination of your country’s currency it is time for defenestration.

More specifically, Augustin Carstens, of the Bank for International Settlements, admitted in his statement that the BIS IS dictating the policy of other supposedly sovereign central banks. I quote – “We(BIS) don’t know who is using a 100 dollar bill today, we don’t know who is using a 1000 peso bill today.” So the BIS has admitted on camera, by talking about pesos and dollars that the BIS is worried about and plans on taking away the sovereignty, liberty, freedom and privacy of citizens in supposedly sovereign countries and trapping them in a digital currency system.

Why yes, our Numpty central bank employees and politicians are currently working with a globalist banking institution(BIS) to undermine and eliminate the sovereignty of its own people by robbing them of their sovereignty, privacy, dignity, liberty and freedom that cash has in having a check and balance against government and banking tyranny. In reality what our politicians are in the process of doing is actually TREASON. TREASON is the offence of harming or killing a countries sovereignty!

This Numpty scum, this Numpty scum and this Numpty scum are all guilty of TREASON!!!!

The TREASONOUS Augustin then goes on to brag – “The central bank will have ABSOLUTE CONTROL on the rules and regulations that will determine the use of that expression of central bank liability(CBDC), and also we will have the technology to enforce that”

In simple terms what Augustin is saying is that the BIS and the underling non-sovereign central banks will able to eliminate your ability to even spend money if they so choose. I do not think it is necessary to go into all of the scenarios that this system will be used to destroy countless people lives and livelihoods.

What these globalist institutions are doing with the blessing and FULL COOPERATION of our Numpty politicians is TREASON and TOTALITARIANISM. 

Politicians will not bring up the subject in any intelligent manner. And no, the mainstream media will not even ask ONE question about digital control systems, or whether it is necessary to put such a critical issue of privacy, freedom, liberty and dignity to a vote where those who will end up being enslaved in digital tyranny should have a say in whether they are willing to sign up for TOTALITARIANISM. Sex changes for children, woke mobs, sports, weather…….are all much more important issues than the elimination of liberty and descent into a TOTALITARIANISM state due to the TREASONOUS  cooperation between institutional Humpty Dumpty’s and politician Numpty’s.

One can only only hope that the police and military in Western countries have a handle of what is going on and have come to the realization that the politician-globalist institution melange has way overstepped the boundaries of what is acceptable in a free and democratic society and choose to side with freedom over tyranny when the people unite in enough numbers to put an end to this sickness. The cooperation of these two entities will be crucial in the transition to a new true/direct democracy where all will be able to have a participatory role in the decisions that are made that affect all of our lives. Germany and Australia says otherwise, but it only takes one domino to begin the chain reaction. In France a few police have started to take the anti tyranny side and have marched with covid protestors.

The only clean way out of this nightmare trajectory will be honest participation and hard work from all. Anyone that thinks a better system will flourish out of the taking of things from those who have more than them is seriously mistaken. People of victim mentality are very dangerous and must not be let to wield power over the masses. History has continually proven this point. The new education system must identify the serious problem such a mentality does to a society and make it a part of the curriculum. Logic would be a good start.

Those in the upper echelons of power have set themselves up for an epic fall. No doubt that all the Humpty Dumpty and Numpty’s will not be put back together again after their ever growing, pathetically shameful behaviour is recognized by the critical mass of matter. Let those perching on the new walls be the many in true/direct democracy.