It’s Back. Government tyranny. If you think not you think not. Pudding brain. Spooned out by mainstream media. Bowled in by government terrorists. Terrorists with a pension. How progressive. Progressively sad.

Obey us. We know nothing. We no nothings – No to nothings. You think yes. Yes to something. Nothings to something. True/direct democracy. Some thing to those no things.

Mass and kinetic energy kills dinosaurs. Politicians x covid = Chicxulub. Common sense + action = meteorite. Defenestration causes craters. Pockmarked politicians.

Revolution. It has many meanings. Sure you could think of one or two. Take turns. Revolving thoughts. Per the minute. An axis of evil. Yeah it’s revolting! Common sense. End politicians.

Covid doctrine. Indoctrinating covid. Really reality?  Does your brain hurt? How about your pride? They rape decency. Serial offenders. Nary a defender. They pack it in. Globalist fudge.

Zaphod Beeblebrox. Mothership. Beam me up.

They happened.

We will.