Here is a word that has come to synonymize segregation, government abuse, and lack of FREEDOM and liberty. That word is APARTHEID. APARTHEID is an Afrikaans(bastardized Dutch) word that translates to apartness. APARTHEID was a political system based upon discrimination. More specifically discrimination based upon race, where the white minority was deemed to be superior to the majority native black population and the lesser in numbers Asian, Indian, and coloured(could be a mix of black, white, Asian or Indian), and was an official term. The government sanctioned whites were superior to the non-sanctioned inferior races.

It would be fair to state that the APARTHEID state was a government system put in place to give one group of people superior rights over other citizens of the same country, where those not deemed worthy by the government lost FREEDOM and privileges such as the neighbourhood they could live and work in, the social services they could qualify for and strict racialized marriage laws, events they could attend, restaurants they could dine at……… For non whites it was necessary to be provided an official government documentation in order to enter and transit within a designated white zone. Segregated access to public facilities and transportation, as well as differing levels of education were also government mandated.

The South African government throughout its 46 years of official APARTHEID existence(1948 to 1994) claimed that APARTHEID was a system meant to promote FREEDOM and equality, all the while giving distinct rights, liberty, benefits and range of movement to a specific privileged group of citizens. Well, the citizens who were ignorant enough to follow ridiculous government diktat, anyways. Those who stood up for FREEDOM against government ignorance, whether black, white, Asian, Indian, or coloured had the government pleasure of being excluded, abused, beaten, banned, imprisoned, or murdered by the “just doing my job” overlord underlings.

Government and ignorance, they go together like, well, ignorance and government. Like oil and water, if left long enough without being attended to and continuously shaken into a performing substance, government will separate into its two true elements, ignorant humans and incompetence. Citizen complacency has allowed this to happen. It is time to shake these not so great apes into submission from their sub mission.

Perhaps it is time to explain that the vast majority of people that get a bureaucratic government job, are not there due to any immense, or even mediocre talent. Bureaucratic jobs pay well, have lush pensions, the workload and pace is in the tortoise range and working overtime or on weekends is like a unicorn, non-existent. Or, a horse with crap glued to its forehead. I am sure anyone who has had to go into a government office or navigate a government website surely understands the dilemma and starting point of agony that government truly is. And yes, a politician is just a professional liar working for greater powers, all the while making it seem like they truly care about regular people.

Remember, A students work for B students and C students and below become savages and government bureaucrats.

Yes, government,  where a person has already reached their level of incompetence upon entry level position, and then some of them actually get promoted to a higher level of incompetence.

Yes, government, they are there to help themselves, underachieve. Not even cognizant of the fact that they produce absolutely nothing, other than hardship for hardworking individuals, then looking to use you as a statistic in order to achieve a gain for themselves.

Yes, government, where those employed have no problem reading off of the officially mandated, or is it persondated, script. Because thinking outside the box, striving for excellence, deviating from mediocrity, admitting mistakes, having rational thoughts, or being censured for bungling does not exist.

Yes, government, they just hide their mistakes in a pile of paper, “accidentally” delete the email, bury their head in the sand and continue to follow the orders of the incompetent supervisor. Then before you know it the chain of command leads all the way up to a globalist institution like the World Economic Forum and they dictate to the top prostitute politician bureaucrat and the script of incompetence is read all the way down the toilet and into the sewer. “I was just doing my job.”

Before one knows it, their Western country built upon “FREEDOM” is emulating repressive regimes like APARTHEID South Africa, Nazi Germany and Soviet Stalinism. Do not think about it though, as it is for everybody’s FREEDOM, definitely not a scheme to make billions of dollars for pharmaceutical companies and consolidate power into the gaping maw of a globalist cabal dead set on implementing a digital slavery system and unrolling a globalist government based on subservient sovereign(?) countries.

Uh huh, the vaccine passport, all for your FREEDOM and equality! Never mind that Hitler, Stalin and the criminally racist South African government all used pass systems. Again, for your FREEDOM, definitely not APARTHEID, or tyranny. Swallow that ill pill. Have I ever introduced you to the concept of a pudding brain? Spooned out by mainstream media and politician prostitutes. Hand in hand to globalist your homeland.

Are you ignorant enough to think that any politician or bureaucrat in your country’s tower of incompetence actually dreamed up these covid passports of “FREEDOM”? They did not. The covid passport is a globalist construct designed to attempt to psychologically break the free thinkers contained within society. You know, the ones without pudding brains who get real information from alternative sources, and realize that experimenting on a global population for a human modified virus that over 99% of the populace has nothing to worry about other than a runny nose, headache and other trivial symptoms.

Wake up, these passports are here to “politely”(aggressively) and unnecessarily force this vaccine into the bodies of every person on the globe and line the coffers of the pharmaceutical companies and shareholders, not to mention the World Bank and other globalist institutions who are forcing second and third world countries to acquire massive debt to have the “privilege” of a coerced vaccination through government mandated force of lost mobility. This really is the crime of the century. Stop hoping and start acting!

I would urge everybody to read: Confessions Of An Economic Hitman, or the updated, The New Confessions Of An Economic Hitman, by John Perkins. It goes into detail about how corporate colonialism, through channels of international institutions has played out in the past fifty years. He was an economic hitman and goes into detail about it. Covid is absolutely an “Economic Hit” that is seeing billions of profit for the corporate colonialists.

Covid is a virus, as well as a conspiracy and the mainstream press is one of the main enablers using a terror regime to enact the covid doctrine. These covid passports will not be temporary like these rubbish politicians and non-thinking pudding brain parrots keep regurgitating. These sicko’s are setting you up for a lifetime of profits for pharmaceutical companies and partners and stakeholders in the globalist cabal headed by the World Economic Forum. Remember government bureaucrat = incompetence. These morons are unaware of the consequences of the system they are currently erecting. The vaccine passport is the precedent. To be ramped up in amplification according to the dictator’s new official whims as they materialize. “But I am just doing my job.”

Canada is on board with the globalist cabal and our deputy prime minister is on their payroll. No surprise that Canada’s pudding brained Justin Truedope has announced a federal plan for vaccine passports and an APARTHEID nation. My home province of British Columbia has as well decided to implement an APARTHEID regime. Heil Horgan! And no, these goose stepping politicians do not recognize covid antibodies as a form of acceptability of not being deemed a second class citizen. Only a direct profit to vaccine producing pharmaceutical companies lets one become a member of the elite society. Heil Henry!

British Columbia’s servants of the globalist gestapo made vaccine passports mandatory 7 days before the federal election. Do you think that is a coincidence. Heil Horgan! Heil Henry!

No, no therapeutics either. If you are feebly ill to begin with and get the virus, stay at home and wait until the virus has infiltrated your body to the point of your already weak immune system not being able to fight off your preexisting conditions and the respiratory virus too. The government and media terror campaign then sensationalizes the death of an 89 year person with diabetes and hypertension as a horrific tragedy to humanity. Remember government = incompetence. Pudding brains forming a nation of puddingness drowning in five inches of pudding sea. The solution is to roll over, yet they yearn for a diving board to their swan song into defenestration.


Covid is NEVER Going Away

No matter how many edicts the mainly cowering population lets the pudding parade enact, the only thing that will be disappearing is our FREEDOM and liberty. Do you want to know why? Yes. Pudding free I see. The reason is, covid is transmittable between humans and other species, just like the flu virus, and will constantly mutate in humans and other species, which, like the common flu, means that covid will always be circulating on the globe somewhere as is the common flu. And yes, it will mutate to evade vaccine efficacy just as it is doing right now with the “Delta” variant. Politicians = too dumb to understand this. They will carry on with their APARTHEID bungling right up until society is completely destroyed. That is how government operates. Time to get off your ass, put your masturbating aside and start doing something to end the incompetence.  You can masturbate with a clear conscience once we come together and force a true/direct democracy system on our globalist serving captors.

Covid has been found in minks, aw how cute, til they gassed them all! Rough ruff, meow me ow. Yes even those precipitating cats and dogs can get the covid. Dear deer, stuck in the covid rut. We all know about the bats and the pangolins, or was I the only one to get that fortune cookie?

You get the picture? Many of these politicians and bureaucrats are too elementary and pudding induced to realize that they have been duped into carrying out a globalist agenda to rake in billions for the partners and stakeholders of the corporate colonialism cabal of pharmaceutical companies, debt predators like the World Bank, IMF and the glue that binds these globalist criminals together, the World Economic Forum. Global governance Anybody? Vaccine passports = yes, APARTHEID. Like I said earlier, masturbate later.

I Wanna See a Panacea

Hmm. Although, if we nuke the earth, surely then we can stop 99+% of the population from getting a runny nose and headache, could we not? Surely it is worth the try! We could eliminate covid and all of the nuclear weapons of the world in one go! Sounds like a great idea. Here is how we do it.

Locate Hunter Biden from whichever crevice he is currently sleazily occupying. Lure the Hunter into a third leg trap by informing him that there is a new massage parlour in DC, The Rub Her Ducky Buffet. Though the only way in is a skill testing question answered on a soiled laptop(no worries he soils 3 by 11am everyday.)

Now, the secret code is actually the launch code for the entire US nuclear arsenal. Brilliant!

So 33% of the US’ nukes head to China, 33% to Russia, 33% to Canada(if the US can’t cheat the Canadians out of their resources nobody can), and 1%, being the masochists they are, finally get revenge on the ghost of Justin Truedopes father, taking out 27% of the continental States with it. Now there is some reality TV!

In retaliation China launches at America and Xinjiang. Russia launches at the US as well, plus one to every single European state that exists. That is what Europe gets for thinking that multiple US weasels can defeat a bear. Putin avoids Canada because Russia hacked the Commodore 64 that Canada uses to gather intelligence from Sim City World Edition. Nothing on it other than beaver porn. Lots of beaver! Ain’t no tail like a beaver tale. Castoreum. Enjoy your ice cream from now on!

Of course Pakistan nukes India and vice versa. British Empire, divide and conquer!

Believe it or not, nobody actually nuked Israel. Though wanting to get in on the action, they had “zero choice” but to first strike Palestine(the imaginary state) and in such knowing consequences of itself being eliminated by doing so, launched the remainder of its arsenal from tactical submarines in order to barbecue the remainder of the Middle East, to the tune of millions of Kelvins and many Amir Cinder’s.

Africa, more specifically South Africa. The only country in the world to have a nuclear arsenal and then be rid of it. Is that why the West wants to become APARTHEID states? Can’t be. APARTHEID was dismantled with the nuclear arsenal. Hang on, rational thought. We let all countries adopt the APARTHEID model, then we defenestrate ALL leaders and the nuclear arsenals will be ushered out like a politician through a window. Think I am on to something here.

Nah, let’s let Dr. Strangelove cure covid.

This Mandate Will Be No Different

These vaccine passports are being brought in to force one to be assaulted by government incompetence with the needles now leading the supposed exit from the government terror campaign. Remember, first it was social distancing, then the lockdowns, and of course the masks. All so stop covid. Not a one of them has worked whatsoever. Government truly has no idea what they are doing, or what they even want to accomplish for that matter.

Government has been telling you that all the mandates have been implemented to “save” you and to eliminate covid. And the vaccine was the holy grail in ending covid forever. You admit to this government rationale they have been spouting?

If government thinks covid is going to end when they attempt to FORCE everyone into compliance by creating an APARTHEID state and eliminating FREEDOM from free thinkers with their “TEMPORARY” vaccine “PASSPORT”, why has government signed contracts to purchase covid vaccines right up until 2024?

This covid nightmare is some serious government incompetence to the power of infinity if we do not act soon. Sir, unhand your penis. Ma’am, un-finger your vagina. It will be much more gratifying to eliminate APARTHEID and reinstate Freedom.

Up to now government has been allowed to, unopposed, implement non effective and idiotic mandates that have just drawn out the problem, destroying society in the process. Denmark finally managed to figure this out and has started to eliminate all draconian edicts.

Meanwhile Canada and other countries are just gearing up for APARTHEID. In my province of BC, 75% of people are fully vaccinated and they are just now robbing people of even more FREEDOM without even explaining what their end goal is here.

To me it seems that 25% of the population are not susceptible to government propaganda and truly realize how incompetent government is and how far government has missed the mark on this manufactured non crisis. And another 10% to 15% of the population knew better but just got vaccinated to appease family and caved into peer pressure.

What freedom is government going to take away next, when they can not get the true FREEDOM loving, independent thinkers to be assaulted by unnecessary government needles. Not being allowed to reinsure our vehicle or drivers license? No income tax refund?

Do you think that the 25% got their runny nose and sore throat and just carried on with their lives, all the while keeping quiet about just how truly dumb, ignorant, incompetent and unworthy these pudding brained government morons truly are?

Like I said before 75% vaccination rate was going to provide herd immunity. Now they have to take our FREEDOM away to prove how wrong they were. Is governments goal 80%, 90%, 95%, 100% vaccination rate. I hope government does realize that 110% is not statistically possible.

Yeah these numpty’s are so smart that covid would be eliminated once they reached their “community immunity” so they bought vaccines 4 years into the future! Do you believe the lie yet?

This will not stop until we put these people in their place, the unemployment line.

Wake up. Masturbate later!