FREEDOM. Of course like everything in the universe it is a multidimensional construct worth delving deeper into, and better to once again avoid the linear one dimensional governmental systematic, politicians blurting and reassurance that you are (insert your country here) and ____________ are the best and freest people on the planet, (insert unquestioned feverish applause and cheering here from the mindless drones that showed up to listen to politicians lying verbal diarrhea actually thinking it to be true.)

I suppose one must ask, what is freedom? If the #1 dictionary definition of, “the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint” is a measure of what freedom is, or should, or could be, then surely the definitions of “liberty,” “confinement,” and “physical restraint” must be delved into. Though it must be clear to most reading this that freedom has been authoritatively stolen and replaced with freedumb. In other words, one has to be pretty dumb to believe freedom is not being stolen from under their genocidal running noses.


Let’s start with liberty. One’s will or personal judgement to act independently without despotic government or control from other entities is a fair description of what liberty should be, but is nowhere near in “free” Western, democracies(?)

Clearly the covid doctrine has wiped out societally any last vestiges of liberty in most Western nations, no doubt, by governments that have pretty much been wrong about every aspect of covid, yet continue on gleefully and gloatingly ignorant with the globalist powers agenda. Those must be some good bribes, or really small brains! Though probably both.

Certainly ones choice, whether an individuals or a business’ to be forced to comply to an ineffective mask policy is nowhere near any sort of liberty. Just ask these scumbags about it! Scumbags getting paid to take your freedom away.

But wait, it is all to stop the ICU’s from being overrun! Overrun by the victims of government/media terror with severe panic due to their fear and anxiety disorders. In a radio interview I listened to about a week ago, the lead nurse in the ICU described her staff as being “exhausted because of the revolving door,” of the ICU she worked in. Yet the governments carry on with the globalist terror campaign in order to give the criminal mainstream media the fodder to feed the sacrificial lambs.

Need I remind everyone that venues that require a vaccination passport still force the 100% vaccinated to wear masks, as well as request social distancing, and now the government logic is that the wise unvaccinated have to get vaccinated in order to save the vaccinated! I suppose giant hermetically sealed hamster balls and scuba tanks is the next logical step in the government playbook. Did I mention that Joe Biden has come out and said that it is necessary to now get 98% of the population vaccinated to have an affect. Yes, Pfizer did donate one million dollars to Biden. And yes, only Pfizer as of now is approved for booster shots. Because, you know, Hunter Biden has a tens of thousands of dollars a day crack, hooker and laptop habit.


Let’s take confinement for a ride, possibly a very short ride, just ask the Australians. To limit, restrict or force to be in bounds of an area, or, of course, the confinement of speech, like what government and mainstream media are doing with the covid doctrine, including the daily terroristic indoctrination of the matter. When an objective multifaceted discussion of a subject is not permitted by the dictators controlling the substrate of the “free” channels of information, there ceases to be freedom of speech. The only logical conclusion of there not being free speech is that one does not live within a free geographical location. Unless of course you suffer from freedumb.

Did I mention that Canada, through its brown-facing globalist puppet loser is about to make it law that a “Canadian” will not even be allowed to get on an airplane or even a train if they have not been vaccinated against the engineered corona virus that was most likely released purposefully in order to institute the globalist agenda that is currently being enacted by greedy, lying, disgraceful politicians around the world. Gotta love that globalist confinement! You don’t actually think that pretty much every Western country in the world came up with exactly the same game plan by themselves do you? Pretty dumb to think your country is free.

And no, these globalist politicians do not have to specify any sort of law or even statement about a duration or limitation of their globalist “laws” to be implemented. Do not forget these politician swine have already used our tax money to purchase covid vaccines years into the future by both Pfizer and Moderna.

Do you really think that this vaccine passport is temporary? Perhaps it is time to wake up and realize that anyone willingly going through with this tyranny, even if just, “taking one for the team,” in order to, “get your life back,” have in reality just selfishly and ignorantly signed society up for the first stage of a social credit score system. Get ready to get booster shots for years to come in order to be blessed with “freedom.” Baaaaaaaaah. What restrictions will these globalist puppets enact next? Use some logic to come up with some wisdom, it might get you to the point of acting in order to prevent further, and erase current authoritarian confines.

Physical Restraint

Physical restraint. To hold someone back in a controlling nature from doing normal everyday ordinary things. It can be used to assault the victim without even being touched by the aggressor. Again, enter the vaccine passport, that government has shamefully “forced” competent businesses owners to enact in physically restraining free thinkers from fully participating in society and to become second class citizens in an apartheid state.

Logically one might conclude that government has not made any government services off limits to those without a vaccine passport because there is an extreme legal issue there. That and it would sure make an easy target for when the angry mob gets to the point of freedom or destruction. In reality what the business community should have done was refuse the authoritarian decree and deflect the tyranny back in governments direction. There would have been absolutely nothing that government could have done about it.

Though, obedience after all ,is about not being able to escape the parameters that inept overlords have enacted upon those who fund the ineptness with their own ingenuity and backbreaking work only to pay for the parasitical metastasizing system.

For sure if one attempts to challenge the non tactile physical restraint of vaccine passports to the point of the restauranteur or other “eligible” business becoming fed up with your antics, chances are the police will be called, If one still wants to be directing their frustrated energy at the restaurant or the police who have no choice but to show up and deal with the situation once they are called, there is a good chance that you may be physically restrained by force.

Good advice would be not to direct your negative energy to the businesses or police, as they are just doing their life work and responsibility in order to feed their families and participate in their role in society, as messed up and unnecessary as it is for this globalist politician enacted covid mandate of terror and destruction.

What is happening to society is of zero fault of the businesses and police forces(except Australian police), it is all authoritarian tyrannical governments that are responsible for the current sickness that is destroying society. Trust me, when enough of the fed up members of society protest in an unceasing constant mass of positivity against tyranny there is nothing able to stop it. Even the police would partake in the defenestration. After it is over it must be prevented of letting the lowest common denominator have roles of power over the populace, whether that denominator is stupidity, greed, ignorance, or pure incompetence. Perhaps it is time to start thinking about a social contract that can actually be signed and held to account.

The police should be prepared for low rung cornered animals to join forces and attempt to unleash violence in order to get their way. Though perhaps the police and military have come up with a sensible plan to diffuse this globalist covid madness scheme before societal patience runs out, or once it amplifies to enough magnitude, incase those who have zero business having any power attempt to take some from the current animals in office. Perhaps a physical restraint behind bars of the leading globalist politician actors perpetuating this nightmare?

Free Thee & Me?

For the first time in my life I am actually ashamed to be Canadian, a little bit embarrassed in the past, yes. If I renounced my citizenship would any geographical areas of freedom take me? Denmark, Norway and Sweden have finally come to their senses and realized that society just has to live together with freedom and covid. Texas and Florida reached that conclusion months ago. DeSantis, pull a few strings for me bro, I already own a DON’T FAUCI MY FLORIDA t-shirt. Though I suspect I may end up in Guantanamo in such a case. Although, I could try and get into Texas as a Haitian refugee.

Canada(along with other European countries + America) seems to be ramping up their political tyranny while the nordic countries finally came to their senses after realizing that covid and freedom have to coexist. Gee, do you think it has anything to do with DUMB and DUMBER, the two “leaders” treasonously selling Canada right into Build Back Better, the 4th industrial revolution and the biodigital security nightmare state that is currently being unfurled by Mein Fuhrer, Klaus Schwab, under his 1000 day reich, and being aided by the gestapo IMF, World Bank and infiltrated central banks to name a few of the 4th reich industrial revolution partners and stakeholder of your sovereign(?) country.

The CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) was recently spreading the terror of 78 new covid cases in New Brunswick, just in time for the vaccine passport rollout. My god! I think I might just save myself the horror and commit suicide if the “case count” gets to 83.

Police and military, please arrest all CBC employees & politicians and intern them in an anti communist reeducation program, then ship them off to the centre of the universe, Toronto, to be displayed in a wild game reserve where there is only enough food to sustain 37% of them.

No matter the country you live in, know that there are more than enough of you to engage in intelligent and meaningful actions that will end the tyranny that government is forcing upon you and usher in a new system of true/direct democracy where we are able to have a choice other than the pathetic shell of democracy where one “participates” every few years or so to choose a globalist pathological liar, who  promises the world, only to bring nothing more than society destroying debt and heavier chains for the globalist to shackle countries sovereignty(?) in, gaining ever more control and profit from, for the partners and stakeholders in the globalist cabal.

Since day one CE(covid era) there have been countless people warning about what was happening and how authoritative tyranny comes to be if no one stands up for freedom. Though unfortunately most chose to listen to the idiot box(tv) and ignore the voice of reason inside their head, so here we are, a societal grave dug to about 4 feet in depth and counting where government logic was to buy 4 years of vaccines for a virus that would be eliminated in 8 months when 70%, no, 75%, scratch that, 80%, hold on now, 98% of society has been assaulted by mostly unnecessary vaccines, where government speak is to rationalize apartheid in order to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated, where the first class citizens in their domains of privilege still have to wear masks and social distance to save the vaccinated from the vaccinated, and don’t forget to get your booster shot so we can protect the other booster buddies from one other. Yeah, lowest common denominator rule.

So to those millions upon millions of hard working honest people who “took one for the team” in order to “get your regular life back,” realize that the countries who have not by now admitted that their agenda was and is a mistake and continue to enact authoritarian edicts in order to force compliance upon those who have been wise and vocal enough about refusing to fall prey to government incompetence passed down the river of shit from the globalist cabal to the heads of state, down the tributaries of deceit to provincial/state/territorial jurisdiction, into the shallow minds of bungling health ministers and head doctors, only for the excrement to be thrown ashore and consumed by those thinking another free meal from the entity that knows what they are doing and truly care for them. Sorry, from the river of shit one only gets a mouthful and earful of nauseating crap.

Let’s start acting in a meaningful way and start taking responsible action so that we are able to take control of our lives back from the current lowest common denominator that is so egregiously bungling every action they force upon a thoroughly fed up populace. It is the only way to prevent society turning permanently into an unceasing state of freedumb.

Brainwashees, hide in your covid bunkers, mainline your mRNA as you please, diaper your face till the sheep come to your home, sign up for as many government tracking apps as you like, but just leave the rational and those waiting to escape the lie out of your pathetic cult of covid.     If this creates a divided society, so be it, it should be the individual or businesses choice. I want no part of the slaves freedumb, which is why since BCE(before covid era) I have participated to take as much freedom from the ever deteriorating system of entrapping boundaries that I chose to work for.