Brain Pain

If one did not have one, one would not be reading this zero, of one. One, who one day, decided he was going to take letters from the alphabet, type them into words, subsequent sentences, of which may or may not be intellectually visible, though quite possibly risible, and then through many centuries of actually intelligent peoples hard work, transform my said mind milkshakes into zeros and ones and ones and ones and zeros…….like this, 10001110101, you know, code, then back to the alphabet and the utterly confused and confusing nightmare wordplay scenarios that you currently gaze upon your simultaneously liberating and enslaving electronic device, vacuum tube free, nowadays.

Yes, I speak of course about computers. And more importantly, an independent mind. Heck, if I was not writing this, I would have tuned out at the third appearance of the word one. Two soon? Only for entanglement. Quantum foreshadowing, Soros free. Though breaking the bank is the guaranteed future.

Was that an introduction or an alphabet genocide? Worthy otherworldly wording? What could possess such profession? Possession of a mind, a machine, as well as, possession by spirits? Good spirits for sure. Certainly, a craniums calculatory computing. Crossed wires, perhaps!? Virus free computing, til the lab construct gets me, again. The antivirus is the virus!

 Was – Is – Will Be

Like many things in life, computers are the theory, construct, and improvement of many different individuals ingenious and hard work, played out over many years, generations, and into centuries.

And like many other things as well, once unleashed into the hands of certain people and governments, the technology ends up being used negatively against those who the powers claim altruism on their behalf. Of course when the majority of the mass stumble in a perma-slumber, the nightmares will increase exponentially. The all go rhythm of unquestioned obedience is humanity’s algorithm. Time to escape the program.

Computers are basically preprogrammed devices that will develop an output through the means of preconceived inputs programmed into a processing function to arrive at a deterministic conclusion.

The first mechanical computer, the difference engine, using processing power was developed by Charles Babbage and was able to compute up to 31 digits. Though never completed due to lack of funding, that is until 200 years after Babbage’s death. Babbage also developed the analytical engine, a device capable of computing outside of strictly arithmetic. Though again Babbage did not live to see his amazing invention come to exist in the physical world. Babbage’s design of the analytical engine was the mechanical model for what electric computers came to be, with loops and an integrated memory to go along with the processing ability.

From the beginnings of mechanical computing devices, computers evolved over time to become electrified through innovations such as random access memory, vacuum tubes becoming transistors, a smaller and more efficient switching method, and the invention of the integrated circuit and now microprocessors to name a few steps of computer evolution. It is amazing to think that computers that once took up whole rooms are way more powerful, and have become concentrated to the point of being able to fit into peoples pockets, or even on ones wrist.

Quantum computers are in the extreme early stages and are already able to obliterate classical computers in many functions. A regular computer has the processing power in the low billions of simple logic operations in a second, while a quantum computer is capable of trillions of simple logic operations in a second. That is computational power that is 100 million times faster than a traditional computer. To put that into perspective, instead of solving a problem in 10,000 years on a classical computer, the quantum computer could solve the same problem in 1 second! Yeah, try think of something that many claim as the future, which will be relegated to a 17th century tulip mania.

Basically, how a quantum computer works is, instead of having code as 0’s and 1’s, or bits as they are called, the quantum computer takes the 0’s and 1’s and uses the quantum mechanics law of superposition to give the 0’s and 1’s, or qubits, the same properties simultaneously in various positions, and then through entanglement, ties them together which allows for multiple states of existence as compared to the two states of the bits of classical computing.

Quantum computing has only reached the stage of having 50 error corrected qubits for computational power and in reality is in its infancy, but it is not hard to see that classical computing as compared to quantum computing is already at the analogous point of walking or flying in a supersonic aircraft.

A few of interesting facts about quantum computers: They require extremely cold temperatures to function, where at the lowest level of the quantum jet(qubit control) the temperature is about -273 degrees Celsius. As it stands now with current function to fault tolerance, un-hackable communication is one of the most reliable. They are extremely sensitive to outside interference, be it, noise, vibration, so need to be  stabilized and shielded heavily


If you are wondering if the title of this article means anything in particular, the answer is yes. It is an anagram of Satoshi Nakamoto. Who?, many of you might be asking. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym of the person or persons that created that digital financial instrument called Bitcoin. A mako is a type of shark, so the title really means: a shark has found a way to feed on shit. Kind of sounds like a Japanese proverb, how fitting.

Satoshi, be he an individual, or collective of people thought that computational equations dependent upon computer processing power was a reputable alternative to 5000+ years of hard work, ingenuity and the productivity of people that a world full of outputs came together in order to create what has come to be known as an economy and monetary system. Thankfully for Satoshi, there is now a sucker born every second.

I am not saying that many people will not get fabulously wealthy from the now financialized instrument that is bitcoin, just as thousands did in the tulip mania bubble that plagued the Netherlands in the 17th century. Though be prepared for the bottom to fall out one day.

The empire du jour’s financial regulating agencies have jumped aboard the musical chairs game, as have many hedge and private wealth funds and many of the other top predatory sharks that swim in the sea of over-financialization.

I suppose a fair question is, will the music stop before the players blow themselves up out of greed and avarice?

Some contend that bitcoin was created in order to get the public in tune with the coming government unrolling of central bank digital currencies, to trap humanity in an all knowing digital control system nightmare. Do think, what are the chances that governments will actually let an entity take over their bread and butter of currency control. Governments have allowed bitcoin to be financialized strictly for the cash cow that it will milk in with tax revenues.

Sure their may be a few computer super geniuses able to stealth their way into a dark anonymous hoarding of 0’s and 1’s, but the vast majority of the extreme minority that actually count bitcoin as other than fantasy are on the hook for eventual tax obligations. You can bet that governments have hackers working for them currently creating a digital currency ledger for possessors of the financial instrument.

Bits of Concern

Here are a few bitcoin facts that should make any non gamblers question the validity and transient nature of the digital waste of electricity.

  • Before unleashing bitcoin in the cybersphere, Satoshi took it upon him/itself to “mine” 1 million bitcoin for personal possession. That is 4% of the total number of bitcoins ever to come into “existence.” This means that “Satoshi,” if still in possession is sitting on, at current market value over half a trillion USD. No doubt, it will all be used for humanity lifting, altruistic, philanthropic purposes. That is if “he” did not unload the majority, when surprisedly, bitcoin managed to attain a price of 12 dollars. It could be said that Satoshi gill netted the shallow water fish and then left the lake to be dynamited by the poachers.
  • There is a limit to how many bitcoins can ever be “mined.” That limit is 21 million. Supposedly by around the year 2140, is when the stock of 0’s and 1’s known as bitcoins will be processed into existence. Remember that foreshadowing!
  • Bitcoins are terribly slow for performing transactions, taking up to 10 minutes in order to complete. Not to mention, there are not very many places where one can actually spend bitcoins, and chances are, what one buys makes it necessary to reveal ones identity, thus unravelling one of bitcoins tenets for being – anonymity.
  • And my favourite. .5% of bitcoin wallets own 87% of the bitcoins ever mined. So, while supposedly creating a sound alternative to the government and predatory financial entities, “Satoshi” has in fact just created a parallel “financial” structure that is vast majority controlled by less than 1% of the players of which might number into the low millions of people, whereas the real world has over 7 billion people that actually perform meaningful, societal uplifting tasks in order to create real world currency and value and are rewarded for doing so.

A Quantum Death

Personally, I have never seen any merited value or benefit to money or currency in digital form. The exact opposite, I equate digital currencies, whether government, bank, or anonymously produced, as ultimately, an end of privacy, which in turn equates to loss of liberty, and if one does not possess privacy or liberty then freedom ceases to exist. For that reason I have used cash for my whole life, apart from when it is not possible such as buying an airplane ticket online by credit card. I even equated debit with the eventual total end of privacy and therefore liberty and freedom, so refrained from ever using it.

Now, even “anonymous” private entities have gotten into the game of creating currencies(crypto), which in reality are just financial instruments to gamble on in hopes of winning big. It is a novel idea I suppose, perhaps a gold rush of the digital age for an analogy.

The originator, bitcoin, was clever enough to fool enough people to have made it to the mainstream market of over-financialization. I suppose there is some sort of lure in a decentralized, peer to peer, public ledger known as blockchain.

Though the fact that what is supposed to give bitcoin the majority of its value is the scarcity and exponential difficulty in attaining them as fewer exist to be “mined,”  is due to the reason that the mathematical problems that need to be solved in order to release said bitcoins become ever more complicated as the remaining number of digital tokens become scarcer is quite troubling to anybody capable of looking into the future in an objective fashion.

Having come into existence to the public in 2009 and with all bitcoins set to be mined by the year 2140, that makes it 131 years for all bitcoins to come into “existence.” 0’s and 1’s, do any really have that much more meaning or value than others? Or in reality is there no real value other than the coders time it took write the code?

If one remembers, earlier in this article I explained a little bit about the burgeoning coming to be of quantum computers and their function. Is it not true that problems that take 10,000 years to solve on a classical computer will take as little as 1 second to solve on an early model quantum computer? Yes it is!

Well, how anticlimactic for the all mighty bitcoin. 131 years of computing time, at 2015 indexed classical computer computing power is beginning to sound a lot like a bloodletting to cure cancer or a phrenology exam to look for qualified astrophysicists. Yes, a quantum computer, once specialized, could probably break the “131 year” bitcoin code in mere milliseconds in the not too distant future!

Hmm, maybe there is actually something quite important to billions of people engaged in a productive capacity in order to come up with societal constructs, ingenuity, arts, agriculture, education, services, entertainment, literature…… order to have a currency system that is actually tied to the actions of those participating in the tasks that advance humanity in a level greater that a computer solving mathematical problems that are a few years away from being equivalent to 1+1.

The key to human advancement in financial matters is to reign in the globalist cabal and the political puppets that allow for the globalist sleaze to exist and enact legislation for the perverted function to be in existence and constantly metastasize. A key is the complete overhaul of the education system and teaching posterity from day one about becoming an informed, integral and highly participatory member in a system where all are held to account. Yes, true/direct democracy.

Have fun in the bitcoin casino while it lasts. It may yet go parabolic, but in the short future those 0’s and 1’s will not be worth the free electricity that one gets from a solar panel hidden in the deepest darkest cave.