Not Going to Stop

Sometimes I do not know where to start, actually, I take that back.

It begins every morning, after it has become apparent that Freddy Kreuger was either kind enough, or cruelly sadistic enough, to allow my graphic simulation to carry on into the future, though strangely always in the now I sit, though never lie, as I prefer to lay, such it is to stand, tall anyways.

Blessed again, time to conquer the world, well the immediate task within anyways, after all, it is surely impossible to reach a maximum if all one exerts is the minimum. Reflect on that with enough contemplation, then action, and one’s disposition will surely delineate a being existing for living.

Not Stopping to Go

Velocity and mass. Applying enough of the former with a suitable dose of the latter will, at best, guarantee a debilitating bruising mottle at the forefront of a vehicular throttle, possibly even a sanguinary or not so master mind leakage event.

By the age of five, though quite possibly four, the concept of stopping, looking both ways and proceeding safely thereafter to cross the street was a learned and engrained survival mechanism bestowed upon my young mind to instil common sense, an independent spirit and the privilege(?) to not become a blithering idiot, or more realistically, a non blithering corpse. Life 101!

Beginning circa 2015, the phenomenal phenomena of teenagers and young adults adeptly, ignorantly and astonishingly just carelessly walking across the road at intersections with a stop sign, without so much as even looking to make sure that a certain death is not imminently approaching has become an all too often occurrence. Then to use ones horn to bring attention to the brain dead action of ignorance is met with a hateful scowl. And they have not even been lost in their “smart” phones. Perhaps the result of a generation swallowing the misnomer of being treated as “special” just for existing? Snowflakes.

Yielding to an Ignorant Merger

On the road again, that road which would render the wandering, incapable of wondering snowflake a certain bloody puddle with mind pudding matter leaking onto the asphalt. Good thing the freeway has overpasses, and the overpasses, guard rails!

We’ve all been there, whether the irate follower, the up to speed right of way, or heaven forbid, the ignorant saint unaware of vehicular sin. Yes, to merge into freeway traffic while driving 30kmh less than the posted speed limit. Perhaps one should call it the socialist slide in, let’s turn the free unimpeded flow into an inverted yielding nightmare unleashed by those ignoring harmonious operational courtesy.

Paying the Toll

Apart from – Not Going to Stop – this article is approved by the mind of the state attached to the government body joined together by a very nervous system barely in control of the circulatory system of misinformation that speeds up the propaganda arm in an effort to get a leg up on  the invisible hand sure to plant two feet in the eyes of the foundational brain.