It used to be that pretentious, contemptible, attention seeking ignoramus’ with nothing intelligent, or of importance to talk about were relegated to the act of self aggrandizing themselves in a very limited scope of societal projection, thankfully only infiltrating the schizophrenic reflection staring back at themselves as their delusions of grandeur reassured the false image in the mirror that “me, me, me,” the self professed yet totally unaware homemade victim is the be all and end all of worldly importance.

Oh, how space and time have changed to warp the very fabric of our existence. An existential black hole consuming the planetary reality, vacuously choking the atmosphere, leaving it without the necessary elements to support a healthy orbit of meaningful trajectory. The flat earthling scenario, a one dimensional clumping together of spaced out junk forming in an almost zero gravity conglomeration in the waste-time continuum.

Sending out their signal repeatedly and endlessly by means of varying substrates, picking up countless radioactive waves of space cadets, as any true signs of intelligent life able to pick up said transmissions would come to realize such cosmic emissions were of no sophisticated craft, but just martian protoplasmic ooze ejections barfed out into the dark matter of zero gravity. Time to escape it.

T minus 5-4-3-2-1…….Blast off into nothingness………Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat…….Or more suitably, Shitter, Wastebook, Instascam, and Crapchat……Because hey, seeking continual recognition, likes, followers, attention, and validation from complete strangers, peers, and family, in an emotionless, one dimensional computer generated “real life” experience is a sure way to gauge the honesty, intentions, genuineness, and meaningfulness of any kind of relationship. Sarcasm denoted!

In an era of extremely short attention spans and over sensationalized celebrity worship, these “social” platforms have found a way to combine the worst of both of those worlds. After all, the world is sure to end up in a more rational frame of mind when an actor, musician, or other “celebrity” incapable of escaping the parameters of a mainstream media construct comments on geopolitical issues of which they have zero understanding and end up becoming a reputable “source’ for millions of couch potato smart phone addicts. Surely most toilet stall graffiti is of more importance in forming an objective world view – even if that man came from Nantucket!

To constantly seek the approval and attention of others in a one dimensional, totally detached digital environment comes across as an unhealthy act of desperation, extreme loneliness, and wished self celebrity manifestation of the need to be recognized for any reason whatsoever. Some, in reality, might state that one does not truly begin living until the achievement of prolonged contemplative reflection has been practised, and to possibly be an ulterior existence of elevated functionality in a universal being.

Those seeking attention for anything other than making the world a better place to live are residing in a shallow non reflective narcissistic capsule. While those that do make the world a better place to exist, humbly seek no attention for their participative role in fulfilling a life’s work.

And, if the need for countless people to escape and actually become addicted to a digital realm, and with it, the continued need for any sort of detached peer cyber affirmation is not sign enough of the superficial digital false reality negatively affecting a serious proportion of the billions of users of “social” media infrastructure, surely the creation and adoption of the metaverse, the next level of digital dystopia, has to make one question what is happening socially to make people dive headlong into such a shallow wading pool of dislocated interaction.

As someone who uses a flip phone, and enjoys going out to a bar/restaurant occasionally to have a nice meal and a couple of beers, while possibly engaging in a conversation if situated in the vicinity of someone with greater observational analysis than predetermined mainstream narrative parameters, it has become troubling to see the increasing number of “people” lost in the endless, thousand yard gaze of smart phone swiping dystopia.

Are such people in such deep throes of their digital addiction that they are not able to see how foolish such behaviour truly is? They have just come to a socializing place of interaction and are unable to engage, sometimes even with the bartender, in a basic courteous human fashion. Is their endless phone usage supposed to prove to others in the environment that they have actual friends on the other side of their digital fingerprints? Surely if such was the case, they would have contacted someone beforehand to meet, in order to bullshit in the flesh, no? Do these “people” have miles of string and endless tin cans, or a pre fashioned noose, in case of an EMP attack?

Is the digital platform construct, including “social” media, a major contributing factor to the snowflake-ization of society that seems to be snowballing into a base and mid level of unstable foundation, where “people” are so accustomed to the undetectable vast fakery of the many personae creating a public image in order to strictly sell fantasy while garnering needed attention in order to suck one into a phoney realm of self indulgence and statistical usury, that when said ice-crystallized minds hear a contradictory yet totally objective truth, or heaven forbid a foreign concept outside of their life detracting safe-zone, it has the effect of a major trauma episode that should be reserved for the loss of life, limb, or other violent phenomena?

“The more people I meet the more I like my dog,” was a phrase applicable to be displayed on a bumper sticker ten plus years ago. Though enough time and societal “advancement” has passed to rehash the statement into, “The more “people” I meet the more I wish I was Dick Proenneke.”

Though in the end, perhaps the general public, and more specifically the younger generations reason for escaping and getting lost in the reams of the digital realms is the complete rebelling and disconnect from the false reality that the social, economic, entertainment, and most disgustingly, the political systems have devolved to over the past few decades. Therefore the wet behind the ears dispossessed have gone anti-social with their digital existence, anti-economic with their unenlightened viewpoint of communism being a viable option, anti- entertainment with their descent into “reality” programming, and anti-politics with their willingness to not so much as even put up the slightest resistance to creeping authoritarianism rule.

Or possibly it is just atrocious parenting and educational foundation. Though maybe an ever undetectable and infiltrating propaganda laden existence has something to do with it. Hell, probably all the above and more some.

What happens in a direct democracy system when a certain proportion of the population has been programmed to cut off their nose to spite their face? Whatever. Swipe what’s left to right.