This is not a blog post. Neither is it a written article teeming with reactions from neuronal synaptic inputs disgracing the conglomerated semi-coagulated-like substrate uncomfortably nestled between my ears, topping my spinal chord, below my cranium’s apex, and most definitely under god, in more ways than one, which allows my fingers, or is it finger(?), to electronically deliver said chaotic brainstormed outputs to those unfortunate enough to think that I might have something interesting, relative, comical, relevant, or heaven forbid, important to say. Poor souls.

Though if not a blog, or article it be, what cometh from mine mind to thee? Well, I am glad I made you ask the question. Most certainly it must be a homogenized adherence of alphabetical continuum solely derived from sources past. After all, who has not used all these non newfangled words of yesteryear hitherto? It has all been done before, no? Government indoctrination – yes! Obedience to ignorance – the globalists motto. Follow that tv.

There is nothing original here to hear in the minds eyes. Besides, next year it will be a crime – a crime of passion to exceedingly evade that cultural indoctrination. How dare you, sorry, I mean she – he – ze – ey – ve – it – xe……….., have any independent pondering impulses that the mind of state state of mind, through the infiltrating globalist mantra, has not continuously and subliminally attempted to rot into the necrotizing matrix that is somehow passing as an acceptable societal model to follow.

And I Thought the Multiplication Table Was Tough

By the way, my spellcheck does not recognize ze, ey, ve, xe…….. it regards them as anomalies. Though something tells me that in a short time those phoney globalist constructs lacking true intelligence will normalize the computational error of their purposefully scrambled err. I think some people read this before I publish it.

The globalists adding and subsequent multiplication of the long division is an equation that only subtracts from the overall cohesion of the populace to join forces against the real negative integers of the power of globalist government. This system is their game of confinement and compartmentalization in order to run amok over decency. Hideously planned events programming run amok over societies

What did ever happen to the X and Y chromosomes? I think there might be something to such verifiable genetic inclusiveness! Though tv will tell one otherwise. If I can even say “one” anymore. Because hey, some logic lacking snowflake out there is ashamed of having or being “one,” whatever “one” is on a given day and time. Though for other woke sleepwalkers the context of “one” is not enough, so they probably will not have sufficient attention idiotically and ashamedly heaped onto their mentally ill selfish necrotized fantasy unless they two, or is it to, who cares, give it a tutu too to double the rotting deuce.

**Please Skip This Paragraph**

No lie. Years ago, with a razor knife(sterilized), I cut out a painful ingrown hair from my private parts because I did not want to have the possibility of another man possibly touching, scrutinizing, then slicing said appendage. The operation was 100% successful. I guess now it is ok for me to identify as a surgeon. Please call me sur from now on! Just think what I could do if I read a book or two on the subject. I think my next operation will be a self frontal lobotomy. The surgery will be the painkiller! Though then I will be too qualified to be a politician or bureaucrat. Now that is politically correct!

Painted Into a Coroner

Where do we go from here? Woke globalist government think tanks undoubtedly, well actually, sewage tanks, those endless purveyors of filth known as state and corporate media, the new woke education system, “political correctness,” and the into the void deconstructed sanitized minds that have fallen prey to the predatory propaganda system that has consumed the notion of unselfish individualism and unknowingly replaced it with the mind of state state of mind camouflaged as individualistic spirit that has, to the unwitting, stealthily convinced the sleepwalkers that they have a mind of their own, yet be a zombified shadow consumed by the gaping maw of globalist population homogenization. Through and through travelling globalist governments digestive tract, coming out the other end as human waste. I suppose the world needs more fertilizer, with the sanctions and all.

System Says: It Is For Your Own Good!

One could suppose that the only thing worse than constantly believing that what the many voices of one’s daily existence tells one is an emphatic truth told for one’s benefit and solely communicated to elevate understanding, would be to comprehend otherwise and put up no resistance to the swirling round the toilet bowl of society, all too happy to just be taken to the place of sanitized minds nodding in agreement to nothingness passing as formative construct – that tapioca syndrome admixture. Let the agitation begin, time to wake before the societal wake happens. Although, that societal body is already lukewarm.

Confined to a Globalist Corner

Along with a backbone people used to be raised to have a spine, now invertebracy tends to be an innate learned function of a protruding soft matter society riddled with politically correct scoliosis passing as good posture. Time to forego beholden governments sickly hump and teach society how to attain their independent hunch back. After all to play along to the convoluted rules of a mentally ill fabricated sheltered mind system could only lead to a mentally ill society, and no doubt, “the proof is in the pudding”, as the old saying goes. Pudding brain and invertebracy are intricately linked.

State and corporate media play a shameful role in the stealth subversion of the soul which begins for many while still in the womb waiting to released to serve the globalist construct of which many are incapable of escaping, even though thinking to be in the free and clear. Personally, to watch in my adult life how far these “news” substrates have become ever increasingly part and parcel of the intelligence state that lacks any and all intelligence whatsoever, has been an educational experience. And along with the “news” slipping into the swirling commode of nothingness, so have all political and institutional “free” systems.

Many of the older generations have been normalized with it for decades and will never be able to escape the grasp of the graft that is as normal as a loved family member to them. Even most those of my generation are incapable of escaping the false construct and parameters of the captive mind system that has been cleverly concocted over centuries, and become extremely consolidated and powerful in the electronic age, as more disinformation, general crap, and the immense obfuscating propaganda has been amplified, aggrandized, and normalized to the point of there being so much absolute lies and crap floating in the toilet bowl of society, it is an art form in itself to be able to find anything of worthwhile substance.

Mind Sanitizer

Though having said that, many of those in the younger generations that I occasionally speak with seem to have a good grasp on the fact that state and corporate media is indeed feeding them a load of prefabricated garbage, yet they are not entirely able to put the finger on the form and function of the control system put in place to sanitize the mind.

It pleased my free soul a few weeks ago when I spoke with a young lady behind the counter at a micro-brewery and she let it be known that just looking at the Queen of England and royal family, made her feel sick to the stomach, yet her mother was infatuated with the old terrorist hag. Definitely the sign of one mind being a decades long captive incapable of escaping the globalist parameter powers, while the latter knowing something was seriously wrong with the function of western society, yet not definitively being able to target and locate a full comprehensive analysis to validate her rightfully so uneasy feeling of captivity to a living lie.

Surely a sanitized mind is a fragile tool of the power system to be exploited and wielded solely to support the mind of state of mind, a submissive obedient dependent if you will, with the inability to decipher and freely associate in multiple realms of interspersed non linear explanations and actions is a mind that will need constant input and false stimulus to keep it in the unknowing state, needing reassurance from a power structure looking to immensely exploit it. To have an uncertain, following mind at ones disposal will then allow the leader and/or power structure to lay the false bait and lead the followers in any direction seen fit to the abusive system.

Whereas a strong, independent, objectively analytical, free thinking, highly questioning mind would be too wise to fall prey to those systems looking to exploit the masses in order to use them as a statistic to carry out an objective that the duped, through unquestioned servility, has been led to believe is being implemented for their benefit, though really serves nothing more than the continuance of a system of ignorance. Not only so, but the sanitized mind has been so stricken by the effects of the population homogenization that it may not even be able to counter with even one dissenting questions or logical flaws of said situational findings, as the false reality and blinded existence passes as an unquestionable dwelling. Obedience to a false power, educationally engrained, to the highest degree!

The last thing any government truly wants is a society full of completely cognizant free thinking true individuals dependent upon nobody other than friends or families. If so, it wields governments and their cronies and other false state institutions invalid, which would no doubt possess the trickle up effect of the true globalist powers no longer having moral prostitutes and other truly clueless institutional dupes ignorantly and unknowingly serving the globalist monster that has been designed to lay siege, exploiting the nature of all societies.

Sub Missive Messages

State and corporate media are major players in dumbing down, overly sensitizing, indoctrinating, and leading masses to non questioning sanitized interactions. I force myself to listen to radio CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation) during my commute, just so I can get a taste of the victim narrative, and mind pudding recipe that is unleashed upon millions of happy sheep willing to waltz to the slaughtered state of mind that blind following of such heaps of absolute garbage will render someone to with such repeated indoctrination experiences, without someone having been given reasoning abilities to question so much drivel.

One story a few months ago was about how it was politically incorrect, and just plain ignorant to ask immigrants what country that they had originally come from. And in true CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation) fashion, they had again scraped the bottom of the barrel of inclusiveness and found some mentally moist immigrants to Canada, who no doubt, felt the need to run to a panic room, weld the door behind themselves, and then proceed to bury their heads in the sands of ignorance, all because someone threatened their existence with a friendly question of, “What country are you from originally?” For sure a racist, bigoted, hateful, and life destroying enquiry!

I suppose the thought of such a question being a basic conversation starter is incapable of registering to begin with in such a mind. This is not to mention that said immigrant had just been handed a benefitting life experience to be able to educate and enlighten another human being with informative knowledge from up to halfway around the world.

In reality, such a basic question has the ability to grow roots then branch off in many directions, perhaps leading to a shared experience of reciprocal nature, lead to conversations of cuisine, politics, geographical, familial, historical, flora, fauna, tourism advice…….You know, an enlightening, bonding, informative social interaction. What humans were born to participate in.

Just last week, a gentleman on the job site I was working on spoke in a certain manner of which I seemed to recognize, having a friend who also says, “Boom-Boom-Boom” as he describes a course of action to follow. So I piped up and said, “Are you from Fiji,” of which a massive grin came across his face, which turned into a bonding event between the two of us.

I learned about his home town of Savusavu, as he gleefully told me about the crystal clear waters with hundred foot visibility which is a world renowned snorkelling and scuba diving escape. How they would harvest young coconuts, refrigerate them until nice and cool then add a splash of vodka for enjoyment. “Would it work with gin?” I asked him. With a massive grin, he assured me it would.


He then informed me that when he came here 30+ years ago he could not speak a word of English, how he was 118 pounds soaking wet, until he met his wife, of which likes to lovingly feed him, and about his daughters and where they worked, his son in law…….Then to top it off, he told me that if I ever go to Fiji to let him know, because he had relatives that would accommodate me in my travels.

Yeah, be careful, as asking someone where they are from might lead to enlightenment, and even the possibility making a new friend, heaven forbid.

And in the end, someone who is not able to stomach the inquiry of being asked the question of where they are originally from is somebody that is truly not worth knowing. A true government induced specimen. Mind of state state of mind. So how about that weather?

Long live the institutional globalist government construct of the death of the free inquiring mind! Heavily supported by the CBC(Canadian/Communist Brainwashing Corporation.)