Footing For the Header/Hoofing For the Main

When I used to go visit my mom, and for whatever reason addressed her with, “hey,” she would always retort with, “hay is for horses.” It is one of those play on words that does not translate all that well into written speech.  Until now that is. So any time that someone attempts to gain my attention with, “hey,” a horse always comes to play in words.

Scuzz-bucket is also a word that I picked up from Mom. She used it on occasion to describe Canada’s “Conservative” prime minister Stephen Harper. Mom was not incorrect on that description. I wish Mom could have lived to see my creation of this website. Though something tells me she already knows. Anne loved animals dearly.

Bottom Feeding Trough Slob

That horse faced woman Jacinda Ardern. Prime minister of New Zealand, servant to Klaus Schwab and the royal dung heap emanating from the bowels of the World Economic Forum. Did I mention treasonous globalist strumpet? Another left and right hand woman engaged in the furious double fisted circle jerk of the globalist cabal. Definitely a horsewoman of the apocalypse.

Lady of the Night-Mare

 For anyone that missed it, recently, Jacinda Ardern was spotted vacating BlackRock’s office in New York City. Though her mask is an improvement, it is about time for one of those veterinary cone collars that prevents the afflicted animal from sticking its nose into the backside of globalist nation state destroying psychopathic criminal shills.

Though I suppose Jacinda might have just popped in to use the washroom and take a few laps from the toilet. Though Chasing the Golden Carrot was probably a more likely scenario. After all, no electronic communications to be tapped during an in person meeting to discuss treasonous agendas. And numbered offshore bank accounts?

A Descrition of Jacinda’s Patriotism

With prime ministers like the four main Commonwealth countries of England, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, who needs external enemies anyways. Looks like we have ourselves another lying, galloping psychopath looking to retire on beachfront property after having engaged in excessive downtroddenness of the population with covid lockdowns, climate terrorism, and bug eating sensibilities.


If like the mainstream media narrative said in the below video that Jacinda visited BlackRock to “Open up more doors for trade,” are there not  more effective ways to enhance trade than by flying thousands of kilometres to visit a few people in a boardroom? Come to think of it, does New Zealand not have a cabinet position of Minister of Trade? Why yes, virtually all countries do. Oh well, what’s next, ministers of finance diving in the ocean to net more fishing opportunities?

My word of advice would be to avoid galloping too fast while circling jerking that globalist race track. To falter and stumble might cause no legs to stand on, and those throrough-inbreds to call the veterinarian to gauge the situation.

Hmm. Kind of looks like that scuzz-bucket Jamie Dimon over Jacinda’s right shoulder? Yeah, a trade meeting indeed ; ) You give us New Zealand on a silver platter, and in trade, a numbered bank account, future corporate/insitutional postings, and a sweet book deal.

Just-Him Truedope has already earned a colouring book, but strives to dimensionally achieve a childs pop-up story book. Few small words there.


Say Nayyyy to globalist treason!

Perhaps the 21st century will bring new meaning to the phrase, “Hung Like A Horse?”