Soon to Be In Spectre of Hell

Well, I’d like to say that “they” are at it again, but in an all too blatant reality, “they” have never stopped with the premeditated murder of freedom, liberty, decency, common sense, or any other self respective bodily autonomy, choice, and human spirit. But such are the actions of bribe ridden globalist hand puppet low class prostitutes.

False patriotic flag waving from the front porch, while immeasurably taking it through the insatiable gaping back door of globalist penetration. Certainly no dis-ease of the globalist disease that they treasonously spread. Definitely a case of those congenital warts, since birth afflicted with zero conscience, or self respect of themselves, let alone others.

Truedope Need Not Be Told to Assume Such a Position it Comes Naturally

Become a big enough treasonous whore and be rewarded with an offshore bank account for the actual blank amount of truth or morality that splatters from the beholden prostituted mind, then off the coffered lips of said sovereignty sellers. Truly so much crap, it absolutely deserves to be returned to the earth as the now rich, prime fertilizer it has become. Consider it a crop rotation of the fallow minds. To plow under the rotten vegetables, then the planting of a new seed indeed. Let us forget about the perennial invasive species choking a healthy society out.

Truedope Never Tires of Orifice Penetration

Well, obviously “they” are Canada’s putrid politician globalist lapdog shame suckling on the globalist teutonic twits emanating from the backside of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. Mrs. & Mrs. Treason in the flesh, Just-him Truedope and Chrystia Slaveland “they” be, and let us not forget about their, on the wrong side of history, “Liberal” cabinet, as well as, the Jagermonster and his coalition of skeevy scuzzbuckets rounding out the globalist circle jerk. Most definitely a stain on Canadian society.

Jagmeet’s Intellectual Equal

That’s right, well, actually it’s terribly wrong – as Canada’s treasonous duo has recently announced that they will be reinstating random covid testing, beginning July 19th, for vaccinated international travelers arriving at Canada’s airports in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto, less than one month after “pausing” the totally unnecessary and intrusive violation of a persons freedom.

And yes, unvaccinated Canadians returning to Canada have to take 3 covid tests, and are forced to quarantine for 14 days, even if the first covid test comes out as negative. Also, no, unvaccinated travelers from other countries are not even welcome in Canada by the feral federal globalist government. Surely the unvaccinated are persona non grata due to choosing medical autonomy, freedom, logic, intelligence, common sense, and human rights. How dare we!

Though as if having one’s nostril randomly penetrated by a government stooge in search of a not so virulent virus after having arrived at the airport was not inconvenient, intrusive, demeaning, or authoritarian enough, Canada’a federal government has now moved the totally dictatorial practice out of the airport and into the community at large.

Now, after arrival, said mind wiped government protocol will be sending out random emails to people who will then be responsible to visit a select testing provider location, pharmacy, or a virtual appointment for a self-swab test. And in true government moronic fashion, the new testing rule lacks any common sense, or even basic intelligence, as once someone leaves the airport they are able to stop at unlimited locations and spread their deadly runny nose in countless stops of choice before being forced to appear at said covid test.

Having seen their imbecilic reflection on the wall, All of Canada’s provinces and territories have eliminated the need for covid testing, yet the feral federal globalist class of political scum wish to carry on with the globalists tradition of making society harder to navigate, taking away personal freedoms, invading one’s privacy, inconveniencing peoples lives, and quite obviously making money for the partners and stakeholders of the globalist circle jerk.

Is it not quite obvious a statement that to look for a covid virus in one who has been vaccinated against covid is a blatant admission that the covid vaccine does not stop the transmission of the virus, and the entire vaccination campaign is in fact a globalist power play, and a ruse to make money for the partners and stakeholders invested in such medical malarky?

Could it be coincidence that Canada’s treasonous duo, the Truedope and the Slaveland are tied at the hip with the World Economic Forum, and that six of the major companies that manufacture and sell to governments these “critical” covid tests are indeed partners of the World Economic Forum? And that is a fact.

Slaveland the Globalist Pig Gorging on Globalist Crumbs

Kind of makes one wonder if the globalist cartel threatened the off shore bank accounts of the Truedope and Slaveland? Surely there must be a globalist clause that demands a certain performance factor in order to be able to finally grasp that dangling golden carrot. You know, to have to lie, cheat, and steal from their non-respected subjects until the day they are voted out of office, or possibly defenestrated. Forget the Panama Papers, I want to see the Canada Papers!

Canadians, do not forget, our globalist political whores have signed contracts for years with Pfizer and Moderna for the ineffective and pretty much unnecessary pseudo vaccines, and the feral federals will do all that they can within their egregious power to ensure that Canadians and those wishing to visit Canada are poked, prodded and nasally violated as often as possible, for as long as possible. After all those globalist profits and power tripping depend on it.

And do not forget, not only are six of the major covid test manufacturers partners in the World Economic Forum, but also, the investment fund BlackRock, headed by Lawrence Fink, who just so happens is a board member of the World Economic Forum, is a MAJOR investor in Pfizer, Moderna, and much of the American corporate media corporations.

The gravitational pull is enough to push society into an event on the horizon.