Assuredly, anyone incapable of finding any, then proceeding in dishing it out in a helping of recognition to resolve the heightened societal grumbling growls that the governing foundational architecture of regression do wholeheartedly skillfully mince and forth-going dish out profusely in a scrambled attempt to disguise their own unnourished suffering feeding the divisional hunger, must be consequently gorging upon their categorically empty foulmouthed regurgitative cud destined for future comeuppance by means of a throated actionable feed-lot of eventual pasture clearing markedly.

Time to dish it out. Thanks, that is. Tis the time of year, in Cana-duh anyways. Today, Monday, October 9th is Canadian Thanksgiving. And as a first thanks, perhaps it is acknowledgement of not having devolved into a fourth Thursday in Novemberesque mega-corporate sponsored parade ridden, gridiron regime of overtly subliminal mega-corporate advertising campaigns, that in togetherness, undoubtedly in non-coincidental largesse, strikingly fire up a mega-corporate frenzy of mob mentality insensibility keen upon stampeding one’s fellow in the hopes of being able to monetarily short-stroke while simultaneously long-cocking one’s brethren so as to acquire an even larger tv for next years “festivities.”

Ah, who am I kidding, we have the border creep up here. A “good” empire always projects and infects with border creep technique! Beam it on out. ¬†Black Friday indeed – the day worthwhile societal spirit truly dies. Cana-duh swallows the American poison on the fourth Thursday in November in theirs/ours morbidly obese moral bankruptcy emulation.

Though before a few more thanks cometh on my behalf, here are a few origins as to the initiation and continuance of Canadian Thanksgiving.

It is purported that in the year 1578, Martin Frobisher, an English explorer, held a “giving thanks” meal for the safe arrival after having successfully crossed the Atlantic Ocean with his crew and arriving at what was then known as Newfoundland, but which geographically has since become the Canadian territory of Nunavut.

In the past, Canadian Thanksgiving was held in later October, or early November on varying dates of locations, becoming an official holiday in 1879. Canada’s Thanksgiving now falls on the second Monday of every October, thanks to Canadian government law enacted on January 31st, 1957 and by decree come to signify the end of the harvest and the transition to autumn, though without a doubt Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy good company and food for those fortunate enough to be able to do so. And no doubt there are also those thankful for not being able to join family on any occasion. Can I get an amen on that thought?

Thanks – A Few For the Lot

Firstly, to thank any and all readership who take the notion as to think that what I type may be interesting, informative, comedic, contain historical importance, contrarian ideas, future endeavours, supply insight or possible philosophical worth, or even cause offence to those stuck within the shadow and shallows of withered limitation. Remember, if CR does not offend one, either I have not done my duty in satisfactory fashion, or truly one’s mind has reached the cognitive towering needed to transcend the systemic disgracism and pudding dwelling accompaniment by way of the stewed vegetables wanting recognition for the mystifying boggy stasis of truly being offended by the alphabet.

Secondly, to everyone that has ever created an image that has appeared on ENDPOLITICIANS.COM, therefore positively contributing to the low-brow, high-impact medium-infinity that does so gracefully corkscrew, itemize, atomize, acclimatize, and most assuredly demonetized the windswept swirling downpour upliftingly blowing from the recessive depths of treading cognitive deepness. Some of you know who you are, and the others; universally spoken for.

Thirdly, to have been blessed with one parent who was able to extol and therefore teach the value of hard work, decency, dignity, integrity, honesty, universal necessity, leading by example, humility, selflessness, understanding, enlightenment, fearlessness, contributive necessity, self reflection, and continual betterment to name some of the many attributes of transgressing ignorance. (As for the other parent. He is human filth in the purest form.)

Homing in Nature

Being Thanksgiving weekend, I was able to visit some family and be thankful for doing so. Especially after having a member of said extended family come to an untimely death very recently, leaving people in a sorrowful remembrance. Though the universe certainly has a way of giving reflective assurances as to life having happenings of profound contemplative nature.

Having being at the home that used to belong to my mom, a home that was the living and final resting moments of our beloved family dog, a Golden Retriever named Fleury, a bunch of us were socializing in the kitchen and living room, when the direct sibling of he who had recently passed on, told us to turn around and look because Fleury was “in the screen door.” So we all did, and sure enough an apparition of what surely is a very high likeness to Fleury was gracing us in adoring fashion by means of the front porch light emanating onto the front screen door in a manner that sure seemed to be of more refined nature than the ubiquitous “Jesus” in grilled cheese sandwich or Cheetos form. It was taken as a sign of Jordy greeting us in amazement.

It  certainly dumbfounded everyone there, even those who knew Fleury not. As such, a picture was taken. And so here it is to share with you.