Dictionary.com’s #1 definition of terror is, intense, sharp, overmastering fear: to be frantic with fear.

 Every day of my life for the last 7+ months I have seen dozens to hundreds of people engulfed in the throws of terror. I do not actually have to speak to these frantic people to know that they are extremely fearful of the hourly and daily threats they receive non stop. All I have to is leave my house and observe what society is up to in their time and space. I am of course speaking of the people you see driving in their cars and walking down the street by themselves and have a mask tightly strapped to their face.

My first inclination all those months ago was to laugh at such a person when I observed them, but the emotion of humour very shortly turned into sorrow and anger. Sorrow and anger that someone would be inundated with enough repeated misinformation to behave in such a manner. These people must truly think that covid-19 is just floating around in the atmosphere waiting to infect them.

This brings me to definition #2. Terrorism. The #1 meaning of terrorism is, the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes. I realize that these mask-ueraders have been threatened every day, multiple times a day and have taken these excessive and over exaggerated threats literally and in their mind have no choice but to don the face nappy of deceit.

This as you may have guessed brings me to my last word definition. Terrorist. Terrorist is defined as, a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism. Personally I can only think of two groups that have been actively engaging in this covid-19 terror assault that the populace has been subjected to for the past 7 months. These 2 groups are the media, state and corporate and some members of government. Government and media are currently and incessantly using overmastering fear to intimidate and coerce the public for political purposes.

For those who do not know the Center for Disease Control has some statistics on covid deaths. The CDC comes out and says that only 6% of covid deaths are from people(mostly old) with no underlying conditions, and the other 94% have on average 2.6 other comorbidities.

A bit of information about these masks that you see the general population wearing. First of all the only thing these masks accomplish is to stop spittle droplets from exiting your mouth, this is the reason a surgeon wears a mask, because when they speak they do not want to have droplets land in the open wound of a patient.

Secondly, A virus is much smaller than the weave of these cloth masks that people are wearing. So, if you, like I always see people do, touch your mask to adjust it and you happen to have a virus on your hand, that virus is now lodged on the mask and is hovering right by your mouth, one of 3 points of entry for covid. The other 2 being your eyes and nose. As well, if you have a virus, when you talk that virus is now attached to the mask and if you touch the mask chances are that virus is now on your hand and will be passed on to whatever you touch after touching your virus infected mask.