The government and mainstream media terror and misinformation campaign regarding covid 19 continues, still infecting the minds of the masses, constantly submitting them into a state of fear, panic and overwhelming indoctrination that has brought the herd to an unfathomable level of unquestioned acquiescence which leads them down the winding corral to the rapidly creeping digital control system being slopped arrogantly into the trough by international institutions and their(not ours) subservient, spayed/neutered and lobotomized non-sovereign governments for a lifetime of feed for the unthinking, encapsulated sheep.

Having no common sense, then massively overreacting to a not so deadly respiratory virus that supposedly appeared in March in western countries but in reality was circulating in 2019 the inept western governments proceeded to lock their citizens/subjects in their own homes depriving them of vitamin D which is one of the best therapeutics for fighting off infection. Covid was not a problem until mainstream media and governments permanently burned it into the minds and souls of the masses with their terror campaign. Not to mention the massive increase in crime, suicide, spousal/partner/child/drug abuse that came along once government stole the businesses/jobs and deprived the meaning of hundreds of millions of lives. Did I mention the trillions of dollars of debt that we the tax payers are now on the hook for?

After failing miserably with the lockdown mandate and wanting to redeem their bungling selves, governments just had to be perceived as useful and doing something to save its populace/subjects from this new overhyped by media for ratings, not too virulent virus, so they then chose to even further negatively psychologically affect the minds of their captives(citizens) by forcing us to strap ineffective masks to our faces.

Not only that, but now international institutions were claiming this covid nightmare would not go away until the whole world was vaccinated against it, so the brain dead politicians bought it hook, line and sinker! Billions of doses of vaccine to be paid for by, you guessed it, us the common peasant. Did I mention that these international institutions will be profiting in the billions, if not trillions for this covid agenda being forced down our throat, here is one example of how the World Bank will be making billions from second world countries in the years ahead. They just have to work out indemnity deals with the second world countries so the pharmaceutical companies are not liable for when the vaccine kills, sterilizes or harms people in any way. Smells a lot like fascism to me!

Did I mention that some of these pharmaceutical companies will be making up to an 80% profit margin on the vaccines that us peasants have to pay for through tax dollars. Yes, many of these pharmaceutical companies did receive government funding to develop the vaccines. Something is rotten here! Oh yes, the smell of fascism permeating western government!

But wait it gets even more perverted and dystopian! Here is the kicker! Straight from the World Health Organizations chief scientists mouth, there is no evidence to confirm the covid vaccine will prevent people from getting the virus and passing it on to others. Yes, unless we stand up to our captors they are going to make social distancing and mask mandates a permanent fixture in our lives. Do you think this has anything to do with the loss of control and economic collapse that this globalist debt ridden government policy was about to face before covid came along? Perhaps they want to keep us apart so we do not come together and expel politicians from the pathetic situation they have gotten society into with their gross negligence so we are able to take back control over our own lives?

If none of the information presented above makes you want to question the narratives, mandates and agendas that the mainstream media and governments have been viciously forcing into susceptible minds I do not know if there is any hope for you to see or understand an objective reality.

A warning, international organizations like the World Economic Forum, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Health Organization have coerced what seems to be ALL western governments with this covid terror mandate in order to force “the great reset,” “agenda 2030” and to “build back better,” which are all double speak and euphemism for a fully digitalized captive system that includes the elimination of cash, 100% track and trace population systems, restriction of movement and covid immunity passports to name a few tyrannical elements.

Government and international institutions do not have the intelligence, innovation, ingenuity, fortitude or capability to innovate or advance humanity to any higher level of enlightenment or prosperity and they have just accelerated the assault on those people who do, regular hard working private sector individuals. Government and international institutions through their perverted and unhealthy symbiotic relationship are only able to exist by leaching from us the independent hard working masses.

We are letting liars, sneaks, double speaking and contemptible clowns dictate the system that only benefits themselves through power and control over us. These political and institutional elites are only capable of being dominating and dictating if we allow them to be so. This globalist fascist/communist/feudalist power grab must be resisted and eliminated for the true benefit of freedom.

Let the free people come together and expose and expel these political and institutional clowns of affluence into the sewage effluent that they truly are. When we join forces unite and use our powers for good we can create a substrate that benefits all, not just political and institutional megalomaniacs.