What is high and mighty and always deemed by most to be better than those of others? Peoples respective countries of course!

Indeed a conundrum of which the causality most definitely needs delving into. What could be some causes and effects, positive and negative, on such a blatantly obvious misnomer and vexingly troublesome paradox? After all, every country can not be the best. Perhaps it is time we all realize that indeed countries are in fact quite mediocre.

And yes, the world is such a messed up place that we are not even able to determine the exact number of national geographical boundaries so that those contained within are able to engage in the nonsensical braggadocio of their landmasses, accompanying waterways and cultural makeup being superior to those other hoity-toity countries claiming the same distinction.

According to the United Nations it is 195 countries, with all but 2 being full members in their organization, the Vatican and Palestine. However some recognize Palestine while others do not, as is the case with Kosovo. Then there are the dependencies which are states beholden to other countries even though being quite autonomous from their vassal lords. These include but are not limited to Greenland, Taiwan, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Reunion. Humanity is constantly in flux so expect the list to grow in the future from separatist movements and balkanization due to empire wars. After all it is more beneficial to an empire to have smaller states fighting amongst themselves than to have a larger cohesive geographical areas working together to achieve true sovereign immunity from the egregious empire du jour.

It would probably be fair to say that citizens/subjects of countries and subsequent dependencies did not just wake up one day, or out of the blue come up with the not so cosmic revelation that their country is superior to all other countries in the world. Certainly it must be a psychological phenomenon attributable to lifelong indoctrination beginning from an extremely young age when the forming brain and its multitudinously mazing mind were highly susceptible to stimulative inputs that forms the belief system that makes some cognizant of the notion that their country is number one.

Certainly the bulk nor possibly any part of such a glorifying statement was given as an input into the mind by ones parent, parents, siblings or friends. Personally I do not recall one word or lesson from my parents, siblings or friends about my country’s unheralded magnificence. Having immigrant parents it was not something I inherited genetically after having it ingrained in my DNA.

Strangely enough the superiority belief is also uttered by those who have immigrated to another country and use it in reference to the country that they decided to leave behind. It must be quite anomalous and confusing to be indoctrinated to the point of thinking the country you made the life altering effort to get away from is better than the one you willingly and presumably put some strenuous research into moving to and permanently occupying.

Also, the only country I have heard some claim extreme reverence to even after having been removed by multiple generations is Italy. So perhaps it is possible for indoctrination to be ingrained into the DNA after enough successive generations are exposed to it. After all, look at what traits dog breeders were able to instill into certain breeds in less than 100 years.

So where could all of this input have come from that makes most unquestionably think that their nation is numero uno? Well, come to think of it, I do strictly remember, beginning in elementary school, being forced to sing the national anthem while placing my hand to my heart and being forced to stare at the flag of Canada. And yes, come to think of it, teachers did on occasion assure me that Canada was indeed the best country in the world, sometimes without facts to confirm the assertion, other times with plausible lessons like how valiantly and bravely our former soldiers fought in wars for empire.

As a kid maybe I watched too much tv, but most of it was American programming, and B.A  Barracus, Bart Simpson, Optimus Prime, Fraggle Rock, Looney Toons, the Friendly Giant nor Scrooge McDuck ever taught me unquestioned patriotism to the point of blurting out we’re number one and not having relevant facts to back up such a statement. However I still do have an affinity for donning a pair of roller skates, duct taping some rockets to said skates and lighting the fuse to see what happens. Though perhaps televised sports and the broadcasted necessity for ones country to destroy another in competition has a small part to play in the puzzle?

In the end perhaps the reason for the power structures system to convince its inhabitants to unequivocally believe in something that is not true is the ability to stop one from questioning and just obey. It is part of the doctrine of subjectivity and truly teaching one what to think, over objectivity and truly teaching one how to think. Besides, if enough objective minds unite to question antiquated ideas and theories societies might evolve to the point of realizing that our current political system is a remnant of 19th century framework designed to keep the power in the hands of what used to be kings, queens, princes, princesses, Dukes, Earls, Baroness’……… and has turned into the IMF, World Bank, World Economic Forum……….and other behemoths of power most of which belong to the empire du jour. Entities of power which exist strictly to reap(anagram of rape)the hard work and resources of the huddled masses through their proxies of federal politicians, all the while while doing so under the guise of being in existence to help the poor and bring equality to all.

Is it a case of the road to hell being paved with good intentions? In my mind and the mind of many, NO! Others perhaps are indeed the crush that forms the base of the road which leads to the bridge to nowhere?

As said above it is quite possible that all countries are just a gauge of mediocrity waiting to be elevated to a level where there could be a world competition to claim the title on being number one. Citizens of the world, you want to actually have a country that can be considered as number one and have a role in escaping the clutches of the great powers that rule over your elected representatives, then find a way to put enough pressure on your government to enact a system of TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY where you are able to begin dismantling the globalist debt system that robs you of dignity. Though I warn you, true democracy is not a system of servitude or complacency, it is one of hard work, determination, discipline and vigilance. All of which are some of the traits necessary to be at the zenith of anything. And there is always other people willing to put in the work to try and take the title from whoever holds it.

The way I see it, all countries are at the bottom of the pile. The only question is, which country is going to be first to put their petty differences aside and begin to create the system that elevates them to the next level of existence and eventual escape velocity from the centuries old system of dominance over the masses. For sure there is enough kinetic energy out there to make it happen, you just need to harness it with the correct level of intelligence and caution. And remember no entity can be number one without hard work and participation of all those that make up the structure.