Take Offence?

If you read my material and I have not offended you, then I have not done my job properly. Well, not so true actually. Perhaps you are one of the individuals impervious to insult. Congratulations, victim be you not.  After all, they are only letters, you seat sniffing bushwhacking Buswell. Offended, no? Bewildered, I hope so! Driving a tractor planting seeds for 10 hours a day and listening to ABC(Australian Brainwashing Corporation) will sear such tidbits into ones mind forever. One of the keys of life is to not be able to get offended regardless of others outputs into your inputs.

Though in reality it is not the blatant insults that one should be worried about being offended by. After all, sticks and stones. It is when presented with a contrarian fact or analyses of an event, situation or “cemented” history that is bound to malady the fragile mind and think that the utterer is a racist, monster, misogynist, bigot, liar or something of the like that the indoctrination system has implanted in the minds of the masses. What do you think political correctness and this government and mainstream media cancel culture is all about? Heaven forbid that anyone attempts to escape the “official thought construct.” After all, every news channel and politician says the same thing so it has to be true!


When I say indoctrination system I speak of the education, political, social and nation state melange that is constructed on the substrate of trapping the participants mind, therefore, actions, into a strict parameter based environment where borders are normalized and erected by stealth, beginning even before escape from the womb has occurred. After all, the state and its puppet masters needs one to be a good Jane and John to elongate their power structure that feeds off the homogenized minds. Minds that say “how high” not “how come” when the stimuli is released through the control apparatus of repetition, therefore, acceptance by the majority. A true education system would teach one to question everything in an intelligent manner. If you question not, life is over before it truly got started. And yes, every “self reflection” of “me” is impervious to being an ignorant stooge on the stage of non thinking societal patsy. Once you realize you might be, life can begin. Escape ones own mind, then like time and space, the expansion is limited by observational power alone.

In reality the only reason that government and nowadays their institutional puppet masters have been able to perpetuate and normalize homicidal, genocidal and other rapacious, power and independence robbing acts and behaviour of past and present is their ability to control the minds of most through educational indoctrination and homogenization, then fear mongering and parameter programming through constant media top up.

If the majority of minds through history were truly free, enlightened and founded upon logic, wisdom and universal understanding, there is not one war that would have been fought, nor slavery have been a thought to be brought into existence, not to mention the complete unquestioned bowing down of the unthinking obedience of the vast majority over an engineered corona virus with a negligible comparison to historical norms. Ignorance really must be bliss.

Sadly as the government steals the societal construct like that of a babies candy, society seems to ever more greatly slip into the nightmare societal void, unable to even discern that separation of the state from within the now mostly non-sovereign mind of existence(?) is a possible reality, let alone the doomsday all too common reality.

When one is confined within parameters, freedom is never fully attained, though all the while many of the minds who think that they are free have never tasted such a sweet potion of idealistic notion. The system really does teach one what to think, over how to think. Doctor, lawyer, mathematician, judge, engineer……surely smart and intelligent people considered to be at the top of the societal pyramid. Have most of them trailblazed, or have they strictly memorized enough of the educational systems facts and ideology, allowing them to participate within the confines of what the power structure wants them to attain to keep the wheel turning? The rest of the energy expended by such professionals are spent on hobbies, personal relationships, and consuming the state and commercial news narrative that is the glue in binding the minds to adherence. Hooking the majority of the “top” of society into the coral is a critical weapon on the war for state power.

A few years ago I was sitting around talking with my mom and one of her fellow counsellor friends about a couple of unnamed clients, a father and well grown son. The son lived with the father and was constantly getting drunk and not holding up to his potential of life, so counselling was sought. They had many one on one sessions, as well as many group sessions, yet nothing ever changed. They would constantly bicker over trivial things, son would get drunk and dad would harp on him. Not knowing the full story, to me it seemed like there was obviously animosity between the two for past actions on both sides of the playing field. I said to my mom and her friend, “If I was in charge, I would prescribe the father to get drunk with his son on at least one occasion and see what comes of it.” The light bulbs illuminated simultaneously and they both keenly & curiously looked at me exactly the same way as if I might have an out of the box, yet logical, practical solution, but being trapped within the parameters that “wise academics” had taught to be “socially acceptable”, had never the inclination to ponder such a thought, and knew that it would not be professional to put into practice, after all, the power structure did not fit it within their parameters, so off limits to even have the thought.

Call it population homogenization, cultural indoctrination, societal structuring, or straight up, brainwashing. Education and media is all about pounding the same thoughts into everybody’s head in order to achieve environmental equalization. Sure some climb the pyramid to a higher state of “function,” but the base to the pinnacle are all grounded on government and its barren shallow foundation. Once you have the vast majority of all walks of life trained from birth to death, the truly informed fringe is easily discounted as nonconformists, conspiracists, or other societally unaccepted derivation.

Using smarts or intelligence to attain a “high” position within the societal pyramid has absolutely zero to do with having even a tiny amount of wisdom or logic. True wisdom it might be said is to be able to escape the boundaries that a mainstream societal construct builds within the formation of the coming to be. A coming to be that most come to be as the grease in the machine, where logic is substituted with memorization and repetition of inputs attached to a societal construct deemed as normal and beneficial, though truly only beneficial to the system of perpetuation of power. And the problem with the omission of logic in an education system is the almost certain guarantee that wisdom will not be a byproduct of memorization through repetition.

As an example. In grade 1 or 2 I had a heck of a time memorizing the multiplication table, yet possessed the ability to perform mathematical problems in my head without showing my work on the page. I would just write the answer. Unacceptable to the teacher, I had to show my work. School began dumbing me down by grade 1 by forcing unnecessary regulations upon a free mind. The work was only good if it was done in a homogenized “educationally approved” manner. This “show your work” continued throughout grade school, and not a once was my ability to deviate from “the norm” recognized, the opposite, it was shunned and punished to bring me in line with the system of homogenization. The lowest common denominator for indoctrination was chosen and implemented to hold society from elevating to a higher level. In grade 8 I found drugs! Show my work, pfft, I’ll show up high! The destructive enormity of all out conformity. To the moon!

The Moral?

Personally, I started to do better and became elevated in function and understanding once I began to cast aside the shackles of what the societal system tried to force upon me with its parameters and indoctrination. I always had differing thoughts in my mind that most those around me would take great offence to if audibly transited from my mind in the company of said people. So I began to seek information and ideas that most peers deemed as useless, you know, a little bit of science, geology, history, economics……on my own terms, while developing my own philosophical ideas and observations. I was living the stoic life before I knew what stoicism was.

Conclusions, I have come to a few, though perhaps revelations or advancements is a bit more apt, after all conclusions are the end to something, and when an end comes before your time is up then you have chosen the bliss of ignorance. There is no doubt that humans exist to constantly explore, learn, advance, question. & seek answers, to name a few standards of improvement. After all, how can one become better and advanced if they just stay the same by seeking retrograding wasted energy inputs? Could one really argue that unceasingly absorbing trivial, strictly non informative entertainment has any benefit to oneself or society in any improving way? And is there anything more ignorant than choosing to regress by not advancing?

Regardless of upbringing, smarts, intelligence, intellect, sex, every person has the ability to apply logic and end up with at least a very good base, if not a tower of wisdom that will have the ability to make their immediate life, and in the process, society, a more beneficial place for all to exist. The hard part is applying oneself to the hard work and dedication it takes to elevate oneself from the standards that a government dominated society has sunken to. A good aspect of constructing enough wisdom is the realization and acceptance that bad things will still happen once heightened enlightenment has occurred, and that dealing with such negativity in a positive fashion is a gauge of how far down the path one has travelled and looking back to reassure that forward momentum is never to be ceased.

If one carries the attitude of, “we are here for a good time,” “who cares,” “it is not my job” or some other motto along those lines, guess what, it means the afflicted mind is a 100% product of state and entertainment indoctrination and the self imposed victimhood that goes hand in hand with that ignorant, selfish way of thinking. When one starts to act in accordance of what they are truly in existence for, life makes more sense, where universal understanding, acceptance and real meaning, amongst other things begin to fall into place. Call it, say, expending ones energy into the proper channels. If one reaches the critical threshold there is no turning back, ignorance becomes the only fear. Not even death, especially the thought of it, can curtail ones universal trip.

Death is Dying?

Death. Tis a subject not to be broached and expanded upon by many in any meaningful way. Is it because so many fear it and want to avoid it? Try having an intelligent, elongated conversation with your coworkers on the subject.

Once you have conquered death, life becomes easier to  navigate and understand. Transcending the death barrier means one is comfortable and yearns to exist into antiquity if the cognitive function cooperates. Yet to have ones life terminate in minutes, or, say, a fortnight, brings no despair to a harmonious existence. To not find comfort in death, is to not really live.

Perhaps even enough wisdom might congregate the formative knowledge to realize that so long as ignorant government systems dominate society and the majority of those contained within, death might even be the release from ones tormentors, the ones that hold endless clueless minds hostage for the purpose of using them as a statistic, unwitting accomplice and means to a truly unenlightened way of existing without true existence, therefore only the existence of serving the system of ignorance.

Some, out of protest, if not having to gain sustenance to continue onwards, might just sit in darkness with their own thoughts enough to keep them content until their moment came to transition into whatever, if anything, exists outside the realm of dominance by degenerate dominions, though being obligated to partake in the system give nothing other than their best in order to expend their energy wisely and unselfishly with the understanding that to do otherwise would be a punishment worse than spending eternity in a true living hell, and even to perhaps realize that they are already there, so thereby work feverishly in an attempt to set an example that could alleviate the dysfunction of the destitution of being trapped in a system that need not exist.

Common Knowledge?

Government approved and mandated history is a subject that could be said to be in the range of one dimensional analysis and lacking many of the strands that would turn it into a multidimensional web instead of a linear progression of this because of that and their ain’t no more to be seen or heard. I will give you a couple of examples. They may seem hard to swallow with what the socially accepted, government mandated consensus is. Do your own research on the subjects by looking at many sources.

Firstly, World War II. I used to, and many of you probably do think that America the great, along with its underling allies, just swept in and morally, heroically, conscientiously and surgically defeated Hitler and the German army, as well as Japan out of sheer determination to eliminate evil from the face of the earth. There is much more to World War II than that.

Many American companies with the approval of the US government were quite busy engaging in war profiteering before America declared war on the third reich. Dow Chemicals, Ford, General Motors, Alcoa and IBM were just a few companies openly supporting Hitler, even knowing and participating in activity that directly partook in aiding with the holocaust. Prescott Bush, father and grandfather of the two George Bush presidents was banker to the Nazis third reich.

A lot of the allies understood what Hitler was up to in attempting to exterminate the Soviets and the scourge of communism, and in reality wanted Hitler to succeed with his mission of eradication. The history books will not tell you that Nazi Germany had as many as 20 times the troops on the Eastern front fighting the Soviets as they did fighting against the Western Allies. In reality, the allies did not throw everything in for full invasion until it was quite clear that the Soviets would indeed make it as far West until they ran into their Western “allies” wherever they may be at whatever time it happened. Many of the Western allies also wanted to carry on with the fight against the Soviets once the Nazis were defeated.

**Warning, the following information is contrary to what the official government history and narrative of slavery, and may lead the weak mind to believe that I am a racist, bigot, liar and purveyor of ignorance. I do not condone slavery or dominance of anybody by anyone else whatsoever. **

Secondly. American slavery. And by no means has slavery been eradicated in this day and age, sex slaves, or like in Lybia, a country utterly destroyed by America and its allies, now has a burgeoning slave trade. Also, slavery has existed for thousands of years and every race and gender has been in bondage over the millennia.

Many do not know that before the African slave trade came into existence the British empire attempted to colonize America with what they described as “endured servitude.” This servitude consisted of land owners mostly tricking white citizens of the British empire into contracts to serve for a certain amount of time and then released with promise of land along with their freedom.

As well these recruiters would literally go to poor neighbourhoods in Britain, Ireland and Scotland and literally kidnap people, children included and sell them to land owners in America against their will. It was a slave trade unto itself.

In reality, the nightmare that these indentured servants found themselves in was a fate that was pretty much a guaranteed death or lifetime of being a slave to a heinous owner. Most of these “indentured servants” and kidnapped were literally worked to death after being forced to work 7 days a week, 18+ hours a day, as well as being physically and sexually abused, then buried in a shallow grave once the mental, physical toll and disease ended their existence. The book, White Cargo, goes into detail about it.

The reason that African slaves were decided upon is because they were accustomed to hot climates, were physically fit, and as messed up as it sounds in this day and age, were a much better and economical “investment” for the exploiter of the era. And in fact pretty much all African slaves were captured by other African tribes during warfare or on raiding parties and sold or traded to European merchants to profiteer from.

Emancipation Proclamation. Most of you probably think that the American Civil War was strictly a war fought to end slavery by the honourable Abraham Lincoln who could not stand to have black people in bondage, so he acted accordingly. This is a fallacy. The states that seceded(South) did so over the issue of states rights, amongst other things. Though their economy truly was dependant upon slave labour. I am not condoning the slavery, just pointing out some facts that single faceted government explanations are a travesty to what actually happens in society, right up to this very day and the covid nightmare that has been unleashed in a truly one dimensional fashion.

Originally Abraham Lincoln only freed the slaves in the 10 states to rebel against federalism. A reason this was done was due to the south having an agrarian economy and knew that it would have a serious affect on wartime production, limiting output and handicapping the rebel states. The Emancipation Proclamation did not apply to the Union “border states” and slavery remained legal and continued the slavery existence of half a million slaves in states that were part of the Union fighting against “strictly slavery.”

Just wait, it gets more interesting. Once the American Civil war was over, Abraham Lincoln actually wanted to and proposed that the free slaves should actually be deported from America and resettled in Liberia, Central and South America and the Caribbean, and even secured funding from congress to move along with the plan.

Conclusion or Beginning?

This article is about government and societal systems making most believe what is truly beneficial to the continuance of the state power system and therefore the bogging down of logic, wisdom, enlightenment and true freedom of humanity to realize that there is indeed a better way for society to function where truly free minds can come together in a responsible and participatory manner to move humanity forward and bring true knowledge to the forefront and replace the subjective power structure, one dimensional analysis and indoctrination system that in reality does nothing more that compartmentalize the mind and in the process divide society into obfuscated pockets of quarter truths and full lies and get most hooked on their captors to the point of not even realizing that there is a different way for what could be a healthier society to function in absence of the captor captive relationship.

Perhaps this covid debacle will be the breaking point of enough of society waking up and realizing that government and the politicians truly have zero clue as to what is going on and are just following the orders of international institutions without even asking so much as a single question as to what is going on and just blindly following the pre-written script that is raking in billions upon billions of dollars and criminally immense power structures for the stakeholders and partners of the corporate colonialism system that has gorged itself to the point of blatantly mocking anybody with enough moral fortitude to not be self absorbed to the point of caring about something other than the fantasy that they have created inside their head to extinguish the feeling of powerlessness to do anything other than obey insane decrees brought forth by a truly mentally ill globalist conglomerate of academic cowards.

Surely this has to be the beginning of the conclusion of the mind and decency rape of humanity.