Affinity for Divinity or Godly Virginity?

Forgive them Lord, for some of those reading this may mistakenly think I am about to sin.

There is no doubt in my mind that God does in fact exist, but more so it is within oneself in a divine universal existence through understanding, therefore if one is not able to truly find God in such representation, then the actual faith that one chooses is irrelevant to the cosmic encompassing of being that defines true understanding in spiritual advancement, and existence.

In all religions there live those who claim to be devoutly dedicated to piousness and supposed religious reverence, yet character and constant repeated actions comes to spell out opposite revelations. Hiding behind religion, a common occurrence for sure. If one can not love thyself, no level of religion will bring a sense of purpose, let alone understanding and the actions needed to beneficially elevate oneself, therefore all of society.

Diametrically different from the above representation of impious piousness, there exist those who have no religious affiliation yet exist in a universal understanding, having a much more developed relationship with God, which surely includes that of some members of the clergy.

As well, no doubt there are those that exist with no religious or divine affiliation yet live an existence that morally and actionably supersedes even many religious fundamentalists.

The concept of being labeled a heathen for one who has not chosen to affiliate with a God, or mainstream religion, some would deduce could quite possibly be a message brought forth by a skeptical believer. Surely it is a paradox that the top three world religions all see their connected yet separated representation of God as being the true faith. In reality is it not the universal message and destination rather than the type of vehicle that takes many for the ride?

In reality, savages occupy and inhabit all denominational faiths, structures and levels of society, and quite literally, the state entity, over millennia, have incorporated and normalized savage acts of death and destruction as being truly virtuous actions, as “our” denominational superiority rests in the utterance of God, or the God’s strictly being on “our” side.

Perhaps I should have just said religion and God are highly separable, where none, one or the other, or both, are by no means a way to judge ones character or earthly role in acting in a kind, decent, honest, beneficially participatory, understanding or saintly manner. Many are unable to escape the chosen flaws that are highly escapable, regardless of supposed righteous affiliation or lack thereof.

Whip It Good

Once there existed a Jewish carpenter who tried to warn society about the wicked machinations of the exploitative money changers. At least, four, somewhat contradictory but also overlapping gospels, written at best, multiple decades after said carpenter’s death relay the episode. Honestly, there is an extremely good chance that Jesus, or the representation that came to be known as such did in fact cause a disturbance at a Jerusalem temple around 2000 years ago. There were many a Jewish rabble rousers in the day, and historic interpretation and accuracy can easily be forgotten, omitted, misrepresented, skewed, slanted, or amended alterably in other fashion in order to create and control an idea or narrative. The known projection of Jesus and Christianity was not truly “cemented” until nearly 300 years after Jesus’ existence, and was done so by Roman Emperor Constantine and his inner circle.

For those who do know not of the episode, it is what is supposed to have gotten Jesus crucified in Roman occupied Judea all those years ago. And in reality, it may have been the Jewish priests who insisted that Pontius Pilate, the Roman consul of Judaea dispatch of Jesus for interfering in temple goings on. What Jesus objected to was profitable to the priests, the temple, along with the Roman Empire

A carpenter dying on a wooden cross. Kind of ironic. Did Jesus have time to critique the joinery? I am guessing half overlap joinery, perhaps with a dowel or two for security.

Half Overlap Joinery

It was the Jerusalem temple during Passover(celebration of Jews being freed from Egypt,) where those of Jewish faith from all around arrived in Jerusalem for the celebration, and to pay the mandatory temple tax. Being under Roman rule, Roman coinage was used throughout the Roman Empire, of which Judea was an occupied territory. Of course Roman coinage was used throughout the empire to transact business with, and the coinage usually had the face of the emperor(by Jesus’ time Rome was ruled by emperors) on one side just to let the world know who was boss, whereas the other side often depicted a scene that functioned as storytelling and/or propaganda to be engrained into the minds all the way down to the plebs. And in reality, the coin issued by the Empire gave it a premium over metal content, where even those on the fringe economies, out of adulation, imitated Roman coinage due to its trustworthiness, where many imitations even contained more metal than the original, which in reality bypasses the labeling of being counterfeit. Imitation by trustworthiness, therefore acceptance.

Obverse: Emperor Vespasian. Reverse: Roman Towering Over Conquered Judaean

Those Romans were polytheistic, or worshippers of many gods, whereas Judaism was strictly the worship of one almighty God. Along with the Jewish belief in one God, Jews were forbidden from worshipping false idols. This became a problem during paying ones mandatory temple tax, as Roman coins, with the face of the emperor was akin to blasphemy, hence there was the need for money changers(“bankers”) at the temple to exchange coins into the Jewish faith approved shekels.

Emperor Constantine The First Emperor to Convert to Christianity(312AD) As Well as Convert The Roman Empire to A Christian State.

Along with the money changers at the temple there were sellers of animals to be sacrificed to appease God. Though some brought their own animals from home, for many it was too long a trip to be burdened by travelling with an animal for the sacrifice, so they purchased an animal from the temple animal hawkers. Too, there were animal sacrifice inspectors, so of course, ones “free” animal could be deemed insufficient to pacify God with the offering. Gee, good thing there were animal sellers on temple!

Needless to say, the moneychangers exchanged currencies at exorbitant rates. The animal hawkers too, took advantage of the poor lower class peasants showing up to fulfill their godly duties. Yes, the priests ran the temple and were perfectly fine with the goings on, because hey, closer to god must equate to priestly profit. Surely a truly divine clergy would put an end to such practice, especially upon societies most vulnerable? It seems Jesus, like many, saw the racket for what it was, and refused, unlike most, to let the shenanigans persist without taking drastic action to call attention to the issue.

Whip it Jesus did. Apparently after having fashioned a whip from cords Jesus then proceeded to engage in a temple tirade the likes of which Jerusalem had never seen, heard or felt. Surely one can picture it – whip a cracking, rage a growing, pious insults a flowing, a dust cloud in the courtyard a blowing, the exploiters perplexity and embarrassment a showing!

Not only did Jesus give a tongue lashing and whip thrashing, he commenced in attempting to conspire against the forces of gravity and proceeded to overturn the tables of the moneychangers. As, dupondius, sestertius, and shekels a flying everywhere. Question of the day was: would the almighty God accept money changers(bankers) as an acceptable sacrifice? That would have been some good gospel.

Everyone probably came to understand what was happening. Next year there would be temple security checking for whips at the temple entrance, and all sandals must be inspected before temple boarding may continue. Yes, the temple tax would go up to pay for the added security. Also, one must now fill out a tirade background check before the start of pilgrimage. Uh huh, another surcharge.

Within a week Jesus was being nailed to the boards, strangely for the same reason, Jesus refused to play ice hockey, or did he?

Holy Puck!

More than likely the clergy had seen Jesus as a threat to the temple and all those who profited from it, as had the Roman prefect Pontius Pilate. The Jews were a highly devoted dedicated people as the historical resistance to the Romans proved, and Jesus it seemed might have the ability to cause problems for the two greatest powers that existed in that ancient geographical location.


Let Us Turn the Tables Record Free Of Course

If one thought the money changers of old were exploitative asses, welcome to the 21st century. Sure, a form of community, commercial and central banking are needed to foster a healthy local, state, provincial, territorial, country and global economy through ingenuity, hard work, development, trade and cooperation to name a few contributing attributes. Anyone who thinks not, I hear the Queen is looking for some serfs qualified in spreading fertilizer, as is Pol Pot Jr looking for professional tillers and harvesters. Vaccine resistors, we may be the fertilizer!

Without a doubt the politician banking symbiosis has reached the end of its useful cycle, where the corruption and hyper-financialization has run its course while the organizers keep adding to the track even though the road has run out.

When commercial banking blows itself up through sheer greed and incompetence at the behest of puppet politicians financial deregulation and through gambling, then are rescued through tax payer money is absolute proof that actual capitalism does not truly exist? Hyper-financialism, yes. Think it did not happen in Canada, THINK AGAIN!

When government becomes dependent on commercial banking to sell their bonds to fund debt that can never ever be paid off, to the extreme detriment and destructive forces to citizens and the societies they encompass, surely something has gone wrong with the system, no? Hyper-financialism, yes.

How about when government runs up such society destroying debt and the commercial banks shoot themselves in the head to the point that the “independent” central banks artificially destroy the interest rates to the level of just allowing such incompetent politician and banking nitwits to continue plundering, at the expense of the hard working society that is responsible for everything positive being produced? Hyper-financialism, yes.

Perhaps when the central bank of central banks(Bank for International Settlements) starts foreshadowing that the system they and their partners and stakeholders have created and foolishly run into the ground is so incompetent and paranoid that the only way forward and out of their complete and utter lack of decency, professionalism, relevancy and even basic understanding is to FORCE a 100% central bank digital currency on the entire “sovereign” Western population so as to be able to track and control every transaction that is EVER made is a surely sign of a complete TOTALITARIAN nightmare, is it not? Absolute criminal hyper-financialism, yes.

Yeah, forget those money changers of old who profited through exchange rate exploitation in days of yore. Innocuously insolent they were. We have literally entered an age when the mouth of hell is looking to gorge on and consume the privacy and well being of entire population of  the world by becoming TOTALITARIAN false gods of extreme criminal hyper-financialization slavery. It is time to whip the swindling swine and turn the tables on the criminal globalist cartel. These globalists are literally in the midst of changing money into a tool for TOTALITARIANISM and are extremely close to locking the prison door.


Over 49 Reasons to Be Worried

The words uttered above by the portly puppet of globalist machinations are truly terrifying in nature.

I will use my captor and greater geographical location, Canada, as an example how things are proceeding in creating the digital currency prison. Beware the money changers pretending not to be literal money changers. Chances are the same is going on in your geographical location.

If one wants to read some white papers coming from the Bank of Canada itself about central bank digital currencies(CBDC’s,) do so HERE, HERE, and HERE. Remember, these people are bureaucrats, therefore professional liars, and there is a possibility that they have indeed been infiltrated by the globalist network.

LIE #1-One of their first guises is to call a CBDC a cash-like alternative. Cash-like is a politically correct fallacy. It is either cash, or something else. Sure they can both be spent, but need I say more than a CBDC is 100% traceable and has the capability for the government to even prevent one from using it if they find any “suspicion” in your existence.

One could say that tea is a coffee-like alternative, after all they both share the property of being 99% water. But a tea drinker that has severe allergic reactions to coffee may very well die if they were to consume the coffee. even a 99% similarity in a substance is no reason to falsely label it as _____-like. Coffee is in no way tea-like, nor is a CBDC even close to being cash-like. This is globalist institutional linguistic bunkum disguised as righteous flattery in order to appease a disengaged populace.

LIE #2 – Here is a quote from the first white paper of which was published February 25th, 2020: “The Bank currently has no plans to launch a CBDC. Rather, the Bank will build the capacity to issue a general purpose, cash-like CBDC should the need to implement one arise. Because it will take several years to build this capacity, the Bank cannot wait until the need is evident before launching preparatory work. Preparing in advance is critical. At the same time, the Bank is preparing for a range of other possible changes to money and payments in Canada as innovation continues.” In February,2020 the bank talks about,”several years to build this capacity.” Yeah, be a good slave and believe everything your lying government spouts!

HERE is an article from October, 29th, 2020, eight months after the central bank put out the white paper that said it will take several years to “build the capacity” for a CBDC. In the LINKED ARTICLE, the Bank of Canada’s own Governor goes on to explain that Canada’s CBDC is well past the trial stages.

LIE #3 – Another interesting quote from the first white paper: “A decision to launch a CBDC would require the full support and approval of the Government of Canada and acceptance by the Canadian public.” Yeah, the bank speaks as if Canada’s leadership is not already in the back pocket of the globalist cabal. As for the “acceptance by the Canadian public” part, vaccination anyone?, no, second class citizenship for you then. To me, “acceptance by the Canadian public,” sure sounds like a direct democracy issue that will never happen. Trust me, “acceptance by the Canadian public” means accept it, or else.

LIE #4 – Again in the first white paper the Bank of Canada states that: “communicating openly with the public and stakeholders to solicit input and raise awareness; Yeah, one knows the globalist stakeholders are foaming at the mouth by dictating to the central banks on how to run “sovereign” countries fiscal affairs. Has anybody heard any, “communicating openly with the public” I suppose that phrase linguistically translates to, posting things on the Bank of Canada website where 99.99999% of the public will never look, then someone such as myself is a conspiracist for articulating some points. Anyone who has been in an equitable relationship must realize that communicating is a two way street, anything else is authoritarian diktat.

Enoug LIES. How about some SHYSTERISM! January 1st, 2021, in the middle of their precious distracting pandemic, Just-him Truedope’s government, for the first time in Canadian history made it law to remove legal tender status from Canadian bank notes. And yes, “The Bank fully supports the amendments.” GLOBALISTS! This now gives the Canadian government the legal right to remove any bank note, at any time they so please, and for any reason they deem necessary. All for your safety of course!

This is the death of freedom by 1000 cuts that has been going on for decades, and covid just implemented 666 of those said blood lettings. We are getting ready to die a globalist induced anemic death. Yes the “pandemic” has forced society ever more into the digital realm of doing things where cash usage has been greatly reduced in everyday transactions. So it should not be a surprise that in that first white paper the Bank of Canada specifically states that their CBDC will be launched if Canadians drop below a certain threshold of cash usage. A threshold they refuse to put a number on.

Call me a whacko if you wish. I will say it again, covid has absolutely nothing to do with covid. It is an accelerated means to justify a globalist slave system end. Beware those literal money changers. Globalist they be. Country sovereignty, no.

For those who think crypto currencies will save the day, read that first white paper. It specifically states that the government will unleash the CBDC’s if too much crypto comes into the market to challenge the Canadian dollar. Bye bye bitcoin, hello CBDC slavery. Nowhere near on par.

China has just launched their CBDC. The West likes following in China’s totalitarian example. Covid lockdown anybody?

This is a warning and plea to anybody out there who has not had their mind and soul abducted by the mind of the state, therefore possess no state of mind other than which the state traps in their mind, robbing it of liberty, freedom, decency, common sense and an objective reality. Every time one chooses to use debit/credit/check when it is possible to use cash instead are selfishly choosing convenience over privacy, responsibility, liberty and freedom, which in reality equates to selfish ignorance, laziness, irresponsibility and a blatant invitation to be herded by puppet politicians on behalf of the globalist swine writing the rules.

It might be too far gone to say that CBDC’s are not a foregone conclusion in Western countries, however the elimination of cash must be a fight that all societies should fight with as much energy and awareness as humanly possible. It should be ones civic duty to engage in cash transactions in order to prevent the last true form of privacy that humanity has left from disappearing. No cash equals no privacy, and no privacy equals the true end of freedom and liberty.

The next action in the war on privacy and liberty(cash) may likely be a smear campaign on one country’s largest denominational bill, accusing it of being used for criminal activities, money laundering or terrorism. Though remember virtually all terrorism is state sponsored by means of digital payment from governments. Certainly expect more viral activity in the attempt to further humanity from socially interacting and forcing many even further into the digital realm. Metaverse anybody?

Cross Me Not

Many of you may know that I am a carpenter, though perhaps it is time to let it out that I am also of Jewish descent. On my maternal side, both branches being of Belgian/Dutch Jewish heritage. I dated a Jewish woman once who told me that it is inherited from the mothers side.

The Nazi’s occupied both countries in WWII and some of my ancestors were in fact killed in the Holocaust, including my great great grandmother, Roosje who was taken from her retirement home to the gas chamber. So to any Holocaust deniers, have fun on your flat earth as you are not even able to circumnavigate the shallows of a closed mind. Quite often the Nazi’s found out about Jewish heritage by records at the occupied city hall. Hmm, government records on events. Vaccination anybody? We’ll text or email you so you can be “fully fully vaccinated.” Citizenship depends on it. Here is your armband.

Do I blame German people for what happened to my ancestors, or expect some sort of reparation from Germany. Absolutely not. That is playing the victim card and living in a nightmare existence. Without a doubt, if all those terrible things did not happen years ago, I would not even be in existence today. Surely my ancestors would want me to take actionable control of my own life and live to the best of my abilities and stand up to TOTALITARIANISM if it ever arose again. So I did by working hard and creating this website.

So those two thousand years or so ago Jesus stood up to the money changers and animal hawkers at the temple and was swiftly dealt with in imperial excruciating fashion. In this day and age there are many a people speaking out against the globalist TOTALITARIANISM that has begun to approach at a rapid pace. Sadly many are not able to escape the parameters that a lifetime of tv and state ignorance has instilled into them. Where will it end? The future will tell. It certainly is time for a change though, for the better.

Although the physical tables were not overturned here today, another has warned about the insidious attempt by the new 21st century globalist literalist money changers to trap humanity within a TOTALITARIAN nightmare. Surely a crucifixion is not in my future, as I steered clear of the animal hawkers. If enough of us come together to resist the globalists great things could happen for humanity. Cash is one the keys.

Damn puppy mills!

Got courage!?