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Once upon a not at all long time ago, in a land not so very far away – as the 400km drive to this subject of a geographically large country is akin to a leisurely escapade, a concerned placard toting citizen caught me stopped at a red light and handed me a newspaper through my inquisitively opened window. Said concerned citizen was not alone in his public property perch of voicing his privately pondered perceptions, there were many a demonstrators, from the generations of decade one right on up to octogenarian experience. You guessed it, those wacky covid conspiracists who have escaped the pudding brained mainstream media mind prison parameters of societal indoctrination.

The newspaper in question, or better yet, the newspaper that questions, was DRUTHERS. DRUTHERS is written, funded, promoted and distributed by concerned Canadians. DRUTHERS is 100% volunteer based and all donations go into printing and distribution costs of the newspaper. Make a donation if one so feels inclined, I just did.

The Globalist Circle Jerk Full of Squares

A couple of days ago I had the chance to read through the February 2022 issue of DRUTHERS, where I stumbled upon an article that outed more high ranking members of the Canadian government as being tied to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum, more specifically the WEF’s Young Global Leader alumni. So other than Just-him Truedope, Chrystia Freeland, and the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh having direct ties to Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum, Canada also has:

  • Renée Maria Tremblay Senior Counsel, Supreme Court of Canada.
  •  François-Philippe Champagne – Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry since 2021, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2019 to 2021.
  • Karina Gould – Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, former Minister of democratic institutions(2017-2019) and minister of international development(2019-2021.)
  • Ailish Campbell – Ambassador of Canada to the European Union, Global Affairs Canada.
  • Sean Fraser – Ministry of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
  • Elissa Golberg – Assistant Deputy Minister for Strategic Policy, Global Affairs Canada.

In past articles I have mentioned the connection between Klaus Scwab’s World Economic Forum and Pfizer and Moderna being a partner with the World Economic Forum, where BlackRock, headed by Laurence Fink is a major investor in both Moderna and Pfizer, along with the majority of the American mainstream media that has been causing the population psychosis with their incessant covid terror campaign.

But wait, hold onto your hats, wigs, clothes, cash, property, common sense, dignity, decency, and sense of right and wrong that is most definitely worth fighting for. It sure beats this globalist federalist hybrid agenda that the World Economic Forum and its partners and stakeholders are unfurling as the majority of society refuse to take the necessary actions to fight for ones human rights or a free society, let alone acknowledge, publicly at least, that something is amiss.

Testing Testing 1, 2, 3……..Trillion

Here are what seem to be some more non coincidental covid related facts that again benefit some of the WEF’s partners and stakeholders other than the immense profits for Pfizer, Moderna and mainstream media, to go along with the crushing power that all governments have gained to wield over their populaces. Many of the producers of the BILLIONS of now mandated rapid covid tests that governments are mandating and handing out for “free”(taxpayer money) are indeed partners of the World Economic Forum! Here they are:

So remember, when one so enthusiastically rushes to take a “free” covid test to find out if one’s runny nose and headache is a threat to the survival of humanity, giving the government the ammunition to keep dividing and destroying our rights and society with their extremely fallible covid statistics, the partners and stakeholders of the World Economic Forum are raking in BILLIONS of dollars in profit off of a virus that was manufactured in a lab and most likely purposefully released in order to gain profits and societal control, while sowing discord amongst the population to even further splinter society, in the process elevating government and their institutional puppeteers to a monumental tyrannical power structure of deceit based on the endless repeating of pseudo science.

Truedopes Lavalin Javelin

How about a shameful Just-him Truedope ethics violation blast from the past that can now be linked to Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. SNC-Lavalin stood accused of violating Canadian fraud and corruption laws in acquiring Libyan government contracts and faced the possibility of prosecution, when the Truedope and members of his government hurled veiled threats at Judy Wilson-Raybould, Canada’s attorney general and justice minister, when she had refused to use her positional sway to excuse SNC-Lavalin from prosecutorial effects

Where in the end the Canadian Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commission found the Truedope and his staff guilty of pressuring Canada’s attorney general and justice minister. Well it turns out that SNC-Lavalin is indeed a partner of the World Economic Forum. Shocker!

And to hurl evermore gritty globalist garbage existence into Canadians faces, SNC-Lavalin’s CEO, Robert G. Card, joined the World Economic Forum Partnering Against Corruption Initiative (PACI) Vanguard CEO community, where he so bragged, “The Vanguard CEO community is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with other business leaders in the fight against corruption, and I am very proud to be a part of it,” said Robert G. Card. “This is just another step in our journey toward ethics and compliance excellence.”

Forget the Words – History and Actions

Well, it looks like globalist ethics, regardless of being a corporation, politician or institution in no way stand for acting in a civilized, moral, or even rational manner. Ethics is after all just a word, and anyone with any wisdom should realize that it is history and actions that matter more than buzzwords and phrases like ethics, too big to fail, following the science, in the name of democracy, or any other globalist political institutional construct that is endlessly repeated through the channels of propaganda in order to tattoo such ridiculous notions into the minds(?) of those unable to escape the state of mind of the mind of the globalist controlled state.

For those who missed the video of Canada’s speaker of the house complicity eradicating an enquiry, by possibly Canada’s only non-compromised MP, about Klaus Schwab bragging about having over half of Canada’s cabinet under his influence, here it is. Perhaps we can label such a video as acts of globalist approved morality. Remember, morality is just a word, though the history and continual actions of the globalist circle jerk seem to spell out a much more sinister reason for existence. Profit, power, lies, selfishness, domination, and most saliently, treason.

3 is a Crowd 1 Million is a Statement

Awake Canadians of all backgrounds, it sure seems like it is time to, en masse, peacefully converge upon the chamber pot of globalist corruption, Ottawa, that has perverted federal politics and Canada for far too long now, in order to legislate the people into existence and begin the foundation of a sound framework of true/direct democracy that will give all Canadians the need and right to participatingly partake in the upkeep of our great land of Canada, the Canada that lying cheating politicians continually say belongs to us yet give us no option other than listening to their second hand ever increasing dictatorial gobbledegook.

Two years of the Truedope regimes nonsensical covid pseudo science, globalist dictated mandates and decrees that have delivered Canada into an apartheid state that the Truedope refuses to admit he has implemented, let alone even made the basic acknowledgement or plans to rescind and give Canadians the fundamental human right to travel freely within ones own country as well as travel the world if one so chooses to do so.

Of course let us not forget about the highest rate of inflation that Canada has seen in decades due to the idiotic lockdowns and the destruction of the global supply chain that globalist puppet masters implemented in what seems like a purposeful attempt to crush the economy and the people within so as to be able to, as the World Economic Forum says, “Build Back Better,” and in the process get as many citizens as possible hooked on government handouts in the attempt to create a permanent underclass that is dependent upon every word and action that politicians bring forth, who are been subsequently wielded against those fortunate enough not to have succumbed to the government abuse but will now be preyed upon by government and its minions in the name of “equality.” Heaven forbid our globalist politician puppets enact their central bank digital currency financial prison they are so satanically salivating over.

Did I mention that dumb and dumber, the not so dynamic duo of the Truedope and Slaveland have ran up the debt more in ONE YEARS than Canada did in 125 YEARS(1867-1992) of existence as a country. Where the Truedope’s blank faced idiotic answer to the inquiry is “interest rates are at historic lows.” Canada’s debt grows Moore that 424 MILLION dollars a day, and not one politician sees the importance in stopping the bleeding and saving Canadians from bleeding out.

Canadians, the time has come to reign in these treasonous globalist puppet dupes that are exponentially destroying Canada’s sovereignty and multitudinously ruining the lives and freedom of everybody living within the confines of the borders of insanity, where second class citizens are not even allowed to get on an airplane to visit family or friends, even in emergency circumstances.

Ancestors of generations past have made many sacrifices generationally in order to create a construct of personal freedom and the responsibility to go along with such endeavours, where now those that govern over us have become so reckless, irresponsible, and irrational that one with the ability of free thoughts alarm bells must surely be ringing incessantly, relaying the need to extinguish the fire before it consumes every aspect of a non authoritarian existence.

For myself, along with many others the fire of incompetence that could not be ignored began to furiously spread by globalist accelerant two years ago already, and the Truedope by omission of never stating a scientific based, credible, or even logical reason for his actions, and even very recently continuing to add unnecessary and ridiculous covid decrees seems to be proving that he nor his World Economic Forum penetrated cabinet is worthy or qualified to engage in any decision making that continuously negatively affects the lives of millions of free thinking  hard working responsible Canadians.

The time has come to again make sacrifices to get our freedoms back from overstepping government and then legislate ourselves into existence so as to begin reigning in the out of control federalist globalist construct. Like I have written before, this should be the Canadian Spring to make our mark in the history books of the beneficial evolution of governance. Clearly forward progression of human freedom is receding and will continue to do so unless the millions of aware and awake take the initiative to escape from their comfort zone of routine and make the necessary life sacrifices of time, money, leisure, comfort, excess and selfishness to list a few of life’s makeup that should surely enthusiastically want to be given up in order to put an end to the current and future misery that federalist globalism has done in destroying freedom, liberty, logic, wisdom and common sense.

I will be the first to join the Canadian Spring, not truly knowing if anybody other than myself is willing to forego the life security being afforded by life structures such as a liked job or a regular routine. However for me, I have had enough of the incompetent authoritarianism and care not what effects come to affect my current semi-prosperity in my little corner that I ready to leave. At least I can say that I tried to fight for freedom while the vast majority cowered at home, many not even aware that the controlled demolition of the last vestiges of common sense, liberty, and decency were being stolen from under their tv watching behinds.

If Canadians wanted we could make history. Bring your peace, love and multiple changes of socks and underwear.

Canadian Spring and my unknown road of 4000+km starts March 20th. Hope to see a few others there.