Ovis aries. An extremely important animal with great utilitarian purpose, dating back thousands of years into human history. Scientists believe the domestication may date as far back as 11,000 BC in Mesopotamia. A few reasons for domestication included being a manageable size, having a high reproduction rate, and being decently social, which made a plentiful recipe for meat, milk, hides, and later on, due to selective breeding, wool production. Speaking of recipe’s, nothing better than a paidakia skaras from a capable kitchen.

We are talking sheep, people. And of course sheep people! With a human created symbiotic relationship dating back 13,000 years it is no wonder that the mass of humanity is regularly compared to a flock of sheep. Having worked on a wheat, barley, canola and lupin(sheep grain supplement) farm in Australia which had a head of around 3,000 sheep, the metaphor truly rings true. If you get the first few sheep to head in one direction the mass will unthinkingly follow. Even to the slaughter. Without hesitancy or question in the human flocks.

Interesting fact: Farmers keep a handful of rams around for impregnation purposes. When a rams testicles start dragging on the ground, the farmer shoots the ram. Some people even eat them. The testicles that is.

No doubt the domestication by successive generations of herders(government) has greatly contributed to a learned behaviour by actual sheep, as well as the conditioning of the majority of humanity to unquestionably follow the dictates of government herders. Do not forget, this pseudo democracy that we currently live in in the west is truly an anomaly of history. If one did not obey in the days of yore, the lower the class the greater the punishment by the herder, be it feudal lord, king, emperor, chief, sultan……..Life was cheap and obedience was engrained as a mode of self preservation. Multiply such learned behaviour over hundreds of generations, and by golly, it might even be encoded in the DNA! BAAAAH! Escape those parameters. Let’s go TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY!

While in Australia, one of the farm hands I worked with told me that New Zealanders invented velcro mittens and started donning gum boots for extracurricular activities. Apparently the gumboots are a place to put the ewes legs to prevent escape, and the velcro mittens were just an added measure of clinging onto that plentiful wooly substrate! Though when I questioned a New Zealander later on, he assured me that it was the Australians who came up with such dysfunctional ingenuity, and that, in fact, Australians even went so far as to take said sheep to the edge of a cliff in order to get the sheep to “push back”!  Ay yai yai! Satyr’s and fawn’s!

Here we sit, metaphorically anyways, though no matter the position that we happen to find ourselves in, we are being led down a globalist corral of yet untold actions, consequences, and destination, where the herders are the sheep. Politician and bureaucrat sheep of unquestioned obedience to their globalist herders.

I say untold due to the fact that the aforementioned sheep, being politicians and bureaucrats, are unable to articulate any concept or clear path of actions, and have been absolutely clueless since day one of this covid debacle, yet they continue to double down on the depths of restrictive insanity due to their inability to think critically, logically, or even semi intelligently. There is no exit strategy, because the globalist cabal have not built an exit. An exit negates the profit for the cabal.

Of course the reason that these sheep have become politicians and bureaucrats is due to their inability to think for themselves. All these government sheep are able to do is memorize what somebody else has told them and then periodically bleat out the verbal offerings. Yes, all these government sheep do is eat from the globalist trough and then defecate and trample on the life sustaining substrate that is their constituency. A constituency that in their pathetic minds equates to nothing more than a ride on the gravy train. Next stop, politicians coffers!

These terrorist government sheep have from day one been willy-nilly implementing globalist mandates at the excruciating pain of the overwhelming vast majority of the general public at large. Sadly the government terror campaign has morphed into a regime of not so empty threats, where government sheep have actually begun taking peoples livelihoods away from them for not submitting to a highly experimental, extremely ineffective vaccine with an efficacy rate that is so poor, that in months the supposed benefit wears off, so they are going to force feed the toxic cocktail into peoples arms every six months or so, with no end in sight. BAAAH! Intelligently question not you second class citizen!

REMEMBER. This is the new plague! Two weeks to flatten the curve! No masks needed! Wait, use a mask! Hold on, wear two masks! Stay in your cubes of despair! Earth is thriving with you in your prison! Exercise and sunshine are for fools! You granny killing monsters! Vaccines will eliminate covid! Only 70% vaccination rate needed! No, 75%. Wait, 80%. Hold on, 85%. My bad 95%. Sorry, 107% now needed! Therapeutics are horse dewormers! Masks are still mandatory! No vaccine, no entry! No vaccine, no job! Let’s shoot up your 5 year old child!!!! No booster, no first class citizenship! No vaccine, forced sterilization!? What will these brain dead globalist sheep puppets bleat out next?

Maybe it is time to remind people that covid is by no ways any more serious than an elevated flu year. Yet the madness continues. The media carries on as if this is the Black Death. Never does the media report median age of death being above average life expectancy, or with 94% of people having on average 2.6 comorbidities. In order to cover up the ineffectiveness of the vaccinated still being susceptible to covid, the government just bleats out that vaccinated cases of covid are mild cases. But there is never any mention of almost all cases of covid being extremely mild and well in excess of 99% survival rate. Yet countless wool bearers drive and walk alone down the street with a mask glued to their face. Victims of political and media terror! Terrorist and terrorized sheep! BAAAAH!

Since the beginning of the overhyped covid debacle government has only been able to declare that vaccines were the only way out of government covid tyranny. Though the % seems to always change once the previous lie percentage is achieved. Today on the radio I heard the one sheepish buffoon health minister of my geographical location stating that everybody has to get the vaccine. BAAAAAH! Never has government said even once to get in shape, take vitamin C & D, or zinc. Without a doubt if 99.999% of society was vaccinated the government sheep would blame the .001% for all the vaccinated still getting covid and dying with it. Government really is that dumb and ignorant! Have I mentioned that almost everybody that gets covid has a mild case and survives?

Scandinavian countries have come to show non globalist sheepish behaviour from government, as government has given back all pre covid liberties to their citizens and listed covid on par with the seasonal flu. It seems like Scandinavia came to realize that the unnecessary reason for the perpetuation of a mild virus poisoning society was the 24 hour a day, 7 day a week, incessant monthly, and excruciating, nearly two year propagandistic indoctrination campaign destroying society, so they logically threw in the white towel when common sense came back to the not fully lost, but addled minds of Nordic politicians. Strange how mainstream media will not report on the elimination of non sensical government authoritarianism.

Let me assure you. Though they have names, faces, voices, supposed qualifications, and the ceaseless limelight, these politicians, bureaucrats and media lack all intelligence, wisdom, logic and common sense. The nearly past 2 years of this, I will not even call it covid insanity, because the ignorance, terrorism, audacity and utter stupidity of what has transpired since fire was ignorantly and murderously screamed in the crowded world theatre has no fault other than the politicians, bureaucrats, corporate and state media and ultimately orchestrated by globalist institutions such as the World Economic Forum, who in itself has countless heads, former and present, of international institutions, central banks, transnational corporations, private wealth funds(BlackRock) and shameless morally prostituted politicians of sovereign(?) countries.

Klaus and his puppet

This nightmare we are in is truly a case of globalist shit rolling downhill, where most under the pinnacle of the pyramid are not wise enough or connected to an objective reality to even have a basic understanding of what is truly going on with the truly globalist corporate colonialism and subsequent consolidation of an already despotic and perverted level of power. And the ones that do know, like the moron pictured above and his wicked witch partner, are enslaving the citizens of their own country in an unfurling digital control nightmare, all to just become a partner and stakeholder in the globalist cabal and make untold amounts of money and hobnob with other psychopathic clowns such as themselves.


You want a hint as to why the politicians and media are ceaselessly hyping Pfizer and Moderna alone? Here is a giant piece of perverted reality as to how the globalist cabal operates. BlackRock(Klaus’ bud) are major shareholders in both Moderna and Pfizer. Wait there is more of the tip of the iceberg! State Street Corporation is also a major holder in Moderna and Pfizer. Yeah, BlackRock is a major stakeholder in State Street Corporation!

Hold on, it gets worse! Comcast, who is the owner of MSNBC, NBC and CNBC has BlackRock and State Street Corp as major shareholders! The corporate media list of perversion goes on with CBS under Viacom, News Corp, Fox News Corporation, AT&T………all with BlackRock being major shareholders in such “media” corporations. And many western politicians are heavily mixed in with old Klaus and his exclusive club of partners and stakeholders in the globalist cabal of corporate colonialism where our elected “representatives” have zero qualms about endlessly pushing globalist agendas in order to get the tap of invitation into the club once they are finished selling out their citizenry and country.

BlackRock is just the tip of the pinky on a pair of strangling hands that have been committing economic hits for decades now. Where the IMF and World Bank are the totally “legitimized” institutional assassins that have been normalized in your mind due to a lifetime of government and media praise for such truly absolute wealth stealing from supposedly sovereign(?) countries. Your government steals billions of tax dollars and gives it to said international organizations so they are able to engage in predatory lending practices and infiltrate the economy and houses of government around the world. Isn’t life grand! Yes, old creepy Klaus has both current and former heads of the IMF and World Bank entangled in his globalist death machine.

The planet is nearly two years into a globalist, government and media melange shit storm, where a mild virus was more than likely tweaked in a lab and purposefully released to literally do as it is doing, spread rapidly through a population and then have the media and politicians ruthlessly and terroristically burn it into peoples minds with a ceaseless cycle of misinformation and disinformation, in order to justify stealing peoples liberty, dignity and get a greater proportion of society hooked on government handouts in order to give government a bigger “credible” reason for existing. As to this very day, there is still absolutely zero credible evidence or information to justify anything that the globalist, politician and news substrates have done other than engaging in such behaviour to make countless amounts of money for the partners and stakeholders in the globalist cabal, take freedom away from citizens and consolidate more power into globalist hands.

Citizens, it is time for the great awakening and call to action. Government will continue on with this bogus covid agenda unless we the people begin to stand up for our freedom and liberty. If not these criminal globalists, politicians and media will carry on with their perverted terror regime that is rapidly corralling the all too willing sheep into a digital control regime, where the cabal has already slaughtered society to the point of injecting most of humanity with a highly experimental “vaccine” for a virus with a 99% + survival rate, where the vast majority get a headache, runny nose and sore throat. Now these monsters have just legalised and will probably mandate vaccination for children as young as 5, who pretty much have a 0% chance of dying or getting seriously ill.

Turn off the tv and start planning a peaceful action for the retaking of freedom, liberty and decency from a wholly dysfunctional, greedy and incompetent globalist cabal that has swallowed most politicians and media into its gaping maw of deceit and destruction, all the while branding and projecting itself through the airwaves of corruption as a beneficial and virtuous entity of peace and prosperity to the once global citizens it is currently raking over the covid coals of deceit on our way to be locked in a digital control system nightmare.


When enough people come together in peaceful protest and wield enough continuous positive, understanding energy against a wholly corrupt ,criminal system, the sheep waiting to be slaughtered have zero choice to follow the herd who have escaped the shepherds and have opted to head in the direction of freedom where those who follow will have the choice of being given non propagandized information and the freedom to make up their mind on decisions that will have an impact on their lives. With the largest impact being that of actually having a choice and positively participating in a framework other than electing a pathological liar and globalist puppet every few years or so.

Stop the globalist slaughter before it is too late!