If you build it they will come. When they billed it anyone with any decency came to realize shoddy construction due to lack of professional oversight always reaps what has been sown into a disguised gaping chasm. Rotted bumper crop. A lack of vigilance will eventually expose the crumbling foundational footing – hands down – surely not a knows job to sniff out the I-sore eyesore. Self victimizing mentality. Definitely on par with a racket, though striking balls upon strings is not being served within the confines of this perverted match of an incendiary missing contest. No, such is an architecture of transgression so to speak – the truth that is. Surely an infra-read menace of the illiterate spectrum of the govern-mental knave-length being emitted by the zero gravity trajectory of past and present ejecta of imploding bureaucratic and political chaos in need of some earthly grounding.

All Consuming Welfare

Scorched earth will not work upon the taught to be fallow. This cannot be about the raze, as the raise is what is needed to become risen from the ashes of the government furrow. It is We The People who need to fertilize the minds, in doing so transform the radioactive compost mentality of the intergenerational linear full-life of decay void of multidimensional revolving involvement.

Tough love to go hand in hand with what has become an anomaly in this digital age of deceit – the truth – of which, if truly objective has the honesty to be inferred as offensive if one’s intake of the Vitamin G – Government Mind Pudding has taken hold of and defines a true existence(?) Sadly, politicians have chosen a scorched earth policy, so from the ashes it sure seems like We The People it will be. Yes, even those “conservatives” cannot escape the systemic disgracism masquerading as a viable model of acceptability.  Pensions and perks far surpass innate self reflection and intelligent paths in the halls of current globalist government construction. Remember, gaping chasm. Avoid the void. Time for the multivitamin.

It most explicitly is not faring too well. Well fair enough, besides it is next to a nothing to reason that something for nothing, regardless of the denomination, occurrence and interval of said mislocation of the misappropriation across whichever “sovereign” nation is nothing more than a filthy mind and soul sanitization leaving one all too exploitingly tethered to the government plantation, through and through increasing the desperation, self doubting infiltration, eventually leading to the current case in point ever lumpily unfolding societal polarization. That welfare state – what to do, oh, what to do?

No, I am not picking on poor people, single mothers, the handicapped, invalids or any other supposedly marginal members of society, just strictly questioning the welfare state and what it has evolved, or quite possibly devolved to in our current day and age. The age of lack of responsibility and accountability we sure seem to have unthinkingly steered hard rudder right into the shallows of existence on the governmental titanic displacement of what sure seems to be an inter-course of puddle splashing passing as a deep dive.

Surely the explosion of the welfare/nanny state are hand in hand accompaniments to what sure seems to be the disinterest of a great many of society, after having steered(bovine reference) through the government education/indoctrination system only to come out the far side believing that “rich” people are the problem and that government is there to bring “equality” to society, yet their own self imposed, unable to question the system that steered their point of view is indeed a false construct, so they lethargically become all too happy to participatingly leach off of what in their minds is free money, only to ever increasingly multiply the gorging government pig in need of an ever increasing harvest of slop to continue on with the never ending perversity. Population homogenization, cultural indoctrination, interspersed id infiltration, brain washing! The welfare state, the bigger it gets the more decency it consumes. Pass me some woke why don’t you. Gimme gimme gimme!

Government will NEVER admit that their shameful construct is the disease for most of societies ills, and that they operate on a completely run into the ground failure of an economic and social model where running up the debt that will NEVER be paid off in order to bribe their populaces with camouflaged government gratifications has been the major build up and now exponentially increasing downfall of the slide into societal decline, nor will the political correctness consuming society ever tell the hard facts and bitter truth that much of society needs to hear – that of not being special, a star, princess, equal to everyone in abilities, or any other false pandering feel good speciality of ignorance. Perhaps it is time to extol that tough love and bring back that societal smack with the wooden spoon and needed ear tug of discipline to put an end to what is a pathetic nightmare passing as many’s fantasy reality.

Nothing of any value has ever been built without hard work and dedication, yet society has reached a point where those who engage in such life affirming endeavours are punished for doing so in order to support many who flat out refuse to put in the necessary effort for personal advancement and self respect, and the soul sucking government system that ever increasingly dilutes morality and common sense.

Surely one day it will implode. And good thing there are competent people out there fighting for and drawing up the blueprints for a rational common sense approach where the architectural substrate of existence is not derived from the bottom of the barrel government coopered ideology meshing with the Hollywood indoctrination complex infiltrating many a cerebral cortex dwelling. Question is, which geographical locations will have enough willing participants to take personal accountability, responsibility, espouse a common sense, logic and wisdom approached existence in order to bury the false construct being beamed from the voice of infiltrated indoctrination? The Phoenix shall rise again.

Government Policy

What could a healthy non govern-mental society do to lend a helping hand to those truly in need?

Would a community based approach be a more rational and beneficial model as opposed to a behemoth provincial, state, federal model that constantly requires ever more amounts of money as it sucks in ever more souls to be fed upon for their feeding?

Surely there are millions of legitimate people out there in need of a helping hand in order to legitimately get them out of a temporary, or quite possibly permanent bind preventing them and possibly a family out of whatever circumstances. And without a doubt there are millions more abusing the system because in their deluded mind that is what other peoples hard earned tax money is for – to support their mentally deranged existence. We can all picture some circumstances – illness/injury, single parent, domestic violence, bereavement, a handicap, lazy asshole syndrome, pudding brain, self made victim mentality……

Would a healthier society not break down the problem and willingly take the responsibility to solve the charity problem out of the hands of a monstrous institutional bureaucratic system such as state, provincial, territorial, and federal government whose only answer is to milk the productive evermore in order to throw ever expanding money at a problem that is ever-increasingly getting larger, where, like in the old days churches, business, individuals and their community support formed a much larger proportion of lending a helping hand when called for? Or were those just simpler times, before incompetent government destroyed the economic system, political correctness meant letting society get on with their lives unhampered, and when it was expected for a healthy functioning society to call people on their shit when projected into the living theatre? Government – a self fulfilling prophecy of a negative feedback fruit-loop!? Follow your knows!

Vote For Me I’ll Give You This!

Question is, is it impactful, life affirming, logical, or a common sense action to legally steal money from hard working productive members of society, only to give it away with no, or very few strings attached, to others without them having to positively participate within society for their time of need of what should be the charity of others but has turned into government graft often guilty of constructing a system of dependence built upon shame, low self esteem, plain laziness and perhaps the downtrodden fear of taking accountability for ones own existence?

Some might say that it is all too imperative for the need of society to call people out on their shit. Heaven knows government is absolutely incapable of performing such a meaningful task. Political correctness – a greater poison to society than lead paint bed spreads and DDT nightcaps. Government – “Just doing asbestos we can” should be their current motto. Political correctness – before one knows it government is supplying unwilling to work chronic offender ne’er do well junkies with lodging, drug paraphernalia, free money, but most of all the reassurance that their antisocial abhorrent behaviour has no need to be reformed or even reflected upon. “Vote for me, I’ll run society into the ground and blame the “rich” for my incompetence.”

Denmark has drafted what seems to be a logical common sense approach when it comes to unwarranted teat sucklers suckling the life and liberty out of the hard working masses, by looking to mandate a 37 hour work week in order to receive full benefits. And with the obvious consequences of when a leaching loser is called on their shit of living a parasitical existence, Denmark’s asylum seeking status of 21,000 people in 2015 all of a sudden fell to 851 in the first 6 months of the year in 2021 after it became known that “free” money for doing nothing will not be tolerated. Hmm, that grapevine gossip managed to transverse continents, perhaps it could penetrate the provincial/state borders of one “sovereign” geographical location.

Surely if politicians and bureaucrats past had any shred of wisdom, insight, or societal character building intuition they would have constructed a welfare system that would have not only raised the moral, dignity and life experiences of those finding themselves in the need of outside support, but could have done so in a manner that would even save the civic, and possibly provincial, state and territorial locations and its citizens many a tax dollars.

It is not hard to imagine a segment of current city or possibly provincial, state, and territorial employment being reserved for those on welfare that are able bodied. In order to acquire their welfare cheque it would be necessary to perform duties for the parks department, school board, City Hall, hospitals, utilities…..whether it be trash pick-up, landscaping, traffic flaggers, groundskeeping, janitorial……it could give them some skills to transition to the private sector once the equation of actually truly working will give them 2, 3, or 4 times the money. Some people really do need to be forced into a routine.

Volunteerism. Millions of people around the globe do it. Surely a link between it and social assistance could be forged with oranizations and institutions that rely upon it. Just getting out the house and meeting people while positively participating within society is going to build character and foster social and other skills needed for life advancement, while possibly leading one into the possibility of long term employment. Life, it is amazing what can happen when one starts making the proper choices and coming to terms with the need to become a productive member of society.

No questions there will always be people who are not able to participate beneficially to society with the circumstances they find themselves in due to serious debilitating impairment or other circumstances, but a great many of those collecting social assistance have zero excuse for not performing a participatory beneficial role for themselves and society at large. And single mother does not fall on that list once school has been inhabited by the child, leaving many hours for volunteerism and intaking life advancing stimuli.

Thank goodness to much of society the thought, let alone the action of engaging in pathetic inaction is one that is inconceivable in any way, but there are millions of people out there who amusingly and proudly abuse the system, dragging themselves and others down with the unnecessary tax burden heaped upon the participating members of society.

The Government Foundation

The West’s current form of government and pudding brained trail of slime is currently under the slow burn waiting for implosion under the strain of absolute government incompetence and fully necrotized mind of state state of mind. The new substrate should contain common sense, wisdom, logic, accountability, responsibility, hard work, a new economic system that rewards employers and employees, and a main ingredient of being able to call out the lazy, selfish, woke, self victimized, leaching ignoramus’ on their complete and utter bullshit.

Of course a competent education system would delve and forewarn about the consequences of such choices and actions one chooses to make. Or perhaps the teaching of 27 genders and a defeatist attitude are more important to a healthy society!?