Harpoon & lampoon an ultramaroon.

Another Royal Member(Dick)

Canadian citizens, time to clench your butt cheeks, we have a new headmaster in town. Or is he just a new globalist head master? You know, another feral federal fellator fluffing beforehand of knob gobbling at the World Economic Forum(WEF) circle jerk trough of animalistic depravity. Those “conservatives,” no doubt hands on members of the globalist power thirsty bunch, just not as keen as those liberals to be fully penetrated in an explicit grandiose public showing. Conservatives prefer more of an in the dark, though still open back door existence.

Yeah, clench em’ tight, as it seems like the institutionalized Canadian elite political establishment is attempting to pull the old disgrace card of HOPE out of the gaping chasm of deceit known as our parliamentary democracy, à la globalist constructed substrate of which at the needed to be decapitated head lies the familial fornicating globalists supreme of antiquity, those “royal” psycho-parasites.

Globalists are not a new phenomenon, after all, the “royals” of yore, hitherto, and those behind the throne are the originals who have strictly mutated and infiltrated on an always sliding scale of depravity, camouflaging the slime trail through institutions such as the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Bank for international Settlements, BlackRock, and that all penetrating World Economic Forum, of whom, not so great Britain’s “royal” cranial cronk, King Charles III(pronounced the turd) possesses a stake holding membership to the cult keen on eliminating personal as well as sovereign country freedoms through digital ID’s, and digital currency realms amongst other restrictions. Unlike his now hell dwelling, double fisting Lucifer on the flesh mother, Charles III projected realm is that of blatant disregard for of an at least seemingly neutral stance of an objective existence to further the elevation, ingenuity, and human rights of people-kind. Serfs Up!

That’s right – the official demolition, sorry, I mean opposition “leader.” The one left to centre his “Conservative” party team of elite political establishment continuance, with one testicle already soaking in that formaldehyde mason jar of Empire Du Jour existence; Pierre Poilievre, who, in his acceptance speech proudly heiled that World Economic Forum commissar, King Charles the Turd, with an all too enthusiastic, “God Save the King,” most likely while eroticizing about fornicating with his now familial, sorry, familiar pile of kickbacks.

Parent Your Thesis Parenthesis

(A hint Pierre; if you are looking to distance yourself from being a globalist puppet it is best to not praise a “royal” globalist oppressor of the World Economic Forum within the first two minutes of your acceptance speech. Though I suppose it is absolutely necessary for you to appease the Canadian political elite establishment that is bankrolling you. King Charles III stands for everything and more that Just-him Truedope has been assaulting the Canadian populace with since his time in power, and very well may have some authorship to the draconian covid restrictions that have been and are currently being wielded against Canadians, not to mention the current campaign to cripple Canadian farmers with idiotic legislation which will do nothing more than hurt all of Canada. And yes, It sure seems as if those teutonic “royals” played a major role in creating Nazi Germany!)

He Beholden His Head In Someone Else’s Hands

Poilievre be a marionette, or a hand puppet? Well, maybe a hybrid. It is the 21st century after all. In Poilievre’s acceptance speech he stays well within the parameters that the elite political establishment wishes him to remain, and many of his partisan poop slinging is on point, and he was erupting with feel good catchphrases and buzzwords to engorge the blood flow to the nether regions of those with their heads buried in the sand. Get your mind out of the gutter folks. Brains, people, I am talking about those “conservative’ brain nether regions.

That Dopamine rush when hearing, “A new government that puts you first, your pay check, your, home, your retirement, your country!” And the crowd goes wild! “Family, faith, freedom!” Hurrah! Then Poilievre goes on to say how his Conservatives are going to magically fix the out of control debt, egregious tax regimes, the housing crises, passport offices……….Sure, Just-him Truedope went criminally insane when it came to debt expansion, but take a look at what the last “Conservative” leader accomplished on the debt front. Oh, and the unaffordable housing problem. Yes, another “conservative” created problem due to artificially lowering interest rates which led to the speculative housing boom and subsequent rush into tangible assets when it became apparent that all governments were destroying the value of money.

HOPE. Cannot forget about that HOPE. After all, HOPE is the politicians drug for the people. Barack Obama was all about the HOPE, then he continued to maim and murder millions of innocent people overseas for globalist and personal gain, all the while preaching climate terrorism, as is King Charles III hitherto, only to retire a multi millionaire and purchase an $11.75 million dollar home, on the Atlantic Ocean none the less. That climate catastrophe, it is going to kill everyone but the mega rich with beach front property!

“This is All the HOPE I Can Handle”

Pierre Poilievre’s acceptance speech was full of HOPE. He promised to restore Canadians HOPE of owning a home, a car, to pay the bills, afford food, achieve retirement, and achieve one’s dreams if they work hard, the HOPE to foreign doctors, engineers, nurses & other professionals seeking to work in their qualified speciality, and of course let us not forget about that HOPE of safe streets, and that Poilievre himself would be that HOPE personified. Wow, that is a lot of HOPE. In reality, HOPE, if boiled down, especially when gloatingly bleated by a greasy politician, is in fact nothing more than delivering a knowing empty promise while taking advantage of a follower’s emotional state and false interpretation of things actually changing in a meaningful way.

Though truthfully in the end perhaps the chosen linguistic use of HOPE is a psychological tool of a scheming beholding narcissistic existence to quite literally be able to see one’s reflection and save one’s own face as one keeps within the status quo political elite establishment’s domestic parameters of hypnotizing the populace with said empty promises of deceit, all the while dutifully playing the pawn that has truly been put in place to protect the King while acting out the globalist agenda through backdoor dealings, all the while waving the flag on the front porch for all to see.

Those “royals” and the globalists behind the throne, you did not think they got this far without playing on both sides of the battlefield, or houses of government did you? After all, they love that infiltration, and are ecstatic about that penetration – relatively speaking. As for our politicians in front of the throne. Globalist pawn crumb snorters.

It is looking like another moral political prostitute might have been groomed by the globalist pimps. Proxy pimps perhaps. It has become passé after all to leave that trail of slime right out in the open. Surely one does not have to be an overt member of the World Economic Forum in order to act out their policies. Time to go covert when necks and entire systems of systemic disgracism are on the line, no? The “conservative” shill sure seems to have been released once the political elite establishment were backed into the corner. Parliamentary democracy – welcome to the globalist shit hole.

Kissing the Ring Of His World Economic Forum Conservative Prime Minister of Past

Not a peep. The sounds of silence. A deafening mute. Those crickets even sounded the alarm. And alarmed one might want to become. Mister P. P. sure seems afraid of letting it be known he may be a globalist bed wetter, asleep at the wheel as the truth trickles into existence. Will the P.P. clarify any globalist run issues if he becomes Prime Minister, or just keep pumping the domestic flat tires while pretending that digital currencies, digital ID’s and military campaigns to make money for BlackRock and Vanguard investors are not top down globalist playbook power plays expected to be unquestionably followed?

HERE is what seems to be an objective analysis of information that has seen the light of day, including the revelation that P. P. was indeed at one time on the World Economic Forum website, but was perplexed has to how he ended up there. Another warning from someone who keeps stating that he is against what the World Economic Forum is all about, is P. P.’s choice of John Baird as one of his National Campaign Co-Chairs. John Baird is a greasy politician, a World Economic Forum Member, former Minister of Foreign Affairs(Globalist Proxy) and sleaze ball left over from P. M. Stephen Harper’s period of globalist World Economic Forum representation during his war criminal excursion of gleefully helping destroying Africa’s most prominent country, Lybia, and leaving thousands of murdered, maimed, not to mention the open slave markets that came to fruition afterwards.

Another interesting choice for one Of P. P.’s choices of National Campaign Co-Chairs is Senator, Leo Housakos, who just so happens to have involvement in creating digital ID’s for Canadian’s consumption(to be consumed by.) Need I remind the readers that digital ID’s are one of the World Economic Forum’s Lynch pins for achieving total control over “sovereign” nations. Digital currencies though topping that list of infiltrating control.

So it seems as if Poilievre has been chosen by the political elite to be the face of a marketed miracle man to lead the “Conservative” faction into what sure seems to be the confined parameters of a fully globalist infiltrated parliamentary democracy shit hole overflowing with sociopaths, psychopaths, moral prostitutes, useful idiots, pathological liars, and just plain old morons all too willing to say and do whatever it takes to attain any sort of power and perks while pretending to serve the populace, all the while playing out their assigned role of pawns to sacrifice their own geographical location so as the king, those behind the throne, and those fellow sacrificial sobs left standing are able to divvy up the spoils of infiltration while the collective public ceaselessly endures the massive penetration inflicted by “representatives” of the people, only for the recycling of the garbage to come full circle and spit out the next saviour bringing nothing other than the vacuous echoes of HOPE into the necrotized minds all too eager to cheerlead the domestic collapse as ever more power is grasped by the backdoor pimps and pushers delivering that crumby globalist dummy dust of speaking fees, institutional appointments, book deals and other means of rewarding the treasonous pawns.

Pierre, you may be fooling(or possibly actually believing) that reflection looking back at you in the mirror and those mind of state state of minds with their heads thoroughly buried in the sand in need of serious government pounding. Though until actually being elected, and depending upon minority/majority status, you are for now just a domestic puppet hung out to deliver that fantastical false HOPE while fully participating within the circus.

And if Prime Ministership makes you the head clown under the big top, you are going to find out in a hurry, though I am sure that you already know, this has all been planned out in advance and the globalists are licking their lips getting ready to drag you in whatever direction that suits them as the “conservatives” fluff up all those foreign corporations and institutions looking to exploit Canada and its resources out of the wealth, whether mineral or mental.

Smacking His P. P.

To me it seems as if the infiltrated globalist constituent of the Canadian political elite establishment and institutional pimp masters are beginning to worry about the future, including relevance, pertinence, continuance of power, and ultimately not being assaulted, defenestrated, shot, and having their heads paraded around cities on pikes, so they have set themselves up with Pierre Poilievre the patsy to seemingly give the appearance that in fact most of Canadian federal politics has not been infiltrated by institutional power, including those behind the throne in D. C. and London.

And when the election comes P. P. and his globalist serving “conservatives” will most likely only be allowed to achieve a minority government, and all that HOPE that P. P. has been orgasmically spewing will erode away as grown adults bicker, lie, cheat accuse, ignore and dodge questions while acting in a pathetic sub retarded child manner while “debating’ in the official house of globalist government. Or perhaps by the time the election comes the globalist elite will be so panicked about the continuance of their heads remaining on their shoulders that they will actually let P. P. give a few of the past stolen rights back to Canadians, so long as the globalist agenda of full infiltration carries on through the back door dealings while Canadians fight amongst themselves within the smaller picture of “Liberal” this, and “Conservative” that………..Canada’s resources are nearly on par with that of Russia’s, and with the Empire Du Jour not having being able to get their filthy mitts upon Russia’s wealth under their true infiltrating objective in over 100 years time, and now with the sanctions and bifurcation of the global system into East and West, the Empire Du Jour needs to grift and exploit other geographical locations to make up for their waning abilities and intelligence, and it just so happens Canadian feral federal politicians are amongst some of the most clueless dupes known to people-kind and are literally willing to whore themselves out for a dirty nickel while leaving the Canadian populace with over ONE TRILLION dollars in debt.

One thing is for sure. If P. P. does become Canada’s next P. M. whether minority or majority, and he does absolutely nothing to stand up for the freedom, liberty, and privacy of Canadian citizens existence and therefore sticking it to the institutional power he supposedly braggingly claims to despise, by means of legislation to prevent the elimination of cash from ever being allowed to transpire, for national security and human rights of privacy, and the same to prevent the globalist institutions from enacting their control regime of digital ID’s, then the writing is clearly on the wall of executions.

For me, P. P’s praising of King Charles the turd and his robust “God save the king” spiel was all the evidence needed to prove as to who he truly serves in the big picture when able to escape the domestic distractions of deceit while the real story goes on behind closed back doors. King Charles III is Just-him Truedope on steroids! And for that Pierre Poilievre showed his true colours, or colour anyways. Yellow. As in yellow bellied coward knowingly engaged in a plot of deceit to keep the globalist perversion, infiltration and ultimate penetration of the Canadian public at large with tiny globalist members. Liars, cheaters, and filthy knaves.

Globalist Terrorist

Clench those butt cheeks and discard that HOPE Canada. Only action of the engaged vigilant will ever create anything worthwhile to dwell in and upon. Time to lay down the “royal” flush then redecorate the substrate behind the throne!