Definitely Not the Third Rock From His Son

The hunter had become the hunted, though not in a pill popping, dead brother’s wife banging, crack smoking, Burisma Holdings milking, prostitute fornicating, handgun ditching, rehab boozing, webcam capturing, Chi-Com tangled perverse mess of sleazy abhorrent Americanized learned behaviour that would easily pass so genuinely as a rap music video, if it were not for the fact that such debauchery was indeed a true reality tv production of the son of the ‘Big Guy,’ who undoubtedly achieved said ‘Big Guy’ moniker due to the untimely and sizeable public bowel evacuations that some would say Depends upon the Secret Service’s astuteness at providing the needed protection. À la poopy pants Biden. Truly an immeasurable stain on modern history. The lot of them.

No, the depths of that see will not be explored upon any further in this Article III (Article I) of the Yankee state of deep penetration in the annals of “sovereign” country’s politicians controlled by puppet strings for none other than the short-lived, solely pleasurable, and self gratifying US branded autoerotic asphyxiation elevated then thoroughly let down by Uncle Sam’s deathly grip upon the marionette cross-bar that in the end will no doubt Crown to a loss of footing and ultimately corpsed out nation reeling to be cross examined in a court of martial law set forth until the treachery trials and accompanying hang jury rope out the final details.

20,000 Beleaguered Under the Sea

For foreshadowing purposes, down under we shall go, into the depths of those other seas a’ undulating so.

The hunter had become the hunted – Wolfpack of antiquity – watery graveyards a plenty, borne of torpedo resoluteness into the depths of asphyxiating despair. Enter the convoy. Depth charge supreme, it might cost one their life – brought to them by spotter planes. It was all about production and transport, feeding the death machine and attempting to starve it in countering fashion. Either way, the Nazi’s lived on. And so they do, training ISIS and UKraine. What a world – o’ filth that is. Past the nostrils, eyeballs in muck!

Submarine warfare, it is older than many might think. 18th century – 1776 to be exact. Though the American Civil War would need to come around before the first deaths could be attributed to actual wartime submarine actions, where indeed the Confederate submarine Hunley killed its own soldiers at a rate of over 4 to 1 before finally being left to rest in the waters outside Charleston, South Carolina. Well, until its 8th of August year 2000 reclamation from the deep and subsequent display in North Charleston, South Carolina.

In 1863 the Hunley sank during 2 test runs, killing five occupants on the first occasion and 8 on the second, including its inventor Horace Lawson Hunley. The submarine was recovered after both misfortunes only to find 8 more crew for its 3rd time’s the charm voyage to the muddy depths of an awaiting death. Though not before deploying a “torpedo” on a stick against the Union ship Housatonic, sinking it in the explosive action and killing five of the Housatonic’s crew in the process. If one is wondering about the Hunley’s propulsion method – like a butter churn of the day, it was hand powered.

Hunley Submarine Before Restoration

In one of my previous articles I had let everyone know that the English Navy shares the traits of countless sheep farms in every port of call that the English Navy anchors within. Said shared trait is that the sheep as well as the sailing vessels are both filled with English semen/seamen. However I neglected to mention at the time that King Charles the Turd on occasion likes to tag along for a “royal” cruise and dress up as a sheep in Admirals clothing. You guessed it – Rear Admiral indeed, turd class semen! His Crowning achievement. Screw ewe London! Canberra too!

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oy Vey!

I put it in writing earlier that we would be going down under. Grab your gumboots and velcro mittens everybody. Land of the homogenized it be. No, not homogenized like milk, those Aussies lap it up unpasteurized straight from the ram’s udder, two stones about it. Prisoners of his majesty’s Throne Troll political contingent of seat sniffing Globalist parliamentary dwellers and culturally indoctrinated pudding contingent. What a Globalist shit hole indeed.

Time for some slay of hands. Hocus Pocus here is some AUKUS. Australia, the United Kingdom, and the American Gestapo Corporation, they never met a war, including Vietnam, that they did not like to play Globalist terrorist within, even though they have yet to win one since World War Two, and that was due to the contingency plan, instead of signing a truce with the victorious Third Reich which ultimately failed to live up to their end of the “royal” Globalist Nazi blueprint of wiping out Stalin and his Soviet Commies. Master race, no. Consummate disgrace, indeed. AUKUS that is. Heil the Turd.

For those who do not know, AUKUS is a military pact between 1) Australia, 2) United Kingdom, and 3) the US. Of which allows Australia to purchase US designed and Australian built nuclear propelled, but not nuclear armed submarines using a highly enriched uranium of 93%. AUKUS also heightens sharing of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, cyber warfare systems (chimpanzee spook hackers), hypersonic projectile weapons and “countering abilities,” and other Globalist terrorist tactics to keep the International Rules Based Imperialist Terrorist Model of Globalist Order in order to continue murdering and pillaging decades into the future.

Because hey, the West’s politically correct existence has become so overbearingly woke, lazy, complacent, stupid, arrogant, delusional and government burdened in unregistered perverse reflected appearance that competing honestly and with integrity leaves the West at the bottom of the pile, so war and more death will be the genocidal means in the attempt to continue their Globalist rape fest, while also trying to preserve their own incompetent power while desperately clambering to cling onto an artificially propped up system that should have been left to collapse years ago. 1), 2), 3), World War Three. Pick up the pieces. Serfs up. Digitized feudalism coming at you live.

The AUKUS deal is controversial in many respects, the first of which was Australia’s cancellation of their secured submarine contract with that of France who were going to build subs in need of only 6% enriched uranium as opposed to the US’ 93% enrichment. Nuclear weapons require a minimum of 20% uranium enrichment. Supplying Australia, a non nuclear country, other than producing medical isotopes, is seen by many as an act of nuclear proliferation. In contrarian thinking, what if Russia were to sponsor, say, Iran, Turkey or South Africa in a bid to supply them with the 93% highly enriched Uranium in order to have a fleet of submarines? Oh right, that International Rules Based Imperialist Terrorist Model of Globalist Order. Rules for thee but not for me. Globalist terrorism normalized, indeed.

Whoopty doo! Australia now will have at least 8 guaranteed highly enriched uranium subs that they are not even allowed to bring into their closest neighbour, and velcro mitten and gum boot ally of New Zealand’s ports due to New Zealand’s strict nuclear allowance policy. Submarines that will be directed by the American Gestapo Corporation’s dictation of how Australia will be used and abused in the impossible task of “containing” China. Though in reality America’s drawn out suicide is just looking to suck in as many countries as possible under the not so cleverly disguised guise of democracy, morals, decency, International Rules Based Imperialist Terrorist Model of Globalist Order, and other well practiced and societally indoctrinated double speak emanating from the backside of Uncle Sam and accompanying members of the Globalist Triumvirate Crown and Throne Troll side dish while somehow passing as intellectual discourse and rational course of action. One cannot fix stupid, it just has to be left to self destruct.

One thing is for certain in the US-Australia submarine deal that has been struck, other than the further enrichment of corporations, investors and political kickbacks drawn from the juggernaut of genocidal sleaze that is the Globalists Military Industrial Complex. And that thing is the further metastasizing cancer of the American Gestapo Corporation penetrating the Aussies “sovereignty” like the English do a paddock of sheep in whichever port of call they so terroristically inhabit. Yes, those Australians are now dependent upon old molesting Uncle Sam for the decades long life and servicing of the submarine implements of death and the agenda in which they will be so wastefully used. Unless of course they end up going south, the way of the Hunley So goes the Empire Du Jour. Canada is a rape victim itself (Article II). Diefenbaker was but just one Canadian Judas in a long lineup in need of good delivery.

An Island Entire of Its Own Thoroughly Mined Mind

Perhaps too much piss (beer) or ram’s milk, two stones about it, for Australia’s homogenized seat sniffing political puppets? Certainly it’s geographical location is filled with entirely too much Americanized television production nonsense, leaving Australian’s to forget to look around and realize where exactly on their flat minded earth they so in compass and to who their largest trade parameters inhabit.

Australia sure seems to have been roped into the Empire Du Jours attempted “containment” of China, and with China importing just under 25.9% of Aussie goods in 2022, Asia accounting for 82.7% of all Australian exports, and North America importing only 5% certainly the tides of change seem to be in the wind (balloon kamikaze?) as even China’s imports from Australia were down 10.1% from 2021 and Japan’s were up by 64.4% in the same time period. China and Japan are Australia’s largest importers and Japan seems to picking up China’s slack and increasing the divergence of the economy into 2 spheres.

Australia, been a primarily lazy and complacent country who’s exports are mainly raw materials consisting of iron ores, coal and fuels derived from coal, petroleum gasses, wheat and gold of which account for 64.8% of all Australian exports, and with the West under the American Gestapo Corporation’s lead divesting in Russian energy and raw materials, of which will be absorbed by China’s and India’s demand, who will be absorbing China’s portion of Australian exports if the 10% per annum change from 2021 to 2022 continues unabated?

Surely Japan or other Asian nations do not have the productive capacity to absorb China’s current market share of Australian exports. America already has its geographical complacent neighbour lap dog of Canada all too willing to be taken advantage for its raw materials, instead of becoming a self reliant, self determinant manufacturing powerhouse it could achieve with all the mineral wealth it possesses.

Something tells me the entirety of the West is up for some serious comeuppance in the near future and all due to the abattoir path that has been laid brick by brick by the welfare states that have been constructed over the accumulating decades hitherto by the braindead political establishment across all nations who have been foolishly and greedily following the Globalists mandate of “sovereign” country infiltration, debt economics leading into natural resource accumulation by any means necessary including war and International Monetary Fund and World Bank penetrative debauchery.

And now with the Globalist Triumvirate’s plainly visible incompetence and abject madness compounding at an exponential pace leaving what seem to be only two options. First choice is that of admitting their folly and cooperatively joining forces to construct a multipolar world based upon mutual respect, hard work, sound economics, accountability, responsibility, honesty and common sense. Or the second choice of continuing their ratcheting up of a war footing based upon outright propagandized lies to go along with the complete domination of their citizens through suicidal tax/debt regimes, antiquated economic systems, incessant double speak and a welfare state until the cows come home of which is borne by the responsible citizenry who want zero part of the ridiculous construct and genocidal road of which western society is been led by the pudding brained moral prostitutes inhabiting legislative assembly’s the West over.

Hint: politicians will be going with option 2. Well, actually 3. World War Three.

Everyone stock up on marshmallows, it is going to be one heck of a firestorm. Though nothing that a large enough defenestration campaign could not put a stop to. Sweet sweet gravity.