Motion of the Commotion

In the scheme of things, the undulating effects of the dimensional representation requiring a bridging of the gap liquified so deeply upon the trenches of mountainous valleys and peaks of the tectonic convulsions the vastness of that side of the world fuelling the emptily gorging hollowed fullness of the West so easterly harvesting the consequences of their own factory-like penchant for a lined assembly to so eagerly construct a dependency of utility harbouring their own naked futility of being instructionally labelled as anything other than tomfoolery in plastically clad perpetuity.

Well that is a regular shipment of goods used to highlight the lowlight of the downright beholden Western plight incapable of gazing a foresight, yet all too myopically stunted in consumerism hindsight, hooked most certainly on supply chains linked in charged debts of societally anchoring hold tight. It sure will be interesting once the opposing kinetic missiles take flight. Where rare earth may come to mean that of which has not been atomically irradiated forthright. Just think, and all for Globalist power & profits outright.

Until the low atmospheric bursts responsible for the emittance of sparse low life by way of high death, let the high seas flow periodically forthwith bellowing all encompassing shifty Anglo-corporate, Sino-polycarbonate rolling overland in dire graveness. Heck knows, it sure is cheap in the planned obsolescence irrational times of our short attention spanned likeness of emulating educational production line shoddiness.

Really, there is scant a way to get around it, so we all go through it. Where there is no will, it is the way.

Shipping and handling. Or in the ever creeping, all encompassing Empire Du Jour cast Deep State paranoidal digital informational hoovering agency tentacled corporate multi-generational all encompassing worldly penetrative cavity search fascistization; let it be known as: handling of that shipping. Certainly a non discerning taste for the visual & audible cortex dinning gullet of a Crowned head feeding the Hydra in perverted perpetuity into infinity of depravity. The Ouroboros of ignorant continuance. Coast to coast to coast, south of the 49th is an Agency of the post. National Insecurity after all. Why curtain twitchers underneath my bed? Hell no, that ain’t cool!

A Quick Wipe Before the Swipe

It was a watery grave in the making. Considerably wiped out in a rotational event of sensor-less violence. I even had to pay for the displeasure, and the worst part was, it did not even take cash. Talk about antisocial automation. Fool me once, no damn way. For clarity, my business has been taken elsewhere. Though, time to count my losses, in monetary form. A new rear windshield wiper arm was the needed product, as those polishing auto-wash roundy-rounds snapped the old one like a newborns femur harvested for king Charles the Turds marrow mindedness. Zing! Not too hard to picture, is it!? C’mon, you know they are 100% organic certified. Balmoral babies. Or is it Baal-morals? Either way – Genocidal freaks.

The choice was mine. Was I to pay around 18 dollars and then fork out another 15 dollars or so in shipping fees from the USA, or should I pay 15 dollars, with free shipping from China? Yeah, kind of a simple choice. “F*¢k the US” – as Victoria Nuland said. Oh wait, that was “F*¢k the EU.” Though, in reality, truly f*¢king the entirety of the population of the US by default, amongst others.

Besides, either way, it was literally the exact same piece of oil derived plastic, and more than likely made in the exact same Chinese factory, maybe even by the same machine operator, Hung Lo, when he was not moonlighting as a Chinese porn sensation. There was also probably a fifty fifty chance that the arrival time from China would outdo that of ‘American Exceptionalism,’ even if the part was warehoused 2 miles from the Canadian border. It could contain terrorism after all. Anything byway of the USA is susceptible to terrorism. Beware of that American Gestapo Corporation! Shipping, they do possess it all, right? Well, most certainly they have infiltrated it. Surely those missing trillions have to be going somewhere other than high class call girls, sex change operations, political bribery, delousing, gerbil production, warehouse sized narcotic investments, and doomsday bunkers?

Geographical Dislocation

Certainly it would be fair, to, at least, “hypothesize” that many “private” multinational corporations of origin, the likes of AT&T, Microsoft, Apple, Verizon…. are indeed part and parcel of the American Deep State apparatus employed for hoovering every bit of information possible into the vault of delusional paranoia so rightly employed by numerous three letter agencies of American Gestapo Corporation existence.

And logically, one might rightly assume that the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and other shipping companies are indeed not so magically woven into the fabric of Gestapo Statism so wrongly metastasizing in that winded and withered juggernaut geographical locale of which the Crown serving barbarians, have, for decades, already invaded and currently run amok. JFK was the key to publicly slam the door.

Surely there is a ‘Shipping Person of Interest’ list, and heck, you might be on it! Those Americans like making inclusionary exclusivity lists of discriminatory nature, so long as you are not a stooge willing to do their dirty work that is, then you are A-OK. Don’t ask the 9-11 hijackers as they were those ‘bad good-guys’ contributing to the Imperial cause & defect. However, you can ask beloved Canadian Author, Farley Mowat, as he was a ‘good bad-guy’ guilty of freedom of thought and contrarian ideas. How dare he!

Speak of the devils delivery service. How about that United Parcel Service (UPS)? yet another faceless American multinational corporation. Perhaps just yet another middle finger from the intrusive proctologists hand of Deep State stir-ups. My observational analysis might rightly conclude so. One need not live in topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world for such an occurrence to be a reality. Yeah, I know the UPS Stores are franchisees, but their computational machinery is mainlined into that matrix of digital huntmanship leading to a conveyer side hustle of tactile actuality. Snoop-doodle-loot-do. In the name of freedom of course. Well, would you believe: freedom from freedom? Now that is more like it. Heil that Statue of Liberty Triviality!

All right, I will get on with it. Their getting off with it that is. UPS, I have had a few run-ins with their services, shipping and receiving, Let me fill you in on my shipping experience. Fool me once, yes they did. A couple years ago or so, I sent, to the US, using UPS Express, a gift and enclosed note of zero consequence, or, even interest, other than to the receiver to whom it was addressed. Surprisingly, when looking at the tracking function, the package became “delayed” for a few days in a UPS facility that was sure off route of the origin and eventual delivery location. Then, perhaps, not so coincidentally, very soon afterwards, some entity had hacked my email and was sending unsolicited emails to all of my contacts for something along the lines of penis enhancement pills. Really, quite funny, in a pathetically petty manner of childlike immaturity.

Say, that reminds me of the time a few years ago when I ordered a book by the revolutionary, Thomas Paine, from south of the 49th parallel by way of another multinational corporation, and wouldn’t you know, the book that arrived was some cheeseball steamy romance novel. I still wonder if such was the result of spooky actions? Either way, I prefer making my own writings. It is definitively more pleasurable, surely more time consuming and infinitely more a revolutionary reward. The monetary payoff is the same too – zero. Bringing ever closer my current retirement plans – a beam, rope, rickety stool, and the laws of mass and gravity. Zing! Or is it, Swing!?

Come to think of it, that last paragraphical reminder reminds me of the time, when after my mom died, I had copies made of some antique photographs that she possessed, in order to send them to extended family south of the 49th and Europe as well. Wouldn’t you know it, the photographs arrived in Europe about 5 days sooner that it took for them to arrive in the US. One can only guess that morbid obesity played a fat hand in slowing them down? Either way, heil to the chief of Ba’al-Morals. Paranoia – it will employ ya, in the Deep State of disrepair.

Say, those above two reminders reminded me again. Let me reminisce to right around a month ago. There is a website that I have frequented for many years, of which posts links to interesting articles on the originating website. I figured what the heck, maybe the owner would find my Bulging Pierogi Bulgogi article interesting and post a link on his site to give me a bit of exposure. Honestly, I am not sure if the gentleman ever did post the article, but I suspect that he might have, and been punished for doing so. For you see, a day or two later I tried to access the site and it literally was wiped from the internet for quite a few days, only to go to the screen shot that said that the website did not exist, but the domain was possible to purchase. Well, thankfully the site is up and running again.

Geez, all of these reminders just keeps the reminiscing going. Like when I first started this website and used to post comments on another website in hopes of garnering a larger readership. Then some “guy” named ‘Hugo C’ started leaving messages for me in the comments with slander directed to me. Well ‘Hugo C’ had left his website link in the comments, and wouldn’t you know it, it was a direct link to the CIA’s website. Surely a means to attempt to intimidate myself and the host of the other website?

Well, there are more reminders, but I will stop there. Perhaps everything is just one large coincidence. Remember, in topsy-turvy crazy downside-up world anything is possible, and the truth is most assuredly stranger than fiction on many accounts. Either way, heil the United States intelligence budget of well into the tens of billions of dollars. They put the SA in salute. As did their brethren of origin, the European aristocracy’s Nazi regime of genocidal lunacy. Think of it as a continental trans-plant of Crowned not so greatness, now in a geographical dislocation near you.

Really, it is hard to imagine that the mastermind of the Deep State apparatus with an above board budget into the tens of billions of dollars, and personnel with accumulated “educational” upbringings into the thousands of years of post secondary education have troubles sleeping at night because a former pothead with the equivalent of a grade eight education and a penchant for gerbil jokes, cryptic comedic constructs, contrarian observations, and ideas that used to be mail order from Crackerjack boxes might be an influence as to the eventual polishing of a gargantuan Globalist turd. As my old roofing acquaintance says, “If you’ve seen Juan, You’ve seen Jamal.”

Oh, and if one is on that list of exclusive inclusivity and you ship items to, or, within the US using multinational corporations such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, or the USPS, your packages may very well be geographically dislocated from their A to B route in order to be perved upon, recorded, copied, photographed, rubbed over exposed genitals, or quite possibly rolled up to snort some form of dummy dust. As most certainly it can be determined that those dummies are everywhere, including under my bed.

Hmm. Seems like a good start up company for those with capital investment opportunity. Transcontinental shipping guaranteed to not be molested by the eye of Sauron. Ah, who am I kidding, “they” would just use those missing trillions to create the illusion, then perv out at a never before seen rate of sleaziness known to people-kind.