Graphic But Certainly Not Novel

National security. Some would say such is a novel concept, while others would be right in concluding that many long, drawn out books have already been written on the formative subjects geographical entrapment. Surely one’s novel definition would have to be clearly written in order to conclusively spell out the pages of history contained within the chapters of plotting the ultimate conclusion eagerly foreshadowed by authorings of inky representational blackness.

Paying tribute, definitely the nationally ignorant best seller’s bottom shelved existence destined to concur flattened imaginations dealing in fictional representation pertaining to the lifelong series of current events, falling by way of now being seen for the cognitively captured short stories feeding the attention spanned of a societally tiered, vastly barren plateau vacuously descended into abject cataracted catastrophe of an odious Crowning achievement.

So, how about those antagonists? Well, there is a trail, actually, make that trails, bloody trails to say the least. Guts, brain matter, organs a’ plenty, sinew, muscle, butchered babies, keratin, veinous anomalies, leading into mass profits and control. You get the picture, splatter pattern indeed. Now for the climax, that “royal” gerbiled existence. A habitual Habitrail of their manicured and sanitized, tinted and tainted fish-bowel existence terraforming their very own sickly environ-mental dwelling. The bidding, all done for that pervasive “royal” lot. Historically speaking, ‘Heil the king.’ Even if he is a queen! You can World Bank on it.

What an environment to be reckoned with. The fertilizing of thoughts, from the darkness into their obfuscating light. Growth anew, that sadistic Globalist garden. Those Globalist green thumbs must surely rape what they sow?

This “author” is certainly not alluding to any indication that those servants of “his” majesty, MI6, in any way lead a deviant lifestyle and could be led to be believed as “gay“, but in a recent interagency survey from the Pee-ew Research Center, the consensus, especially among the more junior personnel, out of environmental concern, was, that their favourite tree, indeed being that of faggotry. In admitting so, it was determined that of MI6 to be leaving traditional branches of family in order to eagerly dig each others stumps. Those Brits, they love to smoke a good fag!

Out of interest of acquiring data from more than one continental location, the Pee-ew Research Center also performed polls in North American locales of “intelligence,” where it was determined, in fitting with the molesting step father of MI6 British “sensibilities,” that, although the CIA’s favourite type of tree was that of the Aspen, it was overwhelmingly determined the most adored plant of the CIA, is without question the trans-plant. To support the trans-plant evidence, the observation of well clipped clones homogeneously sprouting a garden of interagency deceit passing as decency was firmly established. Fertilization amongst trans-plant peers was deemed to be at historic highs, in turn, developing massive underground bunker rooting environments.

Through the Pee-ew Research Center, the poll was also delivered to the Canadian Security Intelligence Services (CSIS), and being a bit behind in growing developments, CSIS asked for some extra time in order to grasp a better pole position in determinant factor for that of being the inter-sexed ivy firmly clinging to the seed spewing MI6 & CIA shaft firmly rooted in the “royal’ traditions of Crowning genocidal fertilization processes covering the stunted growing-medium “reality” of topsy-turvy downside-up world. The Crown does like it best on top after all, so in reality, CSIS is endlessly taking it on the bottom! That Ivy, it will grasp tightly onto anything, and drink it up like there is no tomorrow. Zing!

Yes, that national security – where the tribute seems to endlessly consent to a repeated moral and resource humiliation rape-fest at the hands of the Globalist imperial violators, in themselves gleefully serving the Crown of transferred millennia past. Where instead of creating an apparatus of truth to bring enlightenment and disinfecting light, the rapers and the raped mercilessly join forces to screw the populace at large. Until now that is? That covid, it was tyranny to the power of Globalist. As has been post 9-11, on an overdose of steroids. Well, til that Crown disappears, the sick joke continues. Who else but a true coward and mind-wiped dupe could cheer the Crown?

The Crown has never met anyone or anything it did not want to pervertedly penetrate in cavorting insanity. It sure loves porking cadavers too. Just ask Jimmy Savile, the Crowns darling little “royal” gem. Twinkling in those Nazified Windsor eyes of deceit. However, as much as the Crown admonishes not, but truly condones child molesting behaviour amongst peers, it is the infiltration and penetration of entire geographical locations that really gets those inbred abominations and contingent of servants off more than anything else. All about those bribes. Cowards come cheap after all, and politics is full of them. Cowards and bribes that is. Where the rest of the fools are ignorant enough to serve the Crown strictly for a paycheque.

Yeah, that national security of old, right up to today is rooted/rotted in genocide, lies, deceit, graft, theft, taxation without representation, rape, ignorance, sophistry, misinformation, propaganda, disinformation, delusion, illusions, pedophilia, indoctrination, idiocy, cronyism, controlled explanations, one dimensional linear nothingness, moronic dwelling, division, foolishness, mind pudding, familial fornicating, idolization of abomination, shenanigans, inescapable synaptic confines, violence, obfuscation, and false representation to name a few aspects of our current systemic disgracism, where the political moral prostitutes and cowards selling the unbelievable lie of representative appearance are addressed as being “honourable,” and those at the spook realm of populational “royal” deceit are said to be engaging as an agency representation of “intelligence,” and to be keeping people safe. Though one must wonder if the systemic objective is to truly keep people safe from an objective reality, hence a grand pudding disposal? Any to have reached any form of enlightenment need not ask the question, as the evidence swirls around greater than that of gaseous atmospheric engulfment.

Yes, topsy-turvy downside-up world cannot transmogrify in any further deviation from a sensible objectionable grounding.  Hell, nuking the entire planet would truly be a step up from this anomalous bog of pudding induced mind-fuckery. Forget Little Boy and Fat Man, humanity seems to be deserving of Morbidly Obese unleashing.

Mother ship, where be you? Living in captivity. These freaks, me wants no more.