Sun Spot Activity

Anxiously speaking, the possible dim sum contemplative shanghaied keelhauling of undulated pondering a yore having entered the doldrums upon the sees of life, that line was finally crossed. Although horizontal in bended continuance, it took not the subterranean limbo, but ultimately in heightened deliverance, that thin-skinned jumbo. Though, come to think of it, more than one line of differentiated thinking was rapidly transgressed, including of which, one, in antiquity, a declared delineation of ensuing calamity, only to be metaphorically dusted off in the 21st century nascent clamour for true liberty trekking humanity. And speaking of some major parallels, this one is most assuredly hoping to permanently intersect, then interject the 31st striking of near continuance, omitting a jog, and accompanying dash of rightly downward extrusion.

And to that effect, does one have the answer as to what is coming below? Give it a try and find out. After all, one cannot win if they choose not to play.

Paddy O’ Leery

It ceases not to be needed in perpetuity in order to collect an endless abundance of emittance far surpassing that of even semi-coherent verbal utterances; where one could say it truly depends upon the untimely misgivings brought forth unconsciously in self fertilizing offerings planted omnipresently; owing to a growing handler’s concern forthright, by way of his crepuscular giving outright placements of unabashed deliverances within inopportune locations aplenty.

Snug in concealment of his human being an indiscernible totality; a pampered effect harbouring the full circle fulfilling catchment of that little guy no more. Certainly a capturing warmth like no other in encompassing needs; where one or two in objective analysis could determine a third or fourth servicing again being absorptive, in his nature of the former, to which there will always be a latter. Though let him not be rash in conclusive clarification.

What is it?


Close Her Lies and Open Her Mouth

Oh me oh my! What a lubricous skank indeed! Talk about backdoor offerings a plenty; all-in for all she can take, and then some. Intently riding uncontrollably on that express train coming into her station, if you will; she doth beg for it. Oh man, would I ever like to put it in her filthy mouth! Headlong without delay to be precise; until she gagged uncontrollably, her eyes watered profusely, and residual substrate offerings sputtered from her nostrils; all the while giving her the firm spanking she so rightly deserves. The old in-out in perpetuity, back and forth & all-around in specie totality; letting up to strictly let her swallow the bubbling crude for full affect. Heaven knows: that Nikki Haley certainly deserves it repeatedly in all hardened fullness!

It being what?


The Wheels On the Short-Bus Go…?

Talk about a Teflon effect, nothing has stuck there apart from the once briefly inhabited, cobweb ghosted interface that clung desperately shortsighted to the vacuously void dream weaving an unimaginable emptiness unable to dish out any validity other than that of a to the core rotten vegetable offer deserving composted fullness for true societal benefit.

Though in possession of a seeming volumetric capacity; all that enters is to never be logically accounted as having registered for observational analyses; whereas all that exits seems to be that of an archaically unintelligent, basic evaporative dispersal function, so as to expel said matter of unknown substrate derivation in the fear of evolving from a primitive elemental origin to that of a compounding function capable of withstanding more than a .05 pounds per square inch observatory facility.

In one side and out the other; it holds nothing other than the externally generated astonishment of the individual capable of thinking in the leaps and bounds of understanding that there will very well be serious consequences for those stringed instruments who invariably enjoy the destructive pastime of playing leapfrog with those Globalist touting unicorns.

What supposed material is incapable of materializing?