The rumour going around the North Pole is that Santa has had to switch to a larger sled, and double his reindeer team so as to accommodate the largest hauling of stocking coal to be distributed to the Globalist class masters and their morally bankrupt stringed instruments of politician whoredom.

Cana-duh’s halls of Globalist parliamentary egregious power have been decked with boughs of folly via the World Economic Forum puppet masters, where Just-him Truedope, the loosest prostitute north of the 49th parallel is certainly not ashamed of showing his beholden true colours while so proudly donning his gay apparel.

With 21st century promiscuity kicking into overdrive, individually kissing under the mistletoe just does not cut in anymore, so in true Globalist collective socialist serfdom abattoir dwelling, an orgy of earthly destruction is well past the planning stage and will soon be fucking the population of the whole world under the coming missile tow for the ages. WWIII for you and me!

Not Progressive Enough


Getting Fucked Under the Missile Tow!

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