Get the Façade Out of Here

Death from above. Yeah, most certainly intertwined pervertedly within the unceasing depths of despair. A shallow treatment for the drowning pool of the morosely heightened surface dwellers huffing and puffing exhaustedly refreshing, running rampant upon the ramparts of insensibility, an indefensible tactic by such of dispensable frantic hollowed lobbing of a now thoroughly defined trajectory. To and fro, there they go, scattered anomalies of production lying destruction, evermore grave in the making of their own, the false flag is sewn, flown of sovereign deceit, priming the slow fuse detonator explosive in nature. History proves, a natural phenomenon indeed.

Death from above. A degenerate salvo, launched unthinkingly, hurled incessantly. The lines of demarcation hellbent upon deception, topographical scrambling leading to the now assured easement, a right of passage left willingly, borne of precision tectonics upon foundational shambles. Now a cratered disgust beyond all recognition. Straight up, straight down it goes, distinguished duds buried deep of their own accord. Ordnance of ordinance set to reshape the landscape. Torn asunder of sky-high blunder. Beddy-bye’s indeed. News flash, a cordite night light, illogically surged via an overloaded power outlet now so fizzled.

Trapped. Running scared. After all, if incompetence doesn’t work, time to double down on the forefront of the backside of the misstep guiding the sideways antics propelled in the centrepiece rounding out the architecture of aggression torturously flaunted as the saving grace masterpiece now so hideously drawn out by the heads of state nothing other than a sheer cliff awaiting the not so sure footed stumbling down the line herding of Teutonic shepherds barking of orders. Death from above.

A war of words, more of the same old same old new beginnings launched incessantly in a new barrage of fresh faced venal vocabulary of the shadowy scripted ventriloquists. Endlessly stockpiled justifications metered from the puppet mumbling standardization of the participating politically and fiscally entrapped geographical locations. Aplenty to go around, “Let them eat fake!,” the smartness of their utter stupidity. Alphabetical anemia and wordily witchcraft leading to paragraphical pestilence. The sickly consumptive nature spreads. Globalist democracy. Death from above.

They shall go on to the end, they shall fight for Globalists, they shall fight for foreign states and waterways, they shall fight with waning confidence and waning strength in their hot air, they shall not defend our sovereign interest, whatever the cost may be, they shall fight us on  fiscal sanity, they shall fight us on a need for personal accountability, they shall fight us on our right to tangible democracy, they shall fight us to the end of our very lives; they will never surrender…until, in Satan’s bad time, the New World Order, with all its death and graft, steps forth to the subjugation and the enslavement of old.

Yes, death from above alright, certainly in more ways than one, befitting the as of yet identified latter is expediently assuring the now decades long thoroughly transmogrified former, though in their inescapable delusional fantasy the two saliently displayed disgraces go interchangeably hand in hand like that of, oh, say; beholden Globalist puppet moral prostitutes perpetrating and funding wars in foreign lands that have absolutely zero to do with national sovereignty or security, the benefit of mankind, logical actions, fiscal sanity, or economic cooperation – and, oh, say; the supposed “leaders” of said Globalist infiltrated countries literally choking the very life out of the West’s defunct political and economic systems that have ruled so egregiously for far too long. Yup, hand in hand, one killing the other, the other killing the one. True interoperable destruction on an epic scale.

Death from above. If it is not innumerable Slavs endlessly forecasted with 100% chances of raining high explosives in a rapidly expansive downpour, or helpless Palestinians being vaporized on the whims of the depraved Israeli war criminal establishment, it is the creeping death of the aforementioned defunct political and economic systems, where those sitting atop the the perverted head, supposedly above us second class scum, are slowly asphyxiating themselves in an evermore mindless display of incompetent astonishment. Yep, willfully murdering others while so proudly committing suicide right before our eyes. Hand in hand. Ah, 21st century political progressivity – it blows. Winds of change upon the winds of self destruction. Indubitably well on its way. Death from above.

He Crawled Out From His Donut Hole

And now a word from your local Walmart greeter. Make that under qualified Walmart greeter, as he would would have to memorize, “Hello, how are you today?,” without having to read off of the script assigned to him by the manager at your local Walmart. Bill ‘Big Oaf’ Blair, a man so special that they had to invent a new cabinet position, Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, for him to occupy, then abolish said cabinet position but 16 months later, to then give him the cabinet position of Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, of which was whittled down to just Minister of Emergency Preparedness (am guessing he could not pronounce Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness without reading the cue card), only to be thrown empty headed straight into reading the official Globalist script as Minister of National Defence. A “national defence” that has been hijacked to wage a proxy war against Russia, through UKraine, in a pathetic attempt to reconquer, for the Crown and its Throne Troll agents, Mother Russia’s teeming bounty of natural resources, and obviously to spread rainbow flag diplomacy, three legged women nation building techniques, fiscal suicide, an obesity epidemic, gain another geographical location to posture up further against China, spread Frankenstein agriculture, Globalist “democracy,” and on and on and on… And now, your local Walmart greeter:

So there you have it, another 95 million more Canadian tax payer dollars, to add to the already wasted 8.43 BILLION Canadian dollars, in order to supply but a measly 800 drones to the faltering UKrainian Armed Forces now evermore desperately manned by youthful and over-matured UKrainian cannon fodder that have been going nowhere and now officially moving backwards in their failed counteroffensive designated to reach Moscow by the year 2179, when Moscow II is built upon the then radioactively inert site of where Kiev stood some 152 years earlier, but was reduced to an ash heap after Israel nuked Kiev ten times over after confirming reports that fifteen Palestinians managed to escape to Kiev from the Gaza Strip, in turn, avoiding the ongoing ethnic cleansing transmogrifying hideously into outright genocide.

The Codomites Cometh…Let’s Taketh Away

Hard to believe that in the 21st century, NATO (North Atlantic Terror Organization)155 millimetre, and 152mm & 122mm Russian artillery shells, along with endless drones, have become the gauge of the Russian-Empire du Jour War of which may come to be known as the War of the Girths, where the entirety of the North Atlantic Terror Organization is unable to keep up with 155mm shell production so as to keep UKraine’s ragtag army and foreign military advisers blasting away. Suppose it goes to show when air superiority is nullified. Is it possible for Russia to blow every airfield in Ukraine to smithereens, or at least into quarters, of which are capable of landing North Atlantic Terror Organization military supply planes, including Kiev’s airports, forcing military supplies to be trained or trucked to the Eastern Front via Poland, Romania or Slovakia? Then when nearly repaired, hit the airfields again. Why not hit the roadways and railways too?

The production of 155mm North Atlantic Terror Organization artillery shells certainly varies upon who opens their mouth to speak about it, obviously, for propaganda and bluster purposes, but say UKraine is supplied with 100,000 artillery shells per month. That equates to around 3333 artillery shells used every day, 139 artillery shells used every hour, and 2.3 artillery shells fired every minute. Is that a lot of artillery shells fired? Well Russia is purported to be firing anywhere from 5 to 10 times more. Assuredly, one might surmise that there will be a major influx of trench art flooding the market. Goodness gracious, if the Slavic slugfest is going through drones like it is artillery shells, and it sure seems to be, then one wonders how long Cana-duh’s donation of 800 drones at the total cost of 95 Million, or $118,750 per drone will last? Ah, Cana-duh will be paying for more soon regardless.

155mm problems and Denmark ain’t one. That’s right, the whole shebang! No surprise, “royal” mongoloids reign supreme in the North Atlantic Terror Organization apparatus of funding the Empire du Jour-Russian War transpiring in the UKraine proxy geographical location, of which Denmark, perhaps at the Danish governments “royal” brown nose celebration of the ascension of yet another baton passing of a European monarch tracing their roots back to Teutonic troglodytism; being more specific, Denmark, along with Norway is a sickly branch of the House of Glücksburg emanating from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. One must truly wonder if the idea for Denmark and Norway to simultaneously donate nine thousand 155mm artillery rounds in June of 2023 was borne of the pillow talk after King Harald V of Norway popped a couple of Viagra’s and proceeded to repeatedly violate every orifice of the then prince, and now newly initiated King Frederik of Denmark. “Welcome to the club my boy,” said Harald V, “the salted cod (codomy) makes it official in the Teutonic annals of ascension, so rape the world we shall carry on! Tag, you’re it!”

Eight of the leading nine entities funding and aiding UKraine’s proxy war on Russia are either constitutional monarchies, or have significant ties to European monarchies, including European Institutions (85.01 Billion Euros) which are dominated by Western European bureaucrats infiltrated by the Crown; the United States (67.68 Billion Euros) being heavily infected by the Crown; Germany (22.06 Billion Euros) the origin of nearly all European monarchy, therefore the birthplace of the filthy omnipresent Crown, of which the USA still occupies to this very minute; United Kingdom (15.64 Billion Euros) the current head seat of the Crown; tiny little Denmark (8.76 Billion Euros, of which has increased nearly five fold since May 31st 2023) of the House of Glücksburg; Norway (7.57 Billion Euros of which has nearly increased four times since May 31st 2023) also of the House of Glücksburg; Netherlands (6.21 Billion Euros) and the mongoloid sickly branch of the Teutonic House of Nassau; and of course Cana-duh (5.77 Billion Euros, or 8.43 Billion CAD),  willing passive sodomite of Queen Charles the Turd. “Royally” screwed indeed by the actions of the Crown heiling politicians and entrenched bureaucrats in supposedly sovereign countries. Bring on the Romanov Treatment for what ails! Death from above.

So it goes.

Production ramps up in their assemblies of assembly, signing those warrants of the double entendre.

Senseless Raining/Reigning destruction, trajectory of defeat comes into range.

Enemy’s lines drawn ever closer, a comforting relief.

Formative in misshapen, friendly fire is their base.

Injurious is their front, to our path of no way back.

Reeking of desperation, their acrid weapon of spotted deceit.

Bird’s eye view of revolution, clarity longingly takes toward flight.

Death from above.